Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley & Matthew Davis Go Back & Forth on Twitter During Debate

“Alaric” was trending after the Vice Presidential debate and is seems to be because of a Twitter back and forth between Vampire Diaries co-stars Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis (who played Alaric Saltzman on The CW show.

It all started when Matthew tweeted, “It’d be nice if the moderator would stop interrupting Pence and let him finish his point.”

Paul responded directly, writing, “It would also be nice if pence answered the question he was originally asked rather than deflecting.”

Matthew quote tweeted that post and added, “Paul likes to vote for criminals and losers, just like he did in 2016. Your opinion on the matter carries little weight as far as I’m concerned. Next.” Paul then quickly clarified, “You’re mistaken! I didn’t vote for trump in 2016.”

Paul then wrote, “Alaric drank some vervain he’s losing it.” Vervain is an herb from the show that would weaken vampires.

You can see the entire back and forth embedded. If you missed it, find out why Matthew made headlines back in 2018.

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