Yellowstone season 5 theory: John Dutton to lose ranch and land as fans spot key 1883 clue

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Paramount Network’s hit western series Yellowstone came to an end in January with the Dutton family fighting a bitter war to keep their ranch in the family. However, fans believe patriarch John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) will be forced to give up the land after a major clue in the show’s spin-off 1883.

For the majority of season four, tensions rose as the Dutton family were forced to fight against land developers, casino moguls and the Broken Rock reservation for a piece of their land.

A number of significant businesses were also giving countless offers to the family, however, the Duttons weren’t having any of it.

The Yellowstone Dutton ranch was a hot commodity as it was the largest ranch in the United States.

However, John had no interest in selling up or sharing any of it because it had been in the family for seven generations.

However, it looks as though this may no longer be the case for the family when the series returns for season five after a fan spotted a major clue.

The show’s prequel series 1883 transports viewers back 130 years before John Dutton and follows the lives of his great grandparents James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill).

As the prequel spin-off came to an end in February viewers gained a major insight into John’s lineage and how they came to own the Montana ranch.

Although fans haven’t seen the family reach Montana yet, viewers learnt the Dutton family took a dangerous journey from Texas in hopes for a better life.

During the finale, a fan spotted a major clue and exposed it on Reddit, user ConsistentHomework18 recalled: “In episode 10 of 1883, the Indian man who helps Elsa and tells James Dutton about Paradise Valley.

“Says that his family may want the land back in seven generations, and James replies, ‘In 7 generations, you can have it back.’”

The user then asks: “Does it mean that the Dutton family may lose the ranch?

“Also, supporting this theory is Kaycee’s last dialogue of season 4 about seeing their end,” they concluded.

Other fans, including AmericanWanderlust, agreed and responded: “For me, it’s been pretty obvious from S1 that there is only one way this show ends and that’s with the Duttons losing the land/giving it back to the Native Americans.

“There is something called ‘land into trust’ or ‘fee to trust’ which allows the transfer of land to a tribe.”

They added: “My own theory: Jamie’s mother was native or part native. He learns this and uses his authority as either AG or governor (if he winds up in that position as the alleged pawn of the family) to undercut the Duttons once and for all and facilitate the transfer.”

Double_Watercress_72 added: “I have been wondering the same thing. Isn’t it time to give the land back?”

Towards the end of season four, John’s son Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) embarked on a spiritual journey where he saw a mysterious vision.

Kayce was troubled by a bad dream and a vision of him kissing Avery (Tanaya Beatty) even though he was married to Monica (Kelsey Asbille).

However, he had been greeted by a wolf in human form, who took him to the edge of a cliff and showed him two paths.

Even though viewers are yet to see which path he chose, he had already told Monica his return would be “the end of us”.

Hopefully, fans will soon understand if he meant the end of their relationship or the end of the Dutton family.

Yellowstone and 1883 is available on Paramount Plus in the USA and Yellowstone is available in the UK on Pluto TV, while a UK release date for 1883 has yet to be announced.

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