Where is Greg James and why is he not on Radio 1 today? – The Sun

FANS of Radio 1's Greg James have been left wondering where he is.

The star of the station's morning show is away from his usual Breakfast slot.

Where is Radio 1 host Greg James?

Greg James is missing from his Radio 1 Breakfast Show today (January 4, 2022).

It has not been revealed why the host is away from his post, but it is likely to be an extended Christmas break.

But fear not his show is in good hands.

His shift is being covered by veteran Radio 1 hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark.

Greg joined Radio 1 back in 2007 presenting Early Breakfast, before moving to Drivetime in 2012.

In 2018 he landed the coveted Radio 1 Breakfast show gig, taking over from Nick Grimshaw.



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When is Greg James back on Radio 1?

According to the Radio 1 schedule, Greg will be back on the show next Monday (January 10, 2022).

He will return on that day to wake the nation up from 7am.

Until then, listeners will be able to hear Scott Mills continue to fill in for Greg.

Has Greg James been not on Radio 1 show before?

In February 2020 Greg missed his show two times in a row.

He claimed he had been"kidnapped" and was in a mystery location after being "captured" by a celebrity at a Brit Awards after-party – but fear not it was all a publicity stunt.

A similar thing happened in 2019 when Greg was locked in an escape room for 31 hours.

He was kept there until fans managed to crack a code based on references to in-jokes used frequently on his show


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