When is Hulu's Sasquatch docuseries release date?

BIGFOOT plays a starring role in a new docuseries launching on Hulu in April 2021.

The three-part Sasquatch follows an investigative journalist as he attempts to solve a bizarre 25-year-old triple homicide.

When is Hulu's Sasquatch docuseries release date?

All three parts of Hulu's Sasquatch will become available on the streaming platform on April 20.

The docuseries take a closer look at three murders that was said to be the work of a "mythical creature."

David Holthouse, an investigative reporter, is the one looking for answers to difficult questions.

In episode one, Holthouse returns to a cannabis growing region in Northern California to look into rumors he first heard in 1993 about the murders committed by a Sasquatch.

“As an investigative journalist, I believe the truth is never told in nine to five hours,” Holthouse says, according to Variety.

Holthouse finds a "deep belief in Bigfoot among the rural Northern California milieu," according to the Variety review.

"This sense of a monstrous presence has many roots, as the documentary successfully argues – there’s the ungovernability of the landscape, as well as the way it attracts the conspiratorially minded."

The docuseries arrives as Bigfoot sightings continue to soar around the country.

What does director Joshua Rofe say about the docuseries?

Joshua Rofe became interested in the subject matter after a pal suggested he check out the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast.

"I wasn't really interested but he urged me to listen to an episode and I did," Rofe told SyFy Wire.

"Four days later, I had listened to 11 episodes. What I was struck by was the visceral fear I sensed as a narrative throughline amongst all these people's stories.

"I was less concerned with, 'Do I believe in Bigfoot? Do I believe the details of their stories?' I believe that the fear I was sensing was authentic."

He continued: "And then I thought, if I was able to find a murder mystery somehow wrapped up in a Sasquatch story, that could be really special.

"David Holthouse is a friend and colleague of mine – he has been an investigative journalist for 25 years, and he's the person I know that you'd reach out to if you wanted to find a completely insane outlandish thing that probably doesn't exist.

"My exact text to David in February 2018 was, 'Hey this is the craziest text I'm going to send you for the next five years. I would like to find a murder mystery that's somehow wrapped up in a Sasquatch story, and if it exists pursue that as the next project.'"

Holthouse would write back and say he loved the idea.

"And then he proceeds to tell me his own story from the fall of 1993, where he heard, while he was visiting a cannabis farm in Northern California, that these three people had been murdered by a Sasquatch," Rofe told SyFy Wire.

"It was that story he tucked away and I think was probably embarrassed to share with other people because it just doesn't sound believable."

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