Zara Larsson Shocked to Find Out She Earns $1 Million From Selling Merchandise on Video Game

The ‘Poster Girl’ singer admits her ‘jaw dropped’ when she finds out the huge amount of money she made for offering fans the chance to dress up their video game avatars in her outfit.

AceShowbizZara Larsson has made more than $1 million (£740,000) since she started selling virtual merchandise on video game platform Roblox in May (21).

The “Symphony” singer admitted her “jaw dropped” when she heard the staggering amount she had made by offering fans the chance to dress up their Roblox avatars in Zara Larsson hats, backpacks, and sunglasses.

Zara first teamed up with Roblox in May when she hosted a virtual “dance party” within the game and enjoyed huge success with her merchandise – which started from 60 Robux ($0.90, £0.67) and rose to 400 Robux ($6.68, £4.95) if fans wanted their avatars to look like her.

However, the Swedish star told the BBC that the merchandise was initially just an afterthought.

“I didn’t really think much about it. It wasn’t really the motivation for the concert. I just wanted to connect with fans,” she said.

Now, she’s keen to explore different ways of making money through the platform, as she admitted that it can be difficult for artists to earn a living solely through fans’ streaming purchases.

“We all know this,” she sighed. “Streaming services don’t pay the most.”

The singer is currently working on her new studio album. She returned to the studio for the next installment, only a few months after launching her new LP “Poster Girl”.

She wanted to release new album every year as she likened releasing her latest record, which came three years after the predecessor, to starting her career again.

“That momentum is not there. I’m not Rihanna. People won’t wait like that in the pop world. The pop world moves fast.”

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