'Vikings' Season 6: Is [SPOILER] Really Dead? Fans Weigh In

Vikings fans were left utterly shocked and devastated at the possible loss of a main character in the mid-season finale. So, what happened and what are fans really saying? Read on to find out. There are spoilers ahead for season 6 of Vikings.

A major battle takes place

The battle that everything has been leading up to is finally here. The Rus have come and it’s quite a scene of chaos. Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) finds Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) and stabs him during battle. Did Bjorn make it? Is he really dead or will he somehow survive his injuries?

Fans weigh in on a possible loss

Fans can’t stop speculating as to what really happened toBjorn. Some fans think he could survive somehow.

“It was more than a stab thrust, the sword went rightthrough him,” a Reddituser explained. “He probably survives, but I’ll be kinda ****** off hedoes. I hate plot armor, especially this close to the end of a series.”

One Reddit user thinks Bjorn being stabbed could just be ametaphor and nothing else. “I think Ivar stabbing Bjorn was a metaphor forBjorn losing the battle,” someone weighed in.

Another user said if Bjorn survives, there better be aplausible explanation. “They better have a reeeeal good explanation for ifBjorn is still alive. He looked as dead as can be,” another Reddit user said.

There have been a lot of close calls before

A number of main characters have suffered seriously close calls in the past. But this one with Bjorn was too close for comfort.

“There’s definitely been some questionable survivals relative to injuries in the past but getting completely impaled through the chest/torso with a huge sword would be a whole new level of stupidity,” a user expressed. “I didn’t want Bjorn to die, but now he kind of has to.”

Still others think if Bjorn were really dead, there wouldhave been more time devoted to it. “If Bjorn truly died I feel like they wouldhave given him more of a hero’s death. Not expecting anything like Lagertha’s,but at least some more attention,” another user said.

Bjorn could have been stabbed by a soldier, not Ivar

One Reddit user believes Bjorn is stabbed by a random soldier and when he realizes, he starts to see Ivar. He then has the whole conversation with Ivar in his head as he lays there dying.

“It was just a random soldier that stabbed him (I’m prettypositive) but Bjorn immediately saw Ivar because that’s when he realized thatIvar had won,” a Reddit user wrote. “And as he lay there dying, he played overthe ‘beach conversation’ in his head, trying to convince himself that this wasn’tthe end and that he would still beat Ivar. He was too stubborn, even in death,to accept his inevitable defeat.”

Fans will unfortunately have to wait to find out about Bjorn Ironside’s true fate.

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