Woman only just realises she’s been saying butt naked ‘wrong’ her whole life

A woman was embarrassed to find out she has been saying the phrase 'butt naked' "wrong" her whole life.

Jasmine, 23, posted a video about the "Truman moment" on TikTok.

She was surprised that "no one has ever corrected (her)" for saying the word "butt" and not "buck".

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"Buck naked," she said. "When someone is fully nude, they're buck naked.

"I thought they were butt naked, like, down to the butt, they are naked. I honestly stand by this one, I think this one makes more sense."

She also admitted to getting confused about the phrase "it's a dog-eat-dog world".

The TikToker added: "I thought it was doggy dog world.

"I've saying these wrong with my whole chest and not a single soul has ever corrected me."

Some viewers agreed with Jasmine and revealed that they'd learned something new after watching her video.

One commented: "I have always said the same as you for 'butt naked'."

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A second shared: "It's fine, I for the longest time, didn't know it was kit-and-caboodle.

"I always said kitten caboodle."

The term buck naked is an informal way in North American English to describe someone not wearing any clothes at all.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, experts delved into details to explain the difference between "buck-naked" and "butt-naked".

It stated: "Some think that the original was butt, based on that word having been used to refer to a person’s buttocks since the 17th century, and that buck was a euphemism.

"Others feel that the buck referred to buckskin (the skin of a male deer, an animal often found in a nude state), or that it came from the word’s sense meaning 'a male American Indian or African-American' (this sense of buck is considered offensive)."

Experts define both terms as "completely naked" – and they're essentially synonyms for one another.

Merriam-Webster do say "butt-naked" is a considerably newer term.

Its earliest known use comes from the late 1960s – and "did not gain much currency until the 1970s".

In comparison, "buck-naked" was used 40 years prior.

"Buck is the older of the twain, but, given the linguistic register in which such words are typically found you should really just choose the one that brings you the most joy," it concluded.


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