Willow Smith Shares Embarrassing First Date Fart Story on Red Table Talk

The topic of the day was awkward social situations and Willow delivered.

Willow Smith just got very candid about a flatulent first date.

On the final Red Table Talk of the year, Willow, mom Jada Pinkett Smith and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris were joined by New York Times columnist Philip Galanes and comedian Kym Whitley to dole out advice for awkward social dilemmas.

Before their guests joined them via Zoom, however, Willow revealed one of her most embarrassing moments.

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“I farted on a date one time. I had met this person before. We were having a really good time and he made me laugh very hard and that was the outcome of the laugh,” she revealed. “He just looked at me and there was a moment of both of us realizing what happened and we both just started cracking up even more. It was that awkward crack up, ‘I’m only laughing right now because I don’t know what else to say.'”

When asked if she ever saw him again, Willow confirmed she did, cracking, “Hunty, a little fart can’t mess this up!”

Galanes heard Willow’s story while he waited to join the panel and one-upped her, revealing he once peed a little on a date. “It was much, much worse, because I had to stand up and it was not good,” he added, as the entire panel started cracking up.

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Throughout the episode, the five of them took questions from viewers and offered up some sage — and, in Whitley’s case, hilarious — advice on everything from money issues to dealing with younger siblings giving their older sister the respect they deserve.

Another man wanted to know how to let his grandmother know she didn’t need to buy him ugly Christmas sweaters anymore, before the final guest asked how to deal with friends who unfollowed her on social media after she started speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Sometimes, too, things come up in life that show us where people sit and sometimes it’s just time to let some people go,” Jada told the woman. “And it’s painful. Some people are in your life for a certain season and then they leave.”

Whitley said the woman should “be happy” to have those people out of her life. “You don’t want them around, don’t feel sad, God is just making room for other friends,” she added. “Go get you some more Black friends!”

Watch the full episode above.

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