VR vests to FitBit – hit peak fitness with these top gadgets

RUNNERS are gearing up for next month’s London Marathon.

You might not be ready for 26.2 miles but we all want to shape up so we fit into our best going-out clothes.

These gadgets will help you hit peak fitness.

Watch word for exercise

FITNESS watches are the No1 workout accessory – and Apple and FitBit are the two main players.

FitBit’s Charge 5 was unveiled last month and goes on sale soon at £169.99.

The fitness-focused Charge series sits in between the more basic £89.99 Inspire 2 and the £199 Versa 3, which looks more like a watch.

Apple Watch 7 is due to be announced this month but supply chain issues mean it may not go on sale until later.

Until then the Watch 6 from £369 is fantastic and Apple Watch SE from £249 is a great budget option.

Freetrain VR vest

£29.99 from freetrain.co.uk: Runners, it’s time to rejoice!

This reflective vest can hold your phone, keys and essentials while training.

Plus with the nights drawing in, you will want to make sure you are seen on the roads.

It is also perfect for keeping your phone on you while you work out at the gym.

Built For Athletes large Hero 2.0 bag

£74.99, down from £89.99 at builtforathletes.com: Going from work to the gym and back?

Keep everything organised in this 45-litre bag.

It opens 180 degrees to make packing and unpacking easy and carries laptops, training shoes and water bottles.

Huel Complete Protein

£45 for two tubs (52 servings) from uk.huel.com: Need a quick pre-workout boost?

This one’s way more than just a protein shake.

Each 105-calorie serving costing 87p has 20g of protein and all the essential vitamins, minerals, fats and fibre to keep you thriving.

Plus it’s vegan and gluten-free.

Withings Body Cardio Scale

£86.63, down from £108.29, at withings.com: This smart scale can tell you your weight – and how much of that is muscle mass, fat, water and bone.

It also measures heart rate and artery health.

You can monitor progress on an app and it can tell family members apart too.

Therabody Wave Roller

£100, down from £125 at therabody.com: Top athletes swear by foam rollers to warm up and relax muscles afterwards.

This one vibrates to get into muscles even more.

And the vibration is handy if you fancy a little massage, too.

Pair it with the Therabody app for personalised recovery routines.

MiHIGH home sauna blanket

£399 from uk.mihigh.com: A sauna in your bedroom sounds great with the temperatures dropping.

Infrared heat takes the place of regular sauna heat from coals to get your blood flowing and heart pumping.

Pricey but you can share it with family and friends – as it’s waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

Sensate relaxation device

£199 from getsensate.com: Keep your mind as fit as your body.

The palm-sized Sensate sits on your chest and vibrates in sync with soothing sounds played through an app on your smartphone.

It is designed to reduce anxiety and make you more tolerant to stress.

Sessions range from ten minutes up to half an hour.

Withings BPM Connect

£74.96 from withings.com: Check your blood pressure at home or on the move with this impressive mobile monitor.

There are easy-to-read results on the monitor.

Readings will sync with the app and can easily be shared with your doctor.

Supports up to eight different users.

Work out cheap way to save at gym

GYMS are back in full swing and many of us are looking to shed a little lockdown weight.

This fitness revival is great for your waistline but could also leave your wallet leaner than you.

If you’re set on making the transition from couch potato to gym bunny, here are some ways to burn the calories without burning all your money.

PAY AS YOU GO: If you’re not sure how committed you will be to hitting the gym, try pay-as-you-go for a bit.

If you’re wishy-washy, it’s a good way to test the waters before committing to a 12-month contract.

And it’s a great way to avoid paying £500 for the year to go to the gym ten times.

Gym pass dealer Hussle sells daily passes for over 2,700 gyms all over the UK, which can sometimes be cheaper than buying direct.

Day passes on Hussle start from as little as £5 and its partners range from council-run gyms to ultra posh spas with saunas and Olympic pools.

BACK TO BASICS: Not bothered with fancy extras like hot tubs, personal trainers or spas?

Save big by joining one of the many cut-price no-nonsense gyms popping up all over the country.

Fees usually range from £10 to £20 a month and most let you cancel any time.

PureGym is the most popular and has 250 branches in the UK. Memberships are around £15 to £50 a month depending on location and include classes.

The gym has around 150 locations open 24/7 across the country and membership ranges from £13 to £33 a month.

Another lower-cost option is Better, which has taken over many council-run leisure centres.

Memberships can be found for under £30 a month including gym classes and swimming.

WORKOUT FROM HOME: Save hundreds by making the living room your gym and YouTube your personal trainer.

You can find almost any workout imaginable on YouTube for free.

Free fitness apps like Nike Training Club offer a huge variety of workouts even if you have zero equipment.

If you like to run or cycle, Strava is a free app that tracks and analyses your performance and lets you compete with friends and users around the globe.

Home spin bikes like Peloton and Echelon are super-convenient but pricier than most gyms.

But if you’re an active couple with two gym-loving teens at home it could end up saving you money.

GET A BETTER DEAL: If you’ve got your heart set on a swanky gym it doesn’t mean you can’t still save.

Most employ sales staff on commission so there’s usually room to haggle.

Go in at the end of the month when they’ll be eager to hit targets and more willing to strike a deal.

Make sure you read the entire contract clause by clause before signing so you’re not left tied to your membership.

If your work hours are flexible, look into an off-peak membership for a lower rate.

And finally, see if any new gyms are opening up soon near you as they often have great rates for founding members.

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