Very Fake Video of CNN's John King Getting Caught With Pornhub Open Goes Viral

The magic wall can do other tricks, apparently …

After A LOT of bluster about fake CNN news, there finally is some.

A doctored video of the network’s chief national correspondent John King getting caught with a Pornhub tab open is going viral.

The 11-clip, posted on Twitter, shows the camera cutting to King and his famous election race magic wall, with a huge tab for the X-rated site occupying the corner.

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The analyst purposefully flicks it closed, before turning with a sheepish look around the studio.

While very, very obviously fake, the manipulated clip is no-less funny.

The vid — which was eventually tagged a ‘manipulated media’ by Twitter moderators — has already been played almost 6million times, getting retweeted by Piers Morgan and English soccer ace Gary Lineker.

“It’s a swing state,” Lineker joked, while Piers tweeted “OMG”, clarifying an hour later: “Apparently this is a fake. Still bloody funny though.”

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The real telltale sign that the clip was faked, of course, was the suggestion King had let his concentration waver from the vote numbers for even a second; the tireless veteran doesn’t seem to have moved from his post at all since the marathon count session began on November 3, establishing him as one of the MVPs of the presidential election.

Pornhub, meanwhile, has also been doing its civic duty amid the race for the White House. On election day, it barred users from entering unless they confirmed they had voted first (or at least pretended that they did).

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