Yellowstone viewers blame John Dutton for unexpected death ‘Trying to be a hero’

Yellowstone: John Dutton prepares for a 'fight' in promo

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Viewers were divided, however, as the ranch owner’s reckless actions inadvertently caused the death of a key figure within the Paramount series. With an intense political race coming up for John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner), the death of the sheriff could have cost him valuable protection during a pivotal moment in the final stretch of Yellowstone’s fourth season.

John and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) leaped into action in Sunday night’s thrilling instalment of the hit Western drama.

The two capable ranchers were forced to act when a meeting with Sheriff Haskell (Hugh Dillon) turned sour as they realised a holdup was taking place.

They left the diner, only to return through the back and liberate the robbers’ hostages.

Bullets went flying, and John and Rip managed to save a waitress who was being used as a human shield.

Unfortunately, John’s law enforcement friend wasn’t so lucky, and the sheriff met a bloody end with no time left to call his daughter.

Fans wasted no time in voicing their reactions to the devastating final scene, and more than a few were unhappy with John and Rip’s brave yet senseless response to the shootout.

Redditor MontanaJoev said: “All I saw was extreme recklessness that resulted in the death of a sheriff.

“Why not just call the police? And with all the shooting going on, it was a miracle others weren’t hurt.”

Once they were in the middle of the conflict, there was admittedly no time left to call for backup.

Even so, the robbers gave them plenty of time to leave the diner and pretend to drive away, only to sneak in and take them down.

When they were back outside, these baffled Yellowstone fans were shocked to see John, Rip and Haskell try to handle the situation by themselves rather than sending for reinforcements.

Another user named rd201290 replied: “I don’t understand. It’s legal in Montana to just have a shootout and kill 3-4 robbers if you’re stopping a crime?”

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“This is like the third time they’ve just gone on a slaughter rampage with no consequences.”

John’s actions could prove especially worrying with his election campaign for Governor of the state coming up.

However, others have pointed out that overcoming the odds to save the hostages, even with the death of Haskell on his conscience, could paint him as the hero in Montana.

Some fans weren’t so sure, though, and still believed John and Rip could have prevented the shootout if they handled the situation better.

“Sheriff likely wouldn’t have died if John hadn’t gone old western on the diner. The robbers would have gotten the cash and left,” lurk_4_karma said.

And Write416 speculated: “To everyone thinking that John’s “foiling” the robbery will be a boon for his campaign for Governor, have you considered the flip side.

“Is it possible John intervening to force a shootout that got the sheriff killed, will blow up in his face?”

If word gets around John and his right-hand man caused the death of a sheriff in their attempt to save a local diner, it could have disastrous consequences for his political career.

Yellowstone season four continues Sundays on Paramount.

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