Yellowstone season 4: Is Lloyd leaving Yellowstone?

Yellowstone actors discuss Lloyd and Walker's fight scene

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Yellowstone season four has changed the pace of the series following the intense finale for the third season. However, it all looks to be building up to something major and fans are desperately trying to figure out what. The Paramount Network series has enjoyed Forrie J Smith as Lloyd Pierce since season one, but viewers think season four could be his last.

Is Lloyd leaving Yellowstone?

Season four has seen the friendship between Lloyd and Rip Wheeler (played by Cole Hauser) tested like never before.

Rip has been on the ranch since he was a boy and has had Lloyd close by ever since, meaning the pair have been firm friends for decades.

At the end of season three, Walker (Ryan Bingham) returned to the ranch, and he hasn’t been welcomed with open arms by Lloyd.

Walker has taken Lloyd’s one-time flame Laramie (Hassie Harrison) from him and the pair have no problem flaunting their romance in front of the veteran cowboy in the bunkhouse.

But in season four, Lloyd hit breaking point with Walker and the pair brawled only for Rip to split things up and carry out his own form of brutal justice by beating up his old pal.

Rip was forced to intervene, hitting Lloyd in the face for fighting in the bunkhouse, something that is banned on the ranch.

Ever since this moment, the two haven’t exactly been on speaking terms, and now many viewers are suspecting this is just the beginning of the end of Lloyd’s journey.

On Reddit, fans have been discussing the character’s arc in season four, worrying that the fan-favourite will be leaving the ranch forever, on his terms.

User BeachJackson wrote: “At the end of Sunday’s episode it looked like Lloyd was possibly leaving the Yellowstone.

“He’s one of my favourites. What does everyone think? He is seen in his nice vest and looking around the bunkhouse like he is sad.” (sic)

VenomousCoffee replied: “To me, that scene had a strong “I’m too old for this s**t” feeling, like he was really coming to grips with his mortality.”

“He’s branded. He ain’t going nowhere except to the train station,” Truedjinn added hinting Lloyd would have to die rather than exit of his own accord.

One user had a particularly dark theory on Lloyd’s exit, suggesting a very permanent end to the character.

Apairofparrots explained: “Lloyd is a lifer. The only one driving him to the train station is himself. Mark my words: Lloyd will off himself within the next two episodes.”

“Agreed. I thought the episode of him looking around was coming to terms with him killing himself,” another user responded.

However, not everyone agreed Lloyd was leaving, as one user suggested there was no evidence he would exit to show.

Liberteer30 commented: “There’s zero evidence that he’s going anywhere. It was more about being embarrassed that he got his ass kicked.”

StonedWater replied: “And getting his ass kicked by someone he really respects that didn’t want to kick his ass.

“It hurts when you fall out with your best bud – especially when your life is quite limited, and that best bud forms a large part of it.” (sic)

Of course, fans will have to see how things play out between Rip and Lloyd in episode six but there are plenty of clues to suggest Lloyd’s time on the ranch may be up.

Details on the sixth episode are still limited, with the title not being revealed by the Paramount Network.

Yellowstone season 4 continues on December 5 on the Paramount Network in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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