‘Why didn’t we do this years ago?’ Adam Henson shares regret over ‘changes’ to his farm

Adam Henson works to help stubborn cow farmer diversify workload

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Adam Henson returned to Channel 5 today with a new series called Our Family Farm Rescue. This sees the Countryfile presenter helping out farmers to diversify their businesses.

In the wake of difficulties in the farming industry, many farmers have had to turn their businesses into new ventures.

Adam is fronting a new series all about this where he works with farmers to help them achieve this.

In tonight’s episode, he helped out a family to change one of their barns into a beautiful events space.

The dairy farmers were struggling to turn a profit before they decided to try and hire out their barn.

At one point, Adam opened up about the changes he had made to his own farm in order to try and convince a reluctant farmer

The broadcaster runs the Cotswold Farm Park, which was first founded by his father in the 1940s.

He revealed in the new show how over the years they’ve made many changes to the business.

Some of these have included bringing in glamping experiences and creating a conservation area.

Adam explained to the farmer: “I’m a bit like you, I’m not one for changing.

“But we’ve changed lots of things on the farm at home, partly because my dad drove it really.

“And I have to say when we’ve made those changes after we’ve done it I always think, ‘Why didn’t we do this years ago?’

“It’s just making that big step to then once you’ve got there, you’ll realise how great it is.”

Adam also recently opened up about his concerns when coronavirus first hit his farm last year.

Speaking to Radio Times, he said: “In the beginning, we sent all our staff home and gave them a week’s paid holiday.

“Then the country went into lockdown. I was crying thinking, ‘This is it. We’ve lost the business.’

“But thankfully the furlough scheme came in. But it’s been a tough 18 months.”

Elsewhere, Adam shared some exciting news on his Twitter earlier today as he revealed fans can come and meet him at his farm from August 7 to 15.

As part of National Countryside Week, he’ll be raising money for visitors who want to have tea with him.

All of the proceeds from the tickets sold will go to raising money for The Prince’s Countryside Trust.

Appearing in a video, Adam said: “As their ambassador, I’m very pleased to be hosting two events, either breakfast or afternoon tea.”

Adam Henson’s Our Family Farm Rescue airs on Tuesdays on Channel 5.

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