Victoria’s Secret worker says OAP got ‘knee-knocker’ boobs out for bra fitting

A former Victoria’s Secret worker has revealed how she was constantly having to deal with women’s bare boobs after they whipped their clothes off during a bra fitting.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name makenzie.marshall on the social media site, admitted that she never “found it a big deal” but it did make it tricky sometimes.

She explained: “I used to work at Victoria’s Secret in the dressing rooms and would help fit people for their bras and I just have to let you guys know a little secret.

“We can fit you with your bra with your clothes on.

“When you’ve seen one pair of tits you’ve seen them all so it’s not a big deal.

“But everybody just willingly whips them out and you’re just like ‘okay, excuse me I’m going to come around here with my tape’.

“I love my job, you really get to boost a lot of people’s confidence just by giving them the right bra.

“But I will say, it never gets easy playing jiu-jitsu measuring tape around a 82-year-old pair of knee-knockers.”

The video has been seen thousands of times since being shared and it turns out she is not the only former employee of the lingerie brand to have had the same difficulty with customers.

“Four years of this was so rough,” one ex-employee agreed.

Another added: “I worked there for four years and I had so many ladies who were self conscious and I had to explain to them I’ve seen it all so no need to be shy.”

And a third said: “Dude. Okay I’m slightly disturbed.”

It comes after a former model for the fashion label discussed some of the “sinister” things she saw while working for the company.

Bridget Malcolm said her body and mind were “malnourished” during the “relentless” work she did for Victoria’s Secret.

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