‘You rascals’ The Repair Shop guest lost for words over royal walking stick restoration

The Repair Shop: Guest gets emotional over boat wheel restoration

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The popular BBC show often has guests and viewers in tears, and the recent instalment was no exception. Morag entered The Repair Shop barn hoping resident silversmith Brenton West could fix a walking stick which once belonged to a royal. It had been in her family for years, and had a tube inside for whiskey.

“This stick belonged to King George V,” Morag explained to a stunned Jay Blades and Brenton.

“Are you royalty then?” Jay asked. She replied: “No – it’s been in the family for years, and it has secret inside.”

She unveiled the secret whiskey holder and added: “My great grandfather was a master baker who used to work for King George V up in Scotland.”

She continued: “When he retired, the King and Queen Mary gave gifts and this was one of them.”

“So your great grandfather must have built quite a relationship with the Royals then?” Jay inquired.

“He and King George V became quite friendly,” Morag explained.

“And so did the whole family. My great aunt Annie, who brought my father up, she was the eldest of all my great grandparents’ children, she used to tell me the stories of when they played with the king and queen’s children in the grounds.”

She added she “idolised” her aunt and it “broke her heart” when she died.

Describing what was wrong with the stick, she said: “Sadly, with it being so very old, it comes in several parts – and this part is the most dangerous part because it’s very sharp.”

Parts were missing and the sharp parts could cause severe damage or injury.

“I would love to use it myself,” Morag said when asked what she would do with it if it was fixed.

“That’s a nice story, isn’t it?” Jay commented to Brenton. He replied: “It is.”

“We have the obvious missing cork,” Brenton examined, summing up the damage.

“This bit of copper – I don’t know if someone bent the stick or it’s worn out but it’s really sharp so we’re going to have to look at repairing that.”

Thankfully, the job wasn’t too big for Brenton, who managed to restore the stick as well as making it safe to use.

When it was finally unveiled to her, Morag stared at the stick, lost or words.

“Oh wow,” she kept repeating. “Oh gosh, well done you.”

When she opened the stick and found the repaired whiskey container, it had been filled with the drink.

“You rascals!” she gasped. “Oh wow, oh thank you so much.

Jay instructed her to open the top part of the stick, where a small glass had been fitted in to replace the missing one it used to hold.

“Oh you’re clever,” the amazed guest said, before the trio poured a glass.

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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