Tristan Thompson drops 'hint' he's back with Khloe Kardashian as he breaks silence on late mother's death in tribute | The Sun

KHLOE Kardashian's ex Tristan Thompson has broken his silence on his late mother's death.

Tristan posted a photo tribute to his late mom Andrea and included snaps of Khloe.

By including snaps of Khloe, 38, some fans speculate the two may have rekindled their relationship.

In the photo carousel on Instagram, Tristan included a black-and-white selfie featuring Khloe, his mom, and himself.

Tristan wrote a long tribute to his mother saying that he is still in "disbelief" that she passed.

A part of his caption read: "All I can say is, Im sorry mommy for the wrong decisions Ive made in my life. Im sorry for the embarrassment &pain. You raised me better than what I was able to show you.

"I will show you that even when we fall & make mistakes, we get back up. You are my motivation. Stand beside me as I become the man I know you always believed in. Im going to make you proud, I promise!"

Rumors have been flying that Khloe and Tristan have gotten back together since they were spotted together taking care of his brother, Amari, following the recent death of their mother.

Andrea Thompson suffered a heart attack at her home in Toronto, Canada, and was rushed to the hospital, where she died.

Tristan flew to Toronto on a private jet as soon as he could, and Khloe joined him.

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When they returned, Khloe went with Tristan to take his brother to a medical facility where he had to carry him from the car to his wheelchair.


The U.S. Sun also exclusively revealed that Tristan has just signed a deed on the six-bedroom home that's only two miles away from Khloe's house.

Plus, Tristan was spotted with Khloe's sister Kim Kardashian in a parking lot in Los Angeles, California, outside of her daughter North's basketball game, adding to the rumors.

Khloe also recently shared several cryptic posts on her social media amid the theories.

The mother of two posted a quote to her Instagram Stories on Sunday night, reading: "Just a reminder that there's so much more that we don't know about ourselves and that's what makes life so beautiful.

"Next year you could find your next favorite musician or fall in love with someone you haven't even met yet."

The message continued: "You might see a new shade of green that will become your new favorite color or you could become obsessed with a new food that you thought you once hated.

"We change as life goes on. We grow as life changes. Our experiences shape us into a new person. It's beautiful."

In a separate Instagram Story, Khloe shared another short quote reading: "Stop feeling bad for doing what's best for you."

The reality star posted one final message, reading: "I spent enough time on things that never felt right. I'm listening to my soul now."


According to Khloe, 38, she's single and focused on her two kids.

The reality star replied to a fan tweet recently and their conversation was later screenshotted and re-shared by the fan page @kardashiansocial.

The original tweet read: "Who's your man currently? You know I'm gonna get the deets!


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Khloe replied: "Who has time for a man lol I have a 6-month-old baby and True and I are sickly codependent on one another. Ha! I secretly love it.

"No but for real…..No man right now…. He's in my prayers too ha!" she added with a praying emoji.

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