Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for October

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My bold Archers, this is quite a powerful October for you! You naturally have an expansive view of your goals and dreams, but the universe is giving you an important change in perspective this month. On October 6, there’s a New Moon in Libra in your eleventh house of future vision and hopes. This is also the area ruling over your connections, social media, and the internet. Expect a shift in finances, perhaps through an endeavor online, or a new opportunity to earn some money could come into your sphere of influence through a past connection. It would be wise to network during this time!

It’s important to remember that Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde in Libra until October 17. Be careful of what you say or put out on social media at this time. Miscommunications, intense bouts with trolls, or errors can all go down until Mercury turns direct. To avoid this tense energy, take a step back instead to relook at ideas, pause before sending emails or DMs, change your messaging, or restructure your ideas. Another thing, too: There is a shadow period, and the retro-haze won’t fully wind down until November 2. Be mindful until then, my Sagittarius queen!

As the month progresses, there is a Full Moon on October 20 in your fellow fire sign of Aries. A Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky. This lunar energy is initiating change in the realm of your self-expression, creativity, and romance. A new romantic fling can deepen, or you can start to revive the fun in your current one. This is also a time to bring in new projects, creative opportunities, or ideas that can be expansive and positive for you in the future. Move forward with authenticity, Sag.

Libra season will end Scorpio season will begin on October 23, when the Sun will move into your hidden twelfth house and start to oppose Uranus in Taurus retrograde in your work sector. This planetary connection is bringing the flavor of change to Scorpio season. Expect sudden shifts in your daily routine, the type of work that you do, contracts, and how you articulate yourself to others. Self-care and taking care of your wellness will also be beneficial for you at this time.

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