Where is Corey Feldman now and what has he said about the Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland documentary?

FORMER child actor Corey Feldman has been a household name since he shot to fame in the 80s.

But behind the cheeky grin and one-liners which charmed audience after audience, there was a dark side to his youth on the big screen.

Who is Corey Feldman and what is his background?

Corey Feldman is a 48-year-old actor, singer and former child star who became an icon through his 80s movies.

Born to musician father Bob and former Playboy model mother Sheila in California in 1971, Feldman has a sister and two younger brothers.

He started his acting career at the tender age of three when he appeared in a McDonald’s advert and soon after had bit parts in various TV shows including Mork And Mindy and Cheers.

But it was just a warm-up for the international fame that was just round the corner.

Does Corey Feldman have a documentary out?

On March 2, 2020, Corey Feldman announced that he would be screening his documentary My Truth: The Rape Of Two Coreys, which chronicles the emotional and sexual abuse he and Corey Haim endured in Hollywood.

The screening will air in the US on March 9 and worldwide on March 10, 2020.

You can pay to watch it here.

What films has Corey Feldman appeared in?

From the mid to the late 80s, there didn’t seem to be a film out that Corey wasn’t starring in.

From Gremlins to The Goonies, to Stand By Me and The Lost Boys, Corey was loved for his cute face, his comic timing and his cheeky one-liners.

He voiced Young Copper in Disney's The Fox And The Hound in 1981 and from there he took over the silver screen in movies like Gremlins, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and The 'Burbs.

He regularly starred alongside his best friend Corey Haim, and they became known as “The Two Coreys” after their work in Lost Boys, License To Drive and Dream a Little Dream.

The 90s were also fruitful for Corey's career as he starred in movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stepmonster, National Lampoon's Last Resort and Red Line.

What fans may not know is he also directed a 1997 movie called Busted and was forced to fire his friend Corey Haim when he kept failing to turn up on set.

What happened between Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson?

Feldman and megastar Michael Jackson became friends at the height of Feldman’s film career in the late 80s and even went to Disneyland in disguise so they wouldn’t be recognised.

During the allegations of child abuse against Jackson, Corey stuck by him and claimed the singer never acted inappropriately around him or tried to touch him.

But in an interview with British journalist Martin Bashir in 2005, he said he was at Jackson’s home when he was about 13 and there was a book on the coffee table featuring naked men and women.

He told Bashir he didn't consider the nude pictures "a big deal," but became concerned because of the current molestation charges.

Corey Feldman says he can no longer defend Michael Jackson after details of the singer's alleged sexual abuse of two boys was revealed in Leaving Neverland.
The actor, who previously refuted the allegations against his "best pal", said he couldn't stand by "anyone accused of such horrendous crimes".

Is Corey married?

In 1989 Corey married actress Vanessa Marcil but they divorced in 1993.

Then in January 2002 he met actress and model Susie Sprague and they married that October, before they had son Zen in 2005.

Corey and Susie divorced in 2014 after a five-year court battle.

In November 2016, he married his long-term girlfriend Courtney Anne in Las Vegas.

She is one of his Corey’s Angels, a group of scantily-clad back-up performers who wear wings and halos during their appearances with the star.

Corey said he created Corey’s Angels as a way to help young women break into the entertainment industry, adding that the women must move into his house and abide by his rules in the “Feldmansion.”

The women are expected to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet, mandatory exercise, and no male visitors on the property unless they are previously invited guests.

What Corey Feldman's net worth?

As of 2020, Corey Feldman's net worth is $3million (£2.5million).

He has earned most of his wealth from his acting in film and TV shows.

His stardom meant that when he was 15 he was granted emancipation from his parents, and stated that despite being worth $1million at that stage, by the time he saw the bank records that the judge had ordered, he only had $40,000.


What reality TV has Corey Feldman done ?

In 2007, he and Corey Haim – who tragically died of an accidental drug overdose in 2010 – starred together in reality TV show The Two Coreys on the A&E channel.

The show also starred Feldman’s then-wife Susie and aired for two series.

In January 2012, he joined ITV’s celebrity ice skating show Dancing On Ice and was paired with professional skater Brooke Castle but they were voted out of the show in the fourth week.

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