Who is Max Bowden's ex girlfriend Danielle McCarney?

EASTENDERS actor Max Bowden reportedly split from his long-term partner, Danielle McCarney.

They have announced their separation after being together for two years.

Who is Max Bowden's ex girlfriend Danielle McCarney?

While Max is known as Ben Mitchell in EastEnders, Danielle used to be a show-runner for the BBC soap. 

She is best known for her relationship with the 26 year-old actor.

However, she seems to flee the spotlight as she keeps her Instagram account, on which she has reached 5, 421 followers, private. 


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Why did Max Bowden and Danielle McCarney split?

For now, people can only speculate but the pair’s dramatic split comes weeks after Jessie Wallace – Max’s EastEnders co-star – left a sexually explicit comment on his Instagram. 

In a post revealed a few weeks ago, the 49 year-old actress left this bizarre comment on one of his pictures : “Remember… if you need a m***e to cry on…. I’m yer gal."

A message which was accompanied by a winky face emoji. 

Internet users could not help but notice the raunchy message, one of them replying, “we need more Kat, Ben & Phil scenes.” 

A source simply told The Sun that both Max and Danielle “have been working through issues for a while, but decided it was time to call it quits.” 

“They are a young couple and it was completely amicable.”

The same source dismissed any rumours regarding Jessie’s involvement in the breakup. 

"Jessie had nothing to do with it, her post was just a joke about the NTAs and everyone took it the wrong way."


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What has Max Bowden said about it?

For the time being, Max has not yet said anything publicly about his breakup with Danielle. 

A source close to the actor told the Mail Online, this Wednesday, 16 June, that there had been trouble in paradise for quite some time before their separation. 

“The relationship was a whirlwind at the start but ran into trouble a few months ago.” 

The source added : “they tried to make it work but they decided to remain friends. Nobody else was involved.

“Max is still very fond of Danielle and he's gutted it didn't work out. The consolation is at least they parted on good terms.”

In April, 2020, Max had dubbed his now ex-girlfriend “the most beautiful woman on the planet” when celebrating her birthday in a gushing Instagram post. 

The 26 year-old has also gone through a number of tragedies off-camera 

With the death of his grandfather in September 2020, the EastEnders star has also dealt with the passing of his agent and manager Terry Mills after a harrowing battle against Covid, and the death of his best friend, who suffered from depression. 

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