Woman labeled 'spoiled' after boasting about three engagement rings

Woman is branded ‘spoiled’, ‘shallow’ and ‘greedy’ after boasting that she made her husband buy her THREE engagement rings in different metals so her jewelry will always match

  • The unnamed woman revealed that her husband proposed with a silver-and-diamond design, before buying her both a rose gold and a gold alternative 
  • She claimed that she is ‘super picky when it comes to jewelry’ and that all of her accessories always have to match 
  • The woman said her husband ‘knew what he was getting into’ when he proposed, and bragged that he ‘loves her enough to make sure her OCD isn’t going crazy’ 
  • Facebook users were quick to slam her behavior, with many hitting out at her use of the term ‘OCD’, while others labeled her ‘shallow’ and ‘high maintenance’  

A woman has been slammed as ‘spoiled’ and ‘high maintenance’ after revealing that she asked her husband to buy her three engagement rings so that she had a silver, gold, and rose gold option to match all of her other jewelry. 

The unnamed wife, who is from Ontario, opened up about her trio of engagement rings in a post shared on the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming, revealing that her husband proposed with a silver-and-diamond design before she asked him to purchase the two other options. 

‘I’m super picky when it comes to my jewelry – it all has to match,’ the woman explained in her post, noting that she wanted to have three different rings so she can alternate between them depending on the other jewelry she is wearing that day. 

Fury: A woman has sparked outrage after boasting on Facebook that she made her husband buy her three engagement rings so she has options to match to her other jewelry 

‘So if I’m wearing silver it’ll have to be silver, if I’m wearing gold it all has to be gold, if I’m wearing rose gold everything has to be rose gold,’ she said, before insisting that all women deserve a man who ‘loves you enough to make sure your OCD isn’t going crazy’.

The woman also insisted that her husband was more than happy to do whatever it took to make sure his wife was overjoyed with the engagement, telling other members of the group: ‘Call me spoiled or needy but my husband knew what he was getting into the day he told me he wanted to marry me.’  

She concluded her post: ‘Ladies if your man doesn’t love you enough to make sure your OCD isn’t going crazy then you need a new man.’       

Unsurprisingly, many members of the Facebook group did not feel the same way – and quickly slammed the original poster, branding her ‘toxic’ and ‘a jerk’. 

‘How big of a brat are you? This is ridiculous… Your “man” should have told you no and then walked away from you. Greedy a**,’ one person commented. 

Another added: ‘That’s not OCD. That’s called high maintenance and spoiled,’ while one labeled the woman ‘shallow as a puddle’.

‘My condolences… To your husband,’ a user jokingly wrote, before adding: ‘The ring isn’t important it’s the love and meaning behind that ring. I think you’re just a spoiled brat. I know people with OCD and this isn’t it chief.’

A number of people hit out at the woman for blaming her desire for three rings on OCD, including one Facebook user who said that they do suffer from the condition while comparing their struggles with the woman’s post. 

They wrote: ‘Me with OCD: has an actual panic attack if I’m not heavily medicated and my Skittles and pens aren’t in ROYGBIV order. [Original poster]: shallow and greedy and calling it OCD.’

Another OCD sufferer reiterated those same sentiments.  

‘OCD? Go f*** yourself,’ they chimed in. ‘I have OCD and it’s not like that at all. Entitled spoiled hot dog water. That’s what you are.’

One person even accused the woman of making the whole thing up, claiming that they know her in person and that she has ‘never once mentioned an engagement’.  

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