Woman’s 50p hack to remove stains from a sofa splits opinion online

A self-proclaimed cleaning pro has shared her cheap hack to remove the stubborn stains from sofas – but not everyone's impressed.

The TikToker, who runs the account "Asthetically in Home", showed her viewers the "best way to clean your sofa" in a recent clip.

Using only one dishwasher tablet, she places it in a dish and breaks it into small pieces.

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She then dissolves it with some water and turns it into a cleaning solution.

Next, the TikToker grabs a kitchen towel to soak up the solution and wraps it around a pot lid.

All that's left is to scrub the sofa with the DIY cleaning brush.

"Wait to see the most satifying lines," she said while making a disclaimer to her fans.

"I am not a professional sofa cleaner but this way has always worked for me with no problems."

Her video has split opinions among the viewers.

As her sofa cover is a fabric, one suggested she should remove the sofa cover and put it in a washing machine for "less hassle".

Another said: "This leaves residue that actually attracts more dirt in the end. Unless you’re pulling it all up, which I doubt."

"I don't understand though, you clean it but how are you rinsing the dirt out?" a third asked. "I wouldn't do it when I have kids and a dog at home."

The cleaning guru said she could have used a steamer to clean it but she prefers her own way.

She added: "The sofa cover won't come off and it only takes around half an hour. I leave it dry on its own."

Meanwhile a mum shared a "game-changing" method to remove crayon marks off the wall.

Patricia had tried many different recommendations – soap, spray mop, detergent – and none of it worked until she found out the secret way to erase the crayon marks.

"Use your hairdryer and a microfibre cloth! It's so fast and easy," she revealed.


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