Your October Horoscope Is Here

Pumpkin spice and Halloween fanatics rejoice, as your season is finally fully upon us. Somehow, we're 10 months into 2021 — and with October comes the heart of autumn, marked by increasingly shorter, darker days, an abundance of fiery, colorful, swirling leaves, and that romantic, mystical feeling that only hosts social Libra and magnetic Scorpio can bring. 

Libra, infatuated by balance, beauty, and partnership, is at the helm the first two weeks of the month, emphasizing one-on-one collaboration, art, harmony, justice, and being open to both sides of any debate. But the cardinal air sign is also known for struggling with indecisiveness, so making concrete plans and taking bold action might have to wait until Scorpio. The fixed water sign, in charge after October 22, is acutely tuned into the shadow side of life, power, and the transformative nature of sex and relationships. For the second half of the month, the challenge will be to avoid being too razor-focused and digging your heels in. The trick to making it through the month will be to lean on a potion that blends both sensibilities.


You're proudly, fiercely independent when you want to be, Aries, but deep down, you know that having a like-minded significant other, best friend, or colleague by your side to take care of business makes you even more of a force to be reckoned with, and Libra season — which started on September 22 — is an astrological moment that can help but remind you of this. And on October 6, when the new moon is in your partnership zone, you'll have a special opportunity to not only reflect on how you want to take your most meaningful partnerships to the next level, but actually act on whatever it is you've been dreaming of. This is all thanks to a pretty major appearance by your ruler, action-oriented Mars, which pairs up with the sun in Libra two days later, giving you a burst of can-do energy that's best channeled into bolstering your one-on-one endeavors.

And although you're all about taking risks and making bold moves out in the world regardless of the planets' movements, romantic Venus' trip through your adventure zone from October 7 to November 5 ignites that inner fire and drive to take leaps of faith, soak up knowledge, and prioritize eye-opening moments with people you love. These more lighthearted moments can be helpful, particularly once we get within a few days of your annual full moon on October 20. If you've been preparing to move in a different direction — especially in terms of your professional path — this could be the end of a long, frustrating road. But closing one chapter leaves plenty of room to start a new one, so don't feel like you'll be stuck in grief mode for all that long.  


Libra season, which has been in full swing since September 22, has been presenting you with the opportunity to take care of yourself and nurture your nearest and dearest connection on a more regular, day-to-day basis, thanks to the sun's journey through your wellness zone. And on October 6, when the new moon falls there and pairs up with go-getter Mars, you could be feeling determined to turn whatever you've been experimenting with into concrete results. Whether you're fired up about achieving a better work-life balance by setting better boundaries, or beating your personal record at your favorite fitness routine, your resolve is enviable. Just remember that you're wired for a slow and steady pace — and the growth you gain from that approach is generally the most sustainable. You'll be reminded of this time and again as the confident sun pairs up with one planet after the next early in the month.

Your ruler, sweet Venus, is also due for a sign switch come the 7th, moving through your intimacy zone until November 5, so you can expect your love and sex life to take on a more emotional, transformative tone. Deeply healing conversations set the stage for sparks to fly. Then, Scorpio season, which begins on the 23rd, illuminates your partnership sector, and joining forces with either a romantic or platonic VIP could be especially fulfilling and productivity-boosting. In fact, from the 30th to December 13, gung-ho Mars moves through the same zone as well, so hitting your biggest goals might be even more possible when you plot, plan, and take action steps alongside a S.O., BFF, or business partner. 


As the month kicks off, you could be feeling a little bit thrown off of your A-game, thanks to your ruler, messenger Mercury, being in the midst of its third retrograde of the year. This time, it's in your romance and self-expression zone, so ever since September 27 (or possibly even sooner), you've been dealing with delays, slowdowns, and general confusion while dating, discussing what's in your heart, trying to connect with a lover or friends, and attempting to make headway on a creative project. Thankfully, plenty of other aspects are supporting your ability to enjoy this area of life — like the new moon that falls on October 6 in the same zone, urging you to get clear on a romantic intention and take a significant step in the right direction. And from the 7th to November 5, relationship-oriented Venus' trip through your partnership zone can make it easier to connect with the people you adore one-on-one. You could have an especially sexy, fun-loving day on October 15 when the confident sun in your romance zone harmonizes with lucky Jupiter in your adventure zone. 

Once Mercury ends its retrograde on the 18th, you can plow ahead in love and artistic pursuits. Just watch out for tension with friends or colleagues that could arise around the 20th when the full moon lights up your networking zone. Any drama that crops up now is a reminder that your contributions to the group matter — and feeling like a part of an effective, supportive team matters to you. Then, from the 23rd to November 21, the sun's journey through your routine zone will bring your focus to your health and everyday to-dos. If your perpetually buzzing, everyday hustle needs a facelift so that you can feel more centered, balanced, and on-the-ball, Scorpio season is here to support your ability to get after it with a vengeance. 


For the first couple weeks of the month, your focus will be on keeping it low-key, tending to all things domestic from your garden to your cooking skills, and perhaps most importantly, enjoying quality time with your loved ones, thanks to the sun's move through your home zone. And because messenger Mercury is retrograde there until October 18, you'll also be tending to unfinished business around your house, like that redecorating project that previously got put on the back-burner. Around October 6, when the new moon falls in the same zone, you'll get a sweet opportunity to gain clarity around a related goal and possibly even make a bold move with a little help from action-oriented Mars. And while relationship-oriented Venus moves through your routine zone from the 7th to November 5, you'll continue to get the message that family or friends can help you accomplish everyday to-dos.  

And it could feel like as soon as you get into a groove, big picture, professional aims become your chief focus around October 20 when the full moon lights up your career zone. Your craving for recognition skyrockets, and if you've been feeling like you're undervalued, underappreciated, or unseen by higher-ups, you could be ready to take a daring stand, potentially in a fiery, impulsive way that's generally not your M.O. And in the days that follow, with the confident sun shifting into your self-expression zone on the 23rd, and go-getter Mars right on its heels on the 30th, you should feel even more supported in your efforts to pour your passion into your work and own your voice. And if that isn't translating to results on your current path, you could feel empowered to shift gears.


Libra season has had you running from appointments to events, neighborhood hangs to virtual meet-ups, and everything in between, thanks to the sun's trip through your communication zone. And as much as you love to see and be seen, messenger Mercury's retrograde in the same zone can make social plans feel like an uphill battle to keep, so if you're feeling like trading your packed calendar for a cozy sweater and a nap, it's totally understandable. And around October 6, when the new moon is in your communication zone, too, you might feel like it's time to take charge of your schedule and say "no" to plans and commitments that aren't truly in line with your big picture goals. This can also be a wonderful moment to brainstorm and learn about new ways to boost your efficiency — like using a spreadsheet or workflow app or simply setting more boundaries. Then, on the 7th, romantic Venus moves into your romance zone, where it hangs until November 5, making you feel like there's more room for infusing everyday life with more fun, spontaneity, magic, and chemistry-loaded sexual experiences.  

And speaking of fireworks, around the 20th, the full moon falls in your adventure and higher learning zone, cranking up the volume on any restlessness you've been experiencing around your regularly scheduled programming. You'll want to take a major leap of faith, inspired by whatever's lighting you up inside. This could mean taking an impromptu trip or signing up for a class that'll result in honing your skillset so you can advance your career. Then, after the 23rd, the confident sun will be in your home zone, followed closely by action-oriented Mars, which lands there on the 30th, and taking care of business around your house and with your loved ones could be a major focus. Embracing a slower, more low-key pace and nurturing your closest bonds will prove more rejuvenating and reenergizing than you initially imagine. 


The sun's trip through your money zone, which kicked off on September 22, plus your ruler, messenger Mercury's retrograde there has had your head in the weeds of your finances — past, present, and future. And around October 6, the new moon there can be a sweet opportunity to take what you've learned and apply it to a big, long-term investment goal. Maybe you're not quite ready to invest actual cash, but you can, at the very least, pour some time and energy into pinpointing and getting the ball rolling on a game plan that will boost your security and promote growth. Gaining clarity around the foundations — financial and otherwise — that have you feeling more centered is a pretty major theme for you this month, actually, because from the 7th to November 5, sweet Venus will be in your home zone, inspiring you to feather your nest — ideally with a little help from your partner or loved ones. 

You'll breathe a sigh of relief after the 18th, thanks to Mercury ending its retrograde and making it easier to plow ahead on moneymaking projects. However, you could get sidetracked around October 20 when the full moon falls in your intimacy zone, stirring up drama — likely involving joint resources or sex. Sticking with the facts but being unafraid of discussing uncomfortable, dark feelings gets you through. And the good news is that this emotionally heavy moment won't last that long. And from the 23rd to November 21, the confident sun's move through your communication zone will get you off your couch — or your computer — and out into the world more. Action-oriented Mars will be there too from the 30th to December 13, promoting lots of buzzy, social, creative moments, all of which could have you feeling more connected and supported. 


Your season has been in full swing since September 22, but if you felt like it's been a bit chaotic, you're not wrong. Messenger Mercury, retrograde in your sign, has been throwing a wrench in plans and creating confusion, and that trend will continue until at least October 18. Thankfully, you're wired to go with the flow, stay calm, keep the peace, and make the most of moments that a lot of other signs might find purely headache-inducing. And around October 6, when the new moon falls in your sign, you could gain welcome clarity around a long-term vision. Thanks to the presence of gung-ho Mars, this won't feel like a low-key, "journal about it now, and do something about it later" lunar event. Instead, you'll be fired up to take steps toward your endgame STAT. Then, from the 7th to November 5, your ruler, sweet Venus, moves through your communication zone, strengthening your ability to dream up and talk through all the moving parts with friends, loved ones, colleagues.  

But speaking of the people in your life, around the 20th, the full moon lights up your partnership zone, amplifying your already very acute awareness of your needs and the needs of either a S.O., dear friend, or business partner. You'll be challenged to find a way to satisfy both or come up with some other kind of compromise that won't leave either of you feeling mowed over. This lesson could also serve as something of a bridge to Scorpio season, which begins on the 23rd and brings a lot of activity to your money zone. How do you want to bring your skills to the table to maximize the return on your time and energy investment? Are you doing it in a way that feels right intuitively, or are you doing it for the payday and otherwise feeling empty and unfulfilled? With action-oriented Mars, which spends two months in a sign, joining the party on the 30th, you can expect to explore these and similar questions well into December.  


October presents an interesting, almost whiplash-inducing juxtaposition of energies for you, Scorpio, because you kick it off in a very private, reflective way, thanks to the sun moving through your spirituality zone since September 22. But then, it shifts into your sign on the 23rd, and the second half of the month is dedicated to being in the spotlight of your season. One way of thinking about it: being backstage, preparing to bask in the limelight — or, in your case, command the room. And around October 6, the new moon is a key date for reflecting on what you really want to achieve in the coming weeks and months. Because your co-ruler, gung-ho Mars pairs up with the moon, you're not just inspired, you'll be thoroughly fired up to dominate whatever it is you've set your sights on. And anyone who stands in your way better watch out. It's not all heavy-duty power play planning early this month, though, because sweet Venus brings a bit of levity by moving into your money zone, urging you to collaborate with your partner or a dear friend to make progress on moneymaking efforts. 

Around the 20th, when the full moon falls in your routine zone, you could be fed up with what your current hustle looks like, craving more balance and a measured approach to tackling all of the day-to-day to-dos. It's time to break free of patterns and habits that aren't serving you anymore. Then, you can launch into your season on the 23rd with more space for all things new, inspiring, and thoroughly in tune with your sense of self. Action-oriented Mars, your co-ruler, joins forces with the confident sun on the 30th, spending the next two months there, so once you've locked your sights on an ambitious intention, you'll have everything you need to make it a reality. 


The sun's trip through your networking sector kicked off on September 22 and lasts until the middle of the month, so you'll continue to enjoy a whirlwind of activity involving friends, colleagues, and members of your community — particularly those you might not have seen in a while, thanks to messenger Mercury's retrograde happening in the same zone until October 18. This astrological moment is designed to remind you just how much you love being a part of something bigger and outside of yourself, and if there's a collaborative effort that hasn't gotten the attention it deserved previously, now's the perfect time to get back to it with your team. And those highly social vibes will only become more apparent while relationship-oriented Venus moves through your sign from the 7th to November 5, magnifying your desire to put pleasure, adventure, and connection above pretty much anything else.  

And around the 20th, when the full moon lights up your romance zone, you could feel even more defensive of that lighthearted, joyful energy if work seems to be impinging on it so much that you find yourself at a breaking point, motivated to rebel by choosing adventure over mundane responsibilities. Gung-ho Mars will form a harsh square to transformative Pluto in your money zone on the 22nd, and power struggles could be inevitable. After any drama blows up, you could find it therapeutic to carve out more solo time for meditation, journaling, yoga, whatever practice allows you to get in touch with your inner self, work on your shadow side, and cultivate inner peace. This is a crucial step toward making the most of your season, which is right around the corner. 


When the month begins, you'll be thoroughly in the weeds of your most ambitious work efforts, feeling like you're soclose to whichever mountain you've been slowly and steadily climbing, as you are apt to do. This vibe is owed to the confident sun's trip through your career zone, which began on September 22. But if you feel like the accomplishments or vision you've been holding in mind is just out of reach, or slowdowns and delays have been throwing a frustrating wrench in your progress, that's the doing of messenger Mercury in the same sector, requiring more critical thinking, more reevaluation, and more self-reflection. Thankfully, around October 6, when the new moon falls there as well, you can recommit to an ongoing plan with a new perspective and energy or find a different approach, likely with a little help from your friends.

This is all fairly comfortable, familiar territory for you, Cap, but around October 20, when the full moon falls in your home zone, you could be a bit out of your element and frustrated if family drama rears its ugly head and feels like it's going to throw you off-course. Instead of blowing it off and digging your heels in on professional to-dos, consider being completely present emotionally, as that could be the best way to address and heal whatever's coming up once and for all. A few days later, Scorpio season brings a whole new chapter full of socializing and collaboration, because the confident sun will be in your networking zone from the 23rd to November 21 while go-getter Mars joins in from the 30th to December 13. Your best bet for getting ahead: enlisting loved ones, or colleagues. 


As free-spirited and open-minded as you see yourself, Aquarius, you are absolutely a creature of habit, and ever since it kicked off on September 22, Libra season has presented you with an opportunity to learn, grow, and nurture your sense of self with valuable information and experiences. Now, until October 23, you'll continue to experiment and make a point to consider other perspectives and opinions, although the process could be a bit slow, frustrating, and even confusing at times, thanks to messenger Mercury's retrograde in the same zone. Around October 6, the new moon there could inspire you to embrace and pursue a routine, goal, or project that is wholly outside your comfort zone, and the fact that you're even entertaining the idea signifies real progress.    

On the 10th, taskmaster Saturn in your sign ends its five-month retrograde through your sign, and slowly but steadily, you can begin to incorporate what you've learned recently about the power of setting boundaries and working through limitations, restrictions, and challenges. Put another way, any uphill battles you've fought recently — especially those that have been more internal, mental, emotional — are your greatest superpower moving forward. As we shift into Scorpio season, which kicks off on the 23rd, your focus will shift to building your career — not to mention advancement, achievement, and recognition. Because Scorpio's energy is fixed, like yours, you could also suffer from amplified obstinacy during this period, so being aware of that tendency and meeting it with some of that Libran open-mindedness could be the key to expedited — and lasting — success. 



We might think of Libra season as light, airy, partnership-oriented, and sweetly social, but for you, Pisces, the sun is in your intimacy zone, which means you've likely been wading through fairly heavy-duty emotional territory since September 22. It's not necessarily a bad thing; as an empathic, deeply-feeling water sign, you are wired for it, after all. But it can feel like a lot at times, especially with messenger Mercury retrograde there, turning your attention to old emotional wounds and previously unresolved relationship battles. Around October 6, when the new moon falls in the same sector, it'll be possible to think about all of these themes in a more action-oriented way than you have been lately. What can you actually do now to heal more effectively? How do you rewrite the narrative so you're empowered to call the shots in your emotional life?

The second half of the month begins with another dramatic moment hosted by the moon. Around October 20, the full moon in your money zone brings power struggles and issues of give-and-take to the surface. You'll want to reflect on who you show up for, who's showing up for you, and how those dynamics might need to change so that you get the return on your investment that you deserve. On the 23rd, we shift into Scorpio season, and if you weren't already feeling emboldened to take control of your destiny and shake things up, the sun's — as well as action-oriented Mars' — time in your adventure zone could be a game-changer. You're a master of tuning into your intuition and heart, but from the end of the month until mid-December, you might find it easier to also trust and follow them.

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