Why Prince Philip Will Be Referred to as Operation Forth Bridge When He Dies

In late February, Prince Philip was admitted to London’s King Edward VII Hospital because he was feeling unwell. It’s since been revealed that doctors are treating the 99-year-old for an infection.

Before he retired in 2017, Prince Philip served the crown for more than seven decades. When he passes, he will be referred to as “Operation Forth Bridge.”

Prince Philip is ‘feeling a lot better’ after a few days in the hospital

According to a statement from Buckingham Palace, the Duke of Edinburgh is not expected to leave the hospital for several days. He was admitted as a precaution, and the palace says he is “comfortable and responding to treatment.”

The BBC is reporting that the Earl of Wessex said his father is “feeling a lot better” and he appreciates all of the “lovely messages” he’s received from the public.

“He’s looking forward to getting out, which is the most positive thing, so we keep our fingers crossed,” Prince Edward revealed.

Sources say that Prince Philip walked into the hospital in Marylebone on his own, without the help of aides. During the lockdown, he’s been living at Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth and a small staff.

The royal couple both received their COVID vaccines in January, and the palace has made it clear that the Duke of Edinburgh’s health issues have nothing to do with coronavirus.

Queen Elizabeth is leaning on her family for support

According to US Weekly, Queen Elizabeth is “leaning on her loved ones for support” while her husband remains in the hospital.

“It’s a lot to take on,” an insider explained. “But as usual, Elizabeth is handling the stress and sadness with dignity. Prince William, Duchess Kate, Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles and Princess Beatrice are rallying around Elizabeth, even Princess Eugenie who has just given birth is checking in.”

The insider added that Prince Charles is “making an effort to step up.” He’s been a “pillar of strength” for his mother during this difficult time. Charles visited Philip at the hospital and stayed for about 30 minutes. During the pandemic, visits are only allowed in “exceptional circumstances.”

The royal family uses secret code names when they die

When you are an extremely famous and important member of the royal family, your funeral is planned years in advance. This means that at the same time the palace is in preparation for Prince Philip’s 100th birthday this summer, they are also rehearsing his funeral.

According to Town & Country, Queen Elizabeth and her palace officials have been planning her funeral since the 1960s. Several times every year, they hold meetings to refine and rehearse those plans.

This may sound dark and ominous, but it’s a must when it comes to someone as prominent as the queen. Her funeral will be a global event and will attract an incredible number of mourners.

The palace must be prepared at all times because the queen’s funeral will involve the British government, the Church of England, the British Armed Forces, the Metropolitan Police Service, the Royal Parks, City Hall, Transport for London, all 32 London boroughs, and the media.

When Queen Elizabeth does pass, Her Majesty’s private secretary will be the first one to deliver the news to relevant parties. However, they must speak in code. The funeral plan for Queen Elizabeth is known as “Operation London Bridge.” When she dies, the code to deliver the news of her death will be relayed as “London Bridge is down.”

Prince Philip also has a code for his death. When he dies, he will be referred to as “Operation Forth Bridge.” This is a reference to a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Edinburgh.

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