Why did Daniel and Matt miss the Married At First Sight UK dinner party?

MAFS UK: Couples question where Daniel and Matt are

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Married At First Sight is back with another season and the first of the dinner parties has just started. The couples were reunited for the first time since their hen and stag parties, but one of the pairs was missing. Fans are keen to know where Daniel and Matt were as they did not attend. 

Where are Daniel and Matt from MAFSUK?

The first dinner party came around quickly and all of the couples were nervous about being in the spotlight. 

Halfway through, Morag noticed Daniel and Matt were missing and she asked where they were.

She said: “Hey guys, one second, where’s Daniel and Matt? Where are they? They should have been here by now.”

Tayah interjected: “I reckon they’ve gone, they have deffo left.” She said it would be “really upsetting” if they had left, but “my gut is telling me they have walked”. 

Luke added: “I just hope they turn up, that’s not good news though.”

The matter of Daniel and Matt was not addressed until right at the end, but they did raise issues about long-distance relationships previously. 

Could it be that they have been pulled apart due to something they could not control? 

At the last moment, Morag received a phone call from Daniel and she put him on loudspeaker.

He said: “I’m not coming to the dinner party and neither is Matt. We will tell you when we next see you.”

Following a dramatic pause, he said: “We are held up on the honeymoon and all is good.”

He confirmed they were the dream team and were “smitten kittens”, so it may have something to do with being stuck at their honeymoon destination. 

The most likely reason is to do with coronavirus restrictions on travel, as the series was filmed amid the pandemic.

It could also be to do with a logistical issue regarding their return home to the UK, as travelling does not always go to plan. 

At least for now, the rest of the couples know Daniel and Matt are still happy in their relationship and they are looking forward to seeing them again soon. 

Morag said hearing Daniel’s voice had made the night, and the group were thrilled that they had managed to stay together. 

As for the rest of the group, Nikita wanted to keep things on the down-low about their honeymoon arguments and she made Ant swear not to tell anyone. But he said he would find it difficult to defend his wife as he disagreed with her stance.

The couples clicked but there were a couple of digs thrown as the judging started, and Nikita and Ant were the talk of the party.

Megan then broke down in tears as she was unhappy in her relationship and the thought of seeing everyone else happy was “too much”.

She said: “I should be enjoying every second and I’m on the brink of tears.”

The rest of the party was overshadowed by Nikita having an explosive argument with Jordan as he told her to “speak English” when she kept swearing.

Alexis had to step in and tell them there was a time and a place to have such arguments, and she was really not happy.

Nikita then walked out and even the experts were shocked to see her reaction.

She then shouted: “I’m leaving the f****** show, I’m going anyways.” And Ant said: “Can you see what I’m dealing with now, it’s insanity.”

Jordan then proposed a toast saying: “There has been some drama tonight but I just want to say it’s been a pleasure.

“I’m not proud of what has happened tonight and I wish it didn’t, Ant is a very good friend of mine and now he is sitting alone.”

Married At First Sight UK airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4. 

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