Viewers praise the season finale of BBC’s The Luminaries

The Luminaries had generally mixed reviews from viewers, with many criticising the show’s time jumps, calling the show’s editing confusing. However, following the finale on Sunday, fans took to Twitter to tentatively compliment last episode, suggesting that it finally ties up all of the loose ends. 

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One person posted: “Just watched the last ep of @BBCOne #TheLuminaries – and now it all makes sense. Have to read the book now. This cast was amazing!” Another added: “One of the more confusing dramas I’ve watched, but it all made sense in the end, absolutely loved it.” 

A third person tweeted: “At least the last episode was a good one, but I wish that it had been clearer throughout and not muddled by all the time jumping.” 

Others were less complimentary, with one explaining: “I think with decent editing and no jumping back and forth in the storyline, #TheLuminaries would have been received as an outstanding drama. What a shame, the acting was amazing, as was the storyline. The editing thoroughly spoiled it.” 

Another revealed that they enjoyed the confusing element of the show, writing: “I loved the tv series of The Luminaries! Lots of people griping about being confused at the complex plot; that’s the best thing about it. I’m a huge fan of Eleanor Catton, her writing is amazing. The Rehearsal is also a fantastic novel.” 

The season finale saw Anna Wetherell’s acquitted for the murder of Crosbie Wells after her ‘astral twin,’ Emery Staines, lies to protect her rather than tell the truth about the supernatural connection the pair share. While Anna is able to walk free, Emery is sentenced to nine months hard labour for his made-up testimony, and the pair promise to wait for one another. What did you think of the finale? 

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