WhatsApp down as thousands of users say the app isn’t working – The Sun

WHATSAPP users around the world are reporting issues with the popular messaging app.

Many are still able to send messages, with the majority complaining that they can't send voice notes or images.

The problems appear to have started around noon today, with Downdetector receiving more than 5,000 complaints at its peak.

Whatsapp users in European countries including the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands have all reported issues with the app.

As a result, #whatsappdown has started trending on Twitter with 59,300 users talking about it.

One user said: "Unable to download a picture, unable to send a picture.

"What I was blaming; my internet connection, then my phone, I changed my setting, reboot my phone and finally got what on twitter #whatsappdown. Now just frustrated"

While another user added: "Is it just me or WhatsApp is temporarily down, cause my photos, GIFs, and voice note fail to deliver.

"Any other person with this issue? #whatsappdown."

And a third one simply stated: "Mark Zuckerberg should just return WhatsApp to who he bought it from and concentrate on Facebook."

The problems are the latest in a series of outages to hit the Facebook-owned app, with Facebook and Instagram also going down during an incident in April, affecting millions across the globe.

It came just one month after Facebook experienced its worse ever outage – with both social networks and WhatsApp having issues for 24 hours.

More than 500million people use Whatsapp every day.

The Sun has contacted Whatsapp for comment.

WhatsApp will stop working on thousands of iPhones next month – is yours on the list?

Meanwhile, Facebook is backing down on plans to flood WhatsApp with ads, according to a new report.

On New Year's Eve, a record 100billion texts were sent in one day, according to the app.

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