Who is Vicky Burton and does she have children with Jeremy Kyle? – The Sun

AFTER a tough 2019, Jeremy Kyle has finally seen some happiness when his girlfriend gave birth to his child.

Here is what we know about the woman in his life, Vicky Burton.

Who is Vicky Burton and does she have children with Jeremy Kyle?

The pair were first acquainted when Vicky was hired as the Kyle nanny, caring for Jeremy and ex-wife Carla Germaine's children.

She was responsible for looking after the kids Alice, now 14, Ava, 12, and ­nine-year-old Henry.

Jeremy has another daughter Harriet, 27, from his first marriage.

Vicky stopped working for the family in April 2016, but it was after that their relationship flourished.

In February 2020 Jeremy and Vicky welcomed their first child together.

Why did Jeremy Kyle and his ex-wife Carla Germaine split up?

Following the breakdown of his relationship with his first wife Kirsty Rowley, Jeremy tied the knot with Carla.

The couple married in 2003 but split in 2015 – with cheating allegations against Carla hitting the headlines soon after.

Three months before the split, Jeremy let slip that he and Carla rarely slept together any more.

He told a guest: “I haven’t had sex for ages myself.”

Then The Sun on Sunday revealed that there were allegations of Carla romping with England polo player James Carr, 25, while Jeremy was away filming in the US.

But when Jeremy and Carla were granted a “quickie divorce” in February 2016 — the court hearing lasted 20 seconds — she cited his “unreasonable behaviour” as the reason for the breakdown of their marriage.

Is Vicky Burton married to Jeremy Kyle?

On February 5, 2018, The Sun revealed that Vicky and Jeremy are getting married – making her his third wife.

Jez popped the question on the Grenadines Islands in the Caribbean.

A source close to the star said: “Jeremy is completely loved up with Vicky – she’s put a smile back on his face.

“He chose the Grenadines because it’s a very romantic place and they’re ecstatically happy.

“Both sets of families are absolutely chuffed for them.”

As of 2020 the  couple are yet to announce a date.

What does Carla Germaine think about Jeremy and Vicky's relationship?

When Vicky and Jezza first became an item, friends of Carla admitted at the time that his ex-wife was not taking the news well.

The nanny been accused of “morphing” into Carla and stealing her style to attract the attention of the popular TV host.

A source also said that Jeremy’s ex is finding the relationship difficult to deal with.

They remarked: “Carla and Vicky were so close, they were like sisters. The two of them shared so many good times.

“But now Carla can’t bear to look at Vicky.

“She has gone through the house taking down all the pictures of Vicky with her children because she finds them so upsetting.


“It is all too raw for her and the children. There were lots in every room, including pictures taken in Barbados, where Jeremy was pictured on holiday with Vicky recently.

“Carla’s also going through her Facebook and social media to delete the images.

“She still feels so angry about what has happened.

“She and Vicky were best mates for ten years.”

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