Who is Tyler Reks' wife Priscilla Tuft?

RETIRED WWE wrestler Tyler Reks has announced her new identity as a woman, Gabbi Tuft.

Her loyal wife, Priscilla Tuft, has stood by Reks throughout her journey and wholly supports her partner's decision, seen in an in-depth interview on Extra on February 5, 2021.

Who is Priscilla Tuft?

Priscilla Tuft is the wife of Gabbi Tuft,42, a former WWE wrestler previously known as Tyler Reks.

The 39-year-old was born in Portland, Oregon, and is a bodybuilder, fitness model, actress and WNSO Professional Fitness Competitor.

She achieved international fitness modelling contracts in various print, commercial and films after appearing in national fitness competitions.

She has been awarded a number of competitive titles, including Miss Fitness America Hollywood California, Miss Model America, Miss Max Muscle, and achievement of a WNSO Professional Fitness Competitor card in 2004.

Tuft opened a supplement chain, pilates and dance studio and two independent gyms, before teaming up with her partner in 2014 to co-found fitness and nutrition company Body Spartan.

In 2017 she released her book, The Secrets of Weight Loss I Wish I Had Known 100 lbs Ago.

When did she marry Gabbi Tuft, formerly known as Tyler Reks?

Priscilla has been married to Tuft since July 2002.

She married her childhood sweetheart at aged 21, and revealed Gabbi has been her only partner.

Priscilla said: “We actually don't have partners outside of the relationship at all.

"I was a virgin when we got married 18 and a half years ago — we had never kissed. Our first kiss was on our wedding day."

She has proudly stuck by Gabbi through her transition.

Do they have children?

The couple share one daughter, called Mia, who was born in November 2011.

The nine-year-old has joined her mother in rallying behind her father's decision to transition.

Gabbi explained: “It's an ongoing conversation… I told her, ‘Sweetheart, I'm not going to go out in public right now and go outside,’ and she goes, ‘Why, daddy?’

"‘I'm afraid that people might make fun of me and it might affect you,’ and she leans over gives me the biggest hug and she says, ‘Daddy, I will never make fun of you.’”

Gabbi shared the heart-warming anecdote after promising to be "100 per cent transparent" about her journey.

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