Who is Escape to the Chateau star Stephanie Jarvis?

Escape to the Chateau: Dick calls Angel a 'monumental pain'

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Stephanie is one of the main stars of Escape to the Chateau DIY, one of the few spin-off shows curated from the original Channel 4 documentary series. The interiors specialist makes regular appearances alongside Dick Strawbridge and his wife, Angel Adoree. Known for vlogging on social media, Stephanie’s story is not too dissimilar to the main stars of the show.

Who is Stephanie Jarvis?

Originally from London, Stephanie moved to France 15 years ago in pursuit of life abroad but she didn’t settle for any old establishment.

Alongside her partner Nic, the pair decided to purchase a 16th Century chateau situated in the French countryside.

The 20-bedroom property is located in the Crozon-Sur-Vauvre region of the European destination and has adapted the castle to fit her needs.

Currently, she runs a Bed and Breakfast business from within the confines of the grounds and it has become a popular destination for tourists.

Stephanie regularly posts updates on her work within the chateau on her social media platforms and also vlogs about the developments.

According to her Instagram page, Stephanie has over 53,700 followers and the official page for her home, Chateau de Lalande, is followed by more than 55,500.

Alongside her description on the social media platform, the DIY expert has also shared a link to her own video work.

In the self-shot videos, the presenter offers up her tips and tricks to keep a chateau clean and tidy as well as how she has changed the castle to fit her needs.

However, it wasn’t until 2017 the chateau owner got her invitation from Channel 4 to join Dick and Angel on the spin-off show.

I thought it sounded fun

Stephanie Jarvis

In the series which aired in 2018, Stephanie made her first appearance and became an instant hit with viewers of the show.

Discussing being contacted by producers, she said: “I thought it sounded fun and, on a whim, agreed to participate, (mainly imagining the hilarity of my mother on film!).

“We all expected to be a tiny part of an obscure show on an even more obscure television channel,” she wrote on her website.

“And [we] were surprised when we first learnt that it was to be a Channel 4 spin-off series from Dick and Angel’s legendary ‘Escape to the Château’!”

Opening up on purchasing the castle, she said: “The very first time we met, I told Nic, ‘We’re going to buy a château together one day’.

“He thought I was mad, but the idea didn’t go away. 10 years later, at the age of 29, we each sold our two-bedroom London flats and bought Lalande.

“Everyone thought we were mad. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is what I was meant to do with my life.

“I love nothing more than bringing this magnificent building back to life, welcoming people to our home, and letting them discover the magic of this place,” she added.

Unfortunately, as like Dick and Angel, Stephanie had to shut down her business when the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world.

Explaining her reaction to the news, the castle owner said how it didn’t affect her day to day life much at all.

“There’s so much space, and so much garden, that we didn’t really feel locked down in the way that some people have,” she told CNN.

However, with so much time on her hands, this is where the presenter began curating video content to post for her followers, launching a new platform for her and her career.

Escape to the Chateau is available to stream on All 4.

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