You fans in frenzy as Love Quinn returns in part two

You: Official trailer for season 4 part 1

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A lot has changed for bibliophile stalker Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgely) at the beginning of the fourth season of You. Not only has he adopted a professorial new look and landed a job teaching literature at Oxford, but he has also put aside some of his more violent habits. However, the brand new trailer for the second part of the fourth season of Netflix has confirmed a ghost from Joe’s past will soon return.

Warning – this article contains major spoilers for You season four, part one.

Viewers were gobsmacked to see Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) making a brief appearance in the new teaser for You season four, part two.

After his life with Love in the suburbs ended in disaster, Joe tried to follow his new obsession Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle) to Paris.

Love met her end at the hands of her husband and apparently burned inside her house, although fans believe she may have survived.

The latest trailer added more fuel to the fire as she briefly appears smiling at Joe in his glass box.

Viewers who have already binge-watched the first five episodes were thrilled to see the fan-favourite return, and a social media meltdown has been building upon its release on Thursday.

On Twitter, @toonysnow said: “I f*****g screamed so loud #YouNetflix #LoveQuinn.

“I am begging that this is not a flashback. I miss her so much and I stg we didn’t see a body so she’s still alive in my head.” (sic)

@attillamattilla posted a string of crying emojis and wrote: “Love Quinn in season four part two I’m freaking out.”

Optimistic fan @jnlslov3r exclaimed: “LOVE QUINN IS ALIVE!”

@godisgrandex exclaimed: “Love Quinn is coming back to save this show, thank you sis!”

@davidpastrnk added: “Love Quinn might actually be coming back to me I could cry.”

And @f4lkslore tweeted a screenshot of the trailer, saying: “Going insane over this right now!”

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“Whether it’s a flashback or a figment of Joe’s imagination or she’s alive I need her back ASAP. Love Quinn come home!”

Love has been a fan-favourite ever since her introduction in You’s second season, where she quickly proved herself to be a match to Badgley’s sociopathic protagonist.

Although their idyllic life in the suburbs didn’t pan out, there are still plenty of fans hoping she managed to escape from the wreckage of their home somehow.

Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case here as Love is shown in Joe’s glass box, which as far as fans are aware he left in the States.

The most likely case is Love will be appearing in a vision or a flashback scene in a moment of desperation for Joe.

On the other hand, bringing Joe’s ex back from the dead would certainly get fans talking and isn’t too far outside the realm of possibility for You.

For now, though, Joe’s attention is fully on his new obsession, Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and putting a stop to Rhys’ (Ed Speleers) plans to terrorise London’s wealthy elite.

You season 4, part 1 is available to stream on Netflix. Part 2 will be released Thursday, February 9.

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