X Factor’s Janet Devlin unrecognisable after major makeover 10 years since show

X Factor star Janet Devlin has wowed fans with a new set of pics where she looks completely different from her talent show stint in 2011.

The singer rose to fame on The X-Factor a decade ago where she performed on the live shows as a shy youngster, who sang a mesmerising version of Your Song.

Nowadays, Janet is a far cry from the barefooted 16-year-old with big curly red hair and is now a confident blonde singer/songwriter.

Since appearing on the programme, not only does Janet look completely different but she feels it too after going on a journey within herself.

In recent years, she has become a mental health advocate and TikTok favourite thanks to her tell-all content.

Over the years, she has also revealed that she struggled with alcohol addiction and depression after appearing on the talent show, but often looks back at the good times too.

Reflecting on the ten year anniversary since being on the show, Janet told her followers: “Today marks ten years since my life changed. It was the day my audition track aired on national television.

"I could never anticipate how different my life was going to be from that moment on.

“I’m grateful for the experience. To get into the industry so young meant I could make mistakes with teenage naivety and the gusto to keep going. Some days were hard.

"Sometimes I couldn’t walk down the street without someone hurtling a nasty comment my way. Which I won’t lie, was incredibly difficult to process as a child.

“That being said, it’s turned me into the strong woman I am now and for that I’m thankful.”

She continued: “Unfortunately the show has now ended and though I have mixed feelings about its demise no one will be quite as sad as my mother – who has now lost her Saturday night show."

In other talent show throwback news, Britain's Got Talent star Bars and Melody hit the headlines this week after fans reacted to them looking totally different and all grown up now.

The duo now look unrecognisable from their TV debut in 2014, as the musical pals are now all grown up and in their 20s.

The double act looked a far cry from the days when they appeared as angelic youngsters on the show seven years ago.

Surprisingly, the lads are still going as a rap and R&B act but will be forever remembered for their bullying rap on the ITV programme.

Nowadays, Charlie Lenehan – known as Melody – is covered in tattoos, with ink wrapped around his neck, arms and chest.

His co-star Leondre Devries – who is Bars – has also shot up and caught up with Charlie who used to tower over him on the BGT stage.

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