Vicky Pattison claims ‘free ’til you pee’ party at nightclub was worst PA ever

Geordie Shore beauty Vicky Pattison has recalled a nightmare personal appearance she once had at a nightclub where the drinks were free until someone in the crowd conceded and had to relieve themselves.

Dubbed a 'free 'til you pee' event, the reality star admitted the gig as one of the roughest she'd ever experienced during her career and dubbed the bladder-stretching scenes amidst the assembled thirsty throng as "carnage".

The 34-year-old bombshell recounted the evening to comedians Adam Rowe and Dan Nightingale during their Have a Word podcast and a clip of the conversation was shared to their TikTok and Instagram accounts earlier this month.

The trio were discussing bad clubs, which inspired Vicky to share her tale with the presenters.

Although Vicky wouldn't elaborate on where the club was exactly, she did state that it was "a place in Wales."

She explained: "I've done PA's in like some of the worst places in the world, but I did this one place in Wales where nobody had to pay for a drink until someone had a wee.

"It was called 'Free 'til you pee' and everyone was looking around at each other as if to say 'I f***ing dare you to p*ss'."

However, WalesOnline reported that there was a catch involved – namely that the crowd would only be charged for drinks if the person who was bursting decided to do their business in an actual WC. 

That meant punters were left having to find ever more inventive locations in which to do their business.

"It was pretty much one of the roughest places I've ever been to," she added. 

"It was carnage, people were p*****g in other places (other than the loo) because it was only free until someone peed in an actual toilet.

"I have seen lasses pee in some of the weirdest places."

Understandably, host Adam was keen to know how the owners of the bar expected to make any money with such an odd scheme, to which Vicky elaborated: "Well, because once someone pisses, everyone's just like 'Waaayhay!' and they buy drinks anyway."

Vicky's tale also inspired Adam to share his own tale of finding somewhere to urinate that wasn't a loo, which included answering the call of nature in a jug whilst at the bar in a branch of nightclub chain Popworld.

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