Wealthy man reveals why he wants to DUMP his 'poor' girlfriend

Wealthy boyfriend wants to DUMP his ‘low class’ girlfriend because she dresses in ‘cheap’ clothes and can’t afford to dine at five-star restaurants with him

  • A wealthy man has revealed he feels uncomfortable dating his ‘poor’ girlfriend 
  • Jake said he has a high-flying job working as a boss of a tech company in Sydney
  • But his girlfriend – who lives with her parents – works as a personal assistant
  • He rated her appearance a 10 out of 10 but said his only issue is her lower class 

A wealthy boyfriend is considering dumping his girlfriend because he doesn’t feel comfortable dating someone of a ‘lower class’.

Jake, from Sydney’s well-to-do Northern Beaches, said he comes from a wealthy family, owns his own property and has a high-flying job as boss of a tech company.

But his girlfriend – who lives with her parents in the city’s Inner West – works as a personal assistant who ‘doesn’t earn as much money’ and ‘doesn’t have any ambition to better her career’.

The couple started dating a few months ago after meeting through friends. And while the 28-year-old man rated his girlfriend’s appearance a perfect 10 out of 10, he pointed out his only issue with her is she’s on the ‘lower end of the class’.

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A privileged man has revealed he’s considering dumping his girlfriend because he doesn’t feel comfortable dating someone who’s poorer than him (stock image)


Should Jake’s girlfriend leave him?

Should Jake’s girlfriend leave him?

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‘I guess where I’m standing at the moment, I’m higher class, I enjoy fine dining dinners at five star restaurants, going out and spending money here and there,’ he told KIISFM radio duo Kyle and Jackie O. 

Jake said he often feels ’embarrassed’ when in public with her because of her  cheap clothing.

‘I can even tell the way she dresses… I’m wearing designer clothes and she looks like she shops at Target. It’s quite off putting to me… I am who I am, I feel the way I feel.’

Jake said he enjoys going out but his girlfriend seems more reserved.

‘She’s more interested in hanging around the house, lounging around in trackies and [ordering] takeaway dinners but I’m not about that,’ he explained.

He said he feels like they are living in different worlds.

‘It’s a class thing,’ Jake said. ‘Just a series of little things I keep noticing and I’m not sure if I can even handle it.’

During one of their recent dinner dates, Jake said he found out his girlfriend’s father is ‘just a kitchen-hand at a restaurant’ while his dad is a CEO of a big company.

‘He is a CEO but that just gave me the determination to get somewhere to where he is,’ he explained. 

‘If I’ve got the money and if I’ve worked hard, I can flaunt it. All I want for her is to put the same effort into her life… I just feel there are too many differences.’

Jake asked whether he was being an ‘a**hole’, to which the radio duo called on listeners to weigh in on his situation. 

First caller, Jana described Jake as an ‘absolute w***er’, saying ‘you know you are a bad person, you know you’re going to hell.

‘You need to give that girl a chance to turn this around. I was from the Gold Coast, I had nearly nothing. I met a guy in Sydney, I moved to Sydney and I made my money, I started buying myself things,’ the woman said.

‘Why don’t you buy her some nice clothes? Use your money for good for once instead of being a w***er and materialistic.’

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