Wendy Williams Calls Out TV Hosts For ‘Looking Disgusting’ While Filming At Home

Are we even surprised by this??

Wendy Williams has been known to speak her mind in the past about various celebs, and isn’t holding back her thoughts about fellow TV hosts either!!

In a new interview with CNN, the 55-year-old spoke about her reluctance to film The Wendy Williams Show out of her NYC apartment as she considers her space sacred (AKA, a work-free zone), but also because she has seen other TV hosts “looking disgusting” while recording from home.

Uhh… WTF?!

Though she added: “I’m just saying,” does really that excuse anything?!

Williams also noted she is a “natural” and was “born” to be in front of the camera. She explained:

“I’ve got closets galore right? I pull out a robe and you know, sit in my chair and I’ve got my stuff around me and I’m a natural. It’s like I am born to do exactly what I’m doing. So, this is not a stretch for me.”

Apparently, it must be a stretch for talk shows such as LIVE with Kelly and Ryan and The Talk, which have been broadcasting from home for nearly two months amid the pandemic, as well as series such as SNL, according to Wendy.

She continued, explaining that years in radio have left her well-equipped for a show without a live audience, though she does miss the “electricity” and “immediate response” they bring to the studio.

It was only after prompting from producers that she agreed to film her daytime series from her Big Apple apartment, opening her doors to one camera man each day:

“I have the same person come over every single day. He’s on time. He flips the switches, he sits over there, away from me. We get it done. Then my computer shows a whole gang of people from production. … We work so well as a team. I’m enjoying this process.”

While New York continues to be the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, Miz Williams says she will not leave her home until she gets the “thumbs up” to do so. But she plans to sleep over in the studio the night prior to surprise her team.

Does she know she just ruined the surprise… LOLz!

What do U think about Wendy’s wild comments, y’all?! Should she have bit her tongue on this one?? Let us know (below) in the comments!!

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