Woman horrified after finding 2-way mirror hooked up to cameras in her new home

A woman was left horrified after finding a two-way mirror and wires hooked up to cameras inside a hidden wall in her new home.

Annabell Mickelson, 18, and her family recently moved into a new home in Arizona.

The family were aware it had previously been a bit of a "party house", however they didn't realise how much of a party place it really was.

The family noticed that the bathroom mirror was actually attached to the wall and started to get suspicious.

Amanda took to TikTok to speak about the odd situation as she filmed her dad drilling into the wall behind the mirror.

The family discovered some odd cupboard and also found chords to all the cameras which had been previously been located around the house.

Confirming her suspicions, she exclaimed: "We were right! It was a two-way mirror! We messed up the mirror but oh well."

In another video, Amanda said the enormous bathroom mirror had looked out onto the living room before the previous owners built a wall in front of it.

She claimed the house had been owned by someone before who "parties all the time".

Amanda added: "There are cameras that surround the house and we couldn't figure out where the cameras went to.

"And there are cameras that led into the back gate so you could let people in.

"The neighbours have told us this as one of them used to party with this dude and he knew everything about him."

Amanda's videos have certainly been popular online, having been viewed more than 2.5million time.

Many were desperate to hear more about family's new home too.

One exclaimed: "I want to know everything," as another addedL "I'd sage that house – too many bad vibes!!"

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