‘Younger generation wouldn’t fight for country – they’re too woke’ rages GB News’ Christys

Adam Holloway MP speaks to Farage on GB News from Ukraine

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Patrick Christys launched into a furious rant on GB News while discussing the ongoing war in Ukraine. The presenter hit out at the youth of today suggesting young people in Britain wouldn’t fight for their country because he believes they’re “too woke”. Blasting younger generations, the presenter claimed they’d been “brainwashed”.

While discussing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Patrick considered what would happen if Britain was attacked by a military force.

In a furious GB News monologue, the presenter slammed young people, sharing his thoughts on how they would react to war on British soil.

Patrick began: “I don’t think the younger generation would fight for this country. I think they’re too woke.

“I think they’ve had their heads filled with a load of lefty tosh about how patriotism is a bad thing, borders shouldn’t exist, and how we’re a horrible little racist island that needs to take the knee and repent for the sins of our forefathers.

“If you read the Guardian every day you could be forgiven for thinking that we are a deeply unwelcoming far-right nation.

“Does anyone else find it amazing then that so many people, of different cultures, creeds and colours are desperate to come here?” Patrick questioned.

The presenter went on to speculate about what demographics of the country may be more willing to fight in a war.

He explained: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has got me thinking about how our country would react in a similar situation.

“I think we’d end up relying on the fair people of Carlisle and Leeds, while the Islington ‘snobberati’ packed up their herbal tea and legged it to their second homes in Provence.

“We’ve had adverts for the military that included people pausing during an exercise to allow one of their troop to attend to the call to prayer.

“I very much doubt you’d get away with that during the heat of battle,” the presenter remarked.

Patrick went on to list what he believed there is to be proud of as a British citizen.

He explained: “Some people go, ‘Well, there’s not much to fight for these days’. Yes, there is!

“We’re the land of Shakespeare, Alan Turing, The Queen, The Beatles, the Chuckle Brothers and to a much lesser extent, the Neville brothers,” the GB News star insisted.

He went on to claim he’s “genuinely concerned” that younger generations wouldn’t be willing to fight if war landed on their doorstep.

Blasting young people, Patrick added: “They’ve been trained, brainwashed really, into thinking we’re just a little rock in the ocean with a chequered past.

“Our demographics have changed massively. Does that make a difference?

“Do loyalties lie elsewhere? Have we talked ourselves down too much?

“I hope we never have to find out, but given everything that’s happening in Ukraine I’m concerned that we may well do so one day,” he said.

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