Who are Naughty Boy's parents Barkat and Zahida?

NAUGHTY Boy made his I'm A Celebrity debut on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

But after 72 hours, on Tuesday, November 23, the DJ and producer threatened to leave Grwych Castle. His family has spoken out in his defence.

Who are Naughty Boy's parents?

Naughty Boy was seen upset after being chosen by the main camp to face Snoochie Shy in the Treacherous Traps.

He interpreted the gesture as a sign his fellow I'm A Celebrity contestants thought of him as the "weakest link."

Fellow stars attempted to console him to no avail and Naughty Boy said he did not want to join the other camp following the ordeal.

I'm a Celebrity viewers were quick to call out Naughty Boy, prompting members of his family to speak up in his defence.

Born Shahid Khan, the star's bond with his family and parents has always been strong.

Barkat Khan

Barkat is Naughty Boy's father.

He is said to have worked as a taxi driver in Watford, although not much else is known about him.

Originally from Pakistan, Barkat has greatly influenced his famous son's link to his roots.

Naughty Boy has never hidden his pride for his Pakistani identity, as he was taught the importance of his heritage.

He attended a school near Rawalpindi for two years and growing up listening to Pakistani music.

He has claimed he had been more influenced by his father's culture than Western culture.

"I am a very proud Pakistani and I celebrate that", the DJ told Geo News in 2019.

Zahida Khan

Married to Barkat, Zahida, aged 66, is Naughty Boy's mother.

Again, almost nothing is known about her but her son has been adamant on taking care of her at home.

“Naughty Boy is the entertainer and Shah is who you see at home. I look after my mum and I make sick beats“, the star said in the I'm A Celebrity 2021 cast trailer.

This is due to Zahida's dementia diagnosis.

She was diagnosed with the illness in 2019 after suffering a stroke two years prior.

Faced with backlash after his outburst on I'm A Celebrity, a member of his family stated on his official Twitter account that "he has been taking care of her for the last 5 years."

"This is the first time he has left her to do something life-changing! He is just overwhelmed and he will be fine", the family member added, responding to an I'm A Celebrity viewer.

What has Naughty Boy said on his mum's dementia illness?

Taking part in the ITV programme, Naughty Boy has opened the door and allowed the public to have an overview of his family life.

Shahid moved in with his mother during lockdown and has been her live-in carer ever since.

In 2020, Naughty Boy joined the charity Dementia UK as an ambassador.

His profile on the organisation's website reads: “with my mum’s ever-changing condition and the pressures this places on the wider family, I understand how beneficial an Admiral Nurse would be. I’m learning about dementia all the time."

Speaking to Lorraine in 2020, Naughty Boy detailed his experience as his mother's carer.

“I’ve learnt so much throughout lockdown… as long as I get two or three glimpses of who mum really was, who she is… mum’s still there.“

Determined to put a smile on her face, Naughty Boy admitted to playing her favourite tracks, including the song she got married to.

Zahida is also said to be a fan of his "La La La" music video.

In 2021, the producer launched Naughty Boy Kitchen, an organisation which donates 10% of its proceeds to Dementia UK.

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