Wait—Is Lance Bass Really Joining 'The Circle' Season 2?

[This article contains spoilers from the newest season of Netflix’s The Circle. Read at your own risk!]

Well, folks, The Circle is back for an all new season, and I gotta tell you—I’m pretty damn excited. For a show about regular shmegular people playing to win a $100,000 prize via challenges over a unique social media platform, it’s currently giving me all I need in the reality show department.

During the first four episodes, a surprise twist occurs. In between all the challenges, former *NSYNC band member Lance Bass suddenly appears on the installed TV screens, thoroughly confusing the contestants—and audience viewers. So what’s the deal? Is Lance really participating in this season?


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Well, given how the show is known to have a catfish or two, it’s time to break those lonely hearts. Sadly, Lance isn’t joining the season. But he does have a connection to someone who is entering the Circle. The newest cast member is Lisa, his personal assistant of 14 years. The kicker to this whole story is that she’s impersonating him, making everyone think they’re playing the game with the star.

As Lisa says in the clip dropped by Netflix, she has been working with the former boyband member for quite some time now, with one of her biggest tasks being to walk his puppies every day. Talk about the perfect dream job!

Twitter has some thoughts about this whole situation, mainly re: the fact that people were hoping for a real Lance cameo.

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