Woman furious as food comes covered with ‘insult’ until she realises her mistake

Many people find that fast food or drinks companies spell their name wrong when they make a takeaway order.

However, one woman was left absolutely furious as she thought that she'd received a savage insult on her meal and demanded an explanation.

The woman shared the snap of a sandwich which appears to be from an American fast food chain online.

It appeared to have the world 'b***h' scribbled over it in bold black letters.

It's not known if the situation happened to her or someone else as many pointed out it is a viral post from 2019, but found the incident hilarious anyway.

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Captioning the photo, she wrote: "Are you serious?!?!? So, after leaving the drive thru I took my sandwich out of the bag and saw THIS!! Seriously? Oh not today, not today!! I went back to the restaurant, went INSIDE (already fuming), asked to speak to the manager. I asked him for an explanation.

"The manager looked confused, so I pointed at the writing on the sandwich and demanded that he tell me why someone felt the need to write THAT on my sandwich. He answered, 'because you ordered a BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) with cheese??' To which I replied 'Oh'."

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It seems that the restaurant had written 'BLT' as the first three letters -which stand for bacon, lettuce, tomato – however it appeared to look a bit like 'Bit' instead.

The 'ch' afterwards is short for 'cheese' referencing the extra cheese requested on the sandwich.

The post has again gone viral, racking up almost 10,000 likes and being shared nearly 3,000 times.

It's thought the original post was shared by a South Carolina-based man in 2019 who claimed he thought the insult was aimed at his wife at the time.

People were still loving the post, as one exclaimed: "This is so, so funny."

"That's brilliant," wrote another alongside a laughing emoji.

Others admitted they "seen it before", seeming to confirm the woman was probably just re-sharing the post, although this wasn't made clear.

The post comes after another food has been making people chuckle this week.

One man went to extreme lengths to prove that he got less than he'd paid for in a restaurant.

Antonio Chacon used a pair of weighing scales in the establishment to prove his 6oz steak was underweight and was actually 3.68oz.

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