Two young gorillas embrace in adorable photo

Sometimes you just need to cuddle.

A photographer snapped a heartwarming picture of two young gorillas embracing at a zoo in Czech Republic earlier this week.

Kiburi and his younger brother Ajabu were photographed by a wildlife enthusiast named Lucie Stepnickova at Prague Zoo, SWNS reports.

After they played around and wrestled for a bit, the primates shared a cuddle.

Stepnickova told SWNS: “Ajabu is very fond of Kiburi. He loves playing with him, although he usually catches a few rough blows, and thanks to his brother, he flies through the pavilion.”

“But it’s amazing to see Ajabu come to Kiburi after that, and snuggle together. Kiburi embraces him tenderly and protective, lovingly caring for his younger brother, who often falls asleep,” Stepnickova added.

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