Woman wants revenge on neighbour’s dogs pooing in her garden

A desperate woman has taken to Mumsnet “half-jokingly” asking what is acceptable revenge on her neighbour, who refuses to fix their broken fence so their dogs come into her garden and foul. The lady wondered whether she could throw the dog’s poo over the fence, back to where it belonged, or would be deemed an a**hole for doing so.  

The lady, who is “losing the will to live” and is “on the verge of tears” explained why her neighbour is so “awful”. 

The first night she moved into her new home, her neighbour’s ex-partner drunkenly urinated on her front garden. 

Since then, the neighbour has “stuck things to our window, taken our parking spaces, trashed the outside of our houses and had countless fights in the street at all hours, one involved smashing up a car”. 

Several other neighbours on the street have called the police and reported her behaviour. 

The lady explained how she “often has the police at the door” looking for the neighbour. 

Alongside her neighbour’s behaviour affecting the lady’s mental health, it’s also having a “hideous effect” on her ability to do her job – “teaching from home”. 

The neighbour has recently got two dogs, but her fence is missing a panel, so the dogs can get through to the woman’s back garden. 

“Two days in a row, I’ve asked (told) her to block it up and come round and clear up the enormous piles of dogs*** these two dogs are leaving in my garden,” the woman revealed. 

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The homeowner confessed she is at her “wit’s end” and “wants to move” house. 

She has since found herself considering “leaving the side gate open so the dogs can escape next time they come into our garden to teach her to keep them confined, or simply throw it [dog poo] over the fence on top of her half-finished second-hand conservatory that’s been in progress for months”. 

She also said she has tried blocking the open fence but the dogs still burst through, and the fence isn’t on her side of the garden, so isn’t her responsibility. 

Other Mumsnet users offered their opinion on what the lady should do. One said to “leave the side gate open”. 

Another agreed and said it is “easier to deny any responsibility that way”.

One commented: “Yes, leave the side gate open and throw the poo over into her garden.” 

However, someone else explained how they dealt with a similar issue: “We had this problem. I wouldn’t want escaped dogs to be hurt or frightened on my conscience though. The fault is squarely with the owner, not them.

“A very robust 6ft fence went up. It wasn’t our responsibility either but it stopped their kids as well and made life bearable. Money well spent. Oh. And the mess was thrown back over.” 

Another added: “I know it is their responsibility but I would put up a strong fence anyways. We had to do it, and the neighbour would not contribute to the cost. We put it on our side of the property line.”      

A Mumsnet user suggested contacting the housing association because, by the neighbour “not containing her animals, she’s in breach of her tenancy”. 

The lady said she would call the housing association, as well as the council to deal with the issue. 

According to Lawsons, “our neighbours are not legally obliged to fix or replace a fence unless it is causing a safety issue”. 

They suggested: “If you find yourself in the unfortunate position where your neighbours are refusing to take any action on their damaged fence, a final option may be to erect a new fence on your own land.

“You can do this alongside your neighbour’s existing fence, as long as it is on your private property and inside your boundary.” 

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