Was giving as good as I got James Haskell addresses online trolls branding him sexist

James Haskell says he was ‘public enemy’ after I’m A Celeb

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James Haskell, 36, has opened up on the abuse he received from online trolls who branded him a “sexist”, following a row about walking his dog off the lead and putting sheep at risk. The former England rugby player claimed he was ambushed by women after one female started hurling nasty comments at him on social media.

I was only giving as good as I was getting

James Haskell

But after responding to her remark, another accused him of “bullying her”.

James explained he believes women have “free rein” to insult men but when they fight back, they are branded “sexist”.

In his new book Ruck Me, the 36-year-old explained he had to stop “woke snowflakes” who attempted to “cancel” him for fighting his corner.

It may come as a surprise to many, but the rugby hunk is quite sensitive when it comes to backlash from others, and understandably too.

“If someone starts having a go at me online, I get very angry and upset quite easily,” he admitted.

“And it doesn’t matter if they’re women, because the idea that they can say horrible things about me and I’m not allowed to go back at them because of their sex just seems like hypocrisy.”

He went on to explain: “So I fired back at the woman who’d sent me a picture of a bleeding sheep and called me a d**k, only for another woman to accuse me of bullying her.”

James, who is married to Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley’s daughter Chloe, stated that some trolls can “give it out but not take it”.

He continued: “I was only giving as good as I was getting.

“But then some bloke piled in with, ‘You’re a f*t c***t, mate, a misogynist who likes abusing women. I’d shoot you and your dog.’

“At that point I thought, ‘Hang on a minute, this is getting a bit silly…’”

James recalled receiving 20 more death threats and calls for him and his dog, Bertie, “to be shot” while men were lining up to “fight” him.

“It appeared that every woman in the farming world came out, they called me everything and especially focused on me having a little d**k and being a woman-beater,” James sighed.

“Apparently, a woman can call you anything they like in 2021, but if you respond it becomes about gender.

“They want to have free rein to insult you, but if you say it back you are attacking women and being a brute.”

The sportsman remains bewildered as he revealed the situation arose because angry trolls “wanted to get me for no reason”.

“It had nothing to do with the amazing farmers who are so much a part of Britain’s make-up,” he shrugged.

“They smelt blood and wanted to cancel me.

“One minute I was happily walking my dog in an empty field…

“The next people were telling me I should be shot for killing sheep, destroying farmers’ livelihoods and abusing women!”

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