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BASED on a chilling true story, ITV crime drama White House Farm follows the manhunt for murderer Jeremy Bamber.

The gripping series and all-star cast has been keeping viewers hooked but only a few episodes remain.

How many episodes of White House Farm are there?

White House Farm first aired on ITV on January 8, 2020 and there are six episodes in total.

You can watch the series every Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

Previous episodes can be found on ITV Hub.

The final episode will be on TV on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020.

What has happened so far in White House Farm?

The true crime drama is based on Jeremy Bamber, who was jailed for life for murdering his family at an Essex farm back in 1985.

The series got off to a grisly start with the brutal murders of Bamber's whole family.

Police are called to White House Farm where Jeremy’s sister Sheila, mother June, father Nevill and twin nephews Nicholas and Daniel are all found dead. They've all been shot – with Jeremy the only survivor.

We get a glimpse into Jeremy's troubling relationship with his sister Shelia who has been struggling with her mental health.

Jeremy seems to indicate to police that his Shelia is responsible for the murders – telling them he received a distressing call from his dad telling him his sister was threatening the family with a gun.

But police are soon to speculate and turn their suspicions towards Jeremy as they discover that Shelia had been shot twice.

Jeremy's girlfriend Julie has been acting strange since episode one – indicating she knows what her boyfriend did.

The Coroner report uncovers some worrying evidence that its not a simple case of murder/suicide.

We also learn that Jeremy has been to see a lawyer about the family's will and reveals to his cousin Ann that he will be charged massive death duties so he says he will be selling the farm.

However, when his cousin gets cross about this, he reveals that he was "teasing" saying he's "joking" and that there was "loads of money".

Jeremy starts to show his true colours  – announcing he is having all the bodies cremated, saying that he was the one "in charge now," and he also callously has the family dog put down.

The plot takes a turn as Ann and her brother find a silencer for a gun in the cupboard.

It was later proved that Shelia couldn't have shot herself with the silencer on the gun, as the weapon was too long for her to reach.

Stan then raced to the corner's inquest to stop the verdict of murder/suicide being recorded – but was too late.

He now has to try and get the verdict overturned and prove Jeremy's guilt…

Who is in the cast of White House Farm?

The six-part series has an all-star cast:

  • Freddie Fox as Jeremy Bamber
  • Cressida Bonas as Shelia Caffell
  • Alfie Allen as Brett Collins
  • Mark Addy as Detective Stan Jones
  • Stephen Graham as DCI Thomas "Taff" Jones
  • Alexa Davies as Julie Mugford


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