Video of cute cat poking its head into a tube earns 156 MILLION views

What’s all the fluff about? Video of a cute cat poking its head into a cardboard tube racks up 156 MILLION views on TikTok – despite users being left baffled by its popularity

  • The video was shared by the account British Promise Cats on TikTok last week 
  • In just seven days it has been viewed more than 156.3 million times 
  • The sweet clip also boasts more than 21.5 million likes and 266,000 comments 
  • It appears to have been captured on a camera that was placed at the bottom of a cardboard tube, which a ginger cat is intent on reaching the bottom of 
  • In the video, the feisty feline pokes its head into the tube, followed by its paw
  • Many have joked that the cat looks like it is trying to reach into a Pringles tube 

An inquisitive feline has become an unlikely viral star after a video of the cute cat sparked an online frenzy, racking up a staggering 156 million views – while leaving social media users baffled over its popularity. 

The video, which was posted on TikTok by account British Promise Cats last week has racked up an incredible number of views in just a matter of days, accumulating more than 21.5 million likes and 266,000 comments, many of which come from users who have been left perplexed by its impressive viral performance. 

In the sweet TikTok post, a small ginger cat can be seen poking its head through the top of a cardboard tube, clearly eager to reach whatever is in the bottom along with the camera. 

Hello there! A sweet video of a cat poking its head into a cardboard tube has earned phenomenal viral success on TikTok, racking up more than 156 million views in a few days 

Peekaboo: The clip, posted by the account British Promise Cats, shows the sweet feline reaching its head into a tube towards a camera that is positioned at the bottom 

The adorable feline is incredibly persistent and continues pushing its head further down the cardboard tube, before backing up and trying to reach its paw down to get to its goal.

After failing to achieve its desired end result, the sweet cat pokes its head back into the tube, before finally trying with its paw again. 

The clip is very sweet and entertaining, and has racked up a host of comments from delighted viewers, with many praising the ‘cuteness’ of the cat. 

‘This is so cute,’ one person wrote, as another chimed in: ‘Best tiktok I’ve seen to date.’  

Others joked that the cat looked as though it was trying to reach into the bottom of a Pringle tube in order to get the final chip, with one person writing: ‘Caption: What my last Pringle sees.’  

‘He just wanted the last Pringle,’ another piped up. 

Another said that the fluffy feline reminded them of someone who is trying to reach down and plug in a phone charger, commenting: ‘Me when I’m trying to plug my phone charger in.’ 

A similar comment read: ‘When you’re trying to get your phone that fell next to the bed.’ 

However a vast number of the comments also addressed the sensational reaction to the video, with viewers expressing their shock and awe at just how well the video has performed. 

‘How [did] a cat trying to snatch a Pringle get 20 million likes?!?’ one person queried, while another simply stated: ‘12.8 million likes, this video is making history right here.’ 

An envious viewer questioned whether they could achieve the same viral success if they get a cat to try and replicate the sweet clip, writing: ‘9.8 million likes in a day if I force a cat to do this like they did will I have that many likes??’ 

Interestingly, the TikTok user behind the account actually tried that tactic themselves, recreating the video with another one of their felines – who had much more success than its predecessor at reaching whatever treat was at the bottom of the tube. 

However the sweet kitty didn’t manage to earn quite the same viral fame as its furry friend, with the second video achieving a relatively low 8.9 million views and 1.8 million likes.  

The huge success of the original video did help British Promise Cats’ following to sky rocket, with the person behind the account sharing a video just a few days later revealing that in one day their follower number went from 50 to 508,700. 

In the days since, the account has achieved 1.4 million followers, however none of the user’s other videos have since managed to rack up the same impressive viewership. 

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