Vikings season 6 episode 11: Does Bjorn Ironside die in the next episode?

Fans of Vikings on Amazon Prime were left shaken after the final episode titled The Best Laid Plans. In the episode Ivar (played by Alex Høgh Andersen) joins prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) in an attack on Scandinavia. The episode ends with Ivar stabbing his brother Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) in a surprise attack.

Does Bjorn die in the next episode of Vikings?

Fans of the show were left wondering if Bjorn is actually dead after the last episode.

He is left laying on the beach looking lifeless, but fans believe the stabbing was a dream.

The episode flits between the battle with thousands of warriors to just Bjorn and Ivar alone on the beach.

Show creator Michael Hirst has already teased Bjorn will survive until the next episode.

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But fans believe he will not be in the new episodes for much longer.

Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn, said his character will return in some way.

Viewers took to Reddit to discuss their theories about when he will die.

LawrenStewart said: “Hirst’s interview and other spoilers suggest Bjorn is alive right now but will die a legendary death in 6×11.”

Bjorn’s mum Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), the famous shield maiden, had a spectacular death scene when she was stabbed so it would make sense for Bjorn to go through the same fate.

However, other fans have referred back to the prophecy the Seer (John Kavanagh) told him.

Runriko123 said: “Why would they kill Bjorn in season 6B debut, the Seer told him in season 5 finale he’s gonna achieve more than Ragnar did.

“And yet so far he hasn’t done anything that would go as far as a great achievement.”

Avid watchers of the show may have also picked up on a clue in the teaser for the next episode.

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The 25 second-long teaser stars with Bjorn laying lifeless on the beach, with his sword next to him.

Ivar’s brother Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) says to him: “I told you Ivar, you cannot kill him”.

Fans of the show will know from previous series Bjorn got his nickname ‘Ironside’ as he has survived a number of wounds in battle.

He suffered a seemingly fatal blow in a previous series and miraculously survived – he was given the name Ironside as vikings started to believe he could not be killed.


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This suggests he will indeed make it through to the next episode, but fans are convinced he will not be in the series for much longer.

Mikeymikeyh said: “I believe Ivar stabbing Bjorn was a vision basically showing that Ivar had defeated Bjorn in this battle.

“I believe hey did similar scenes back in season 5. Bjorn becomes king of Sweden and lives way into his 70s-80s.

“I know they don’t follow history exactly but I strongly doubt they would have killed him off so easily.”

Vikings season 6 is available to watch on History and Amazon Prime

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