Watch your language! Naga Munchetty calls out listener live on air before apologising

Naga Munchetty discusses the unvaccinated with 5 Live callers

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BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Naga Munchetty has issued an apology to a caller after warning him to watch his language while discussing the coronavirus vaccination. The radio host, 46, admitted that she had misheard a caller during a heated debate surrounding the Covid vaccine and booster jab after they expressed their frustration during a conversation yesterday.

Let’s watch our language for one moment!

Naga Munchetty

Speaking to two callers yesterday, the radio presenter addressed a caller Laurence who claimed that the data surrounding the booster hasn’t been “open enough”.

Naga said: “But you can feel the anger, I mean Janice is furious, Shane’s struggling with business.”

“I know, I know,” repeated the caller who revealed that they took issue with the booster vaccine’s messaging.

Naga replied: “We can’t just blame those who are unvaccinated, but Howard brought up that statistic from the hospital that the majority of those in there who are requiring medical attention are unvaccinated.”

The caller responded: “Yeah, well we know the message around vaccinations hasn’t been that great, so I think there’s a real issue about how you – ,” he said, before Naga cut in.

“Why do you think it’s not been that great?” she asked him.

“Because I just don’t think we’ve been open enough about the data and been really clear about the messaging and that is that the benefits -,” he went on, before he was interrupted by another caller.

“Stop making apologies” Howard cut in, before Naga issued a warning.

“Hold on, let’s watch our language for one moment Howard, it’s 9.19 in the morning,” she said.

Interrupting, Laurence went on: “Can I just raise a couple of points, even with the best will in the world the only data we are getting about the booster shot is great and provides around 85 per cent protection against severe disease from Omicron.

“But that means 15 per cent won’t be protected that much.

“And going back to what the director of the World Health Organisation said -” he added, before the caller interrupted again.

“Oh God, not this,” Howard could be heard saying, before Laurence continued.

“Vaccines alone won’t get us out of this, you can’t just rely on vaccines, you have to have other measures,” he said, before going on.

Ignoring their point, Naga went on to issue an apology to Howard following his mistake.

She said: “I’ve given my ear a shake, sorry Howard, I thought you said a bad word and you didn’t, you said, ‘Stop’, I know you didn’t and I apologise,” she said.

Responding, Howard said: “I didn’t, I said stop making apologies.

“I mean, listen, to suggest that the messaging has been…” he trailed off.

Continuing, Howard said: “I help out at a vaccine centre and do it regularly every week and to suggest that the messaging has not been good is appalling.

“There are some people who just point blank refuse to be vaccinated and if they haven’t been vaccinated in the year, they’re not going to get vaccinated however much you try to tell them,” he added.

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