Why Things Will Never Be the Same for The CW's Arrowverse


Major changes are afoot in the Arrowverse.

As Arrow, its namesake and flagship show, comes to an end this month, a whole new world has opened up for the remaining shows in the form of one singular universe where all the shows are now set together.

Up until the recent crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, most of the CW’s superhero shows have stayed fairly separate most of the season. Black Lightning and Supergirl both took place on their own earths, and The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow shared an earth but stuck to themselves as much as possible. Now, all that has changed. Supergirl, Black Lightning, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, the upcoming Superman & Lois, and the exiting Arrow all exist on the same Earth-Prime, a world where everybody knows about all of the superheroes, and those heroes have come together to form a sort of super team.

This new world not only makes those crossovers a little easier to explain, but it also gave all the shows a chance to reinvent themselves in a way that none of them have had the chance to do before.

“This is what I’ve been waiting for for quite a while, because I saw it coming in season five when we did Elseworlds,” The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace tells E! News. “We got done at the end of Elseworlds and it became very obvious, and we all kind of looked at each other, all the showrunners, going, wait a minute, are we doing Crisis next? What is going on? We’re not really doing that, right? And then [Greg Berlanti] went, so yeah, and then we’re gonna do Crisis, and we went, oh wow, oh man, everything’s about to change.”


For Arrow, which has just two episodes left in its run, it means yes, the city did get saved. The show has been spending parts of the past two seasons in the year 2040, where Oliver and Felicity’s daughter Mia (Kat McNamara) grew up with neither of her parents and has been working with her own team to sort of follow in her father’s footsteps in a city that’s still riddled with crime and darkness. In the next episode, the first after the crossover, Mia grew up in a very different world, with a perfect life alongside her mother and brother in a city that is no longer so bleak, and is thriving after the sacrifice Oliver (Stephen Amell) made in the crossover.

The episode serves as a backdoor pilot for a spinoff centered around Mia, Dinah (Julia Harkavy), and Laurel (Katie Cassidy), and the events of the crossover actually make the spinoff possible by rebooting Mia’s character and sending her back to her own time with a new life, alongside even some of her friends who had once died, and one supervillain-turned-boyfriend-turned-fiancé.  

“In this new, reset reality, in 2040, everything has been perfect,” McNamara told us. “There’s been no crime and hardship for all of Mia’s life, and she’s been raised in a world where she hasn’t really known much sadness or trauma or darkness in any way, other than the fact that her father hasn’t been a part of her life.”

The CW

That’s a major change for a character who we met in the middle of a cage fight two seasons ago, and she’s not the only one with a new life in this new world. Series finale photos show the return of Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen, who’s dead, as well as Sea Shinooka as Emiko Queen, who’s also dead as far as we know.

Legends of Tomorrow returned this week with the twist that the previously unknown Legends are now all famous on Earth-Prime, though they quickly got up to their usual wild time shenanigans in the midst of their fame, and on Black Lightning, Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) was thrilled to tell his friends that Superman is real, though no one else seemed to have a clue he had even gone anywhere.   

Batwoman, which returned on Sunday, brought a new, non-evil version of Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) long-lost sister Beth (Rachel Skarsten) into her life, and Supergirl wrestled with way too many versions of Brainy (Jesse Rath) while establishing what, exactly, a DEO run by Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) even looks like.  

Supergirl had already showed off some of its biggest changes when we first met Earth-Prime in the fifth hour of the crossover. National City was the first taste we got of Earth-Prime, and the differences were fairly major and alarming.

“It’s a lot the same, but the differences are striking,” executive producer Robert Rovner told E! News. “And it’s a lot for our core group to get used to, especially with Lex being perceived as Earth’s hero in the world we’ve returned to. It’s really turned everything on its head for our characters.”

“For instance,” added executive producer Jessica Queller, “Lillian Luthor wears pale pink and is a philanthropist, so those are the types of details that are a little bit mind-boggling.”

Rovner and Queller say they saw the reset as an opportunity, especially with Lex Luthor being previously dead.


“We thought it would be a great way to bring Lex Luthor back, and especially to make him able to integrate into our world with our characters in a much more present way,” Rovner said. “You know, in the past he’s been a villain and he’s somebody we want to stay away from, but now they have to be in the same office with him and interact with him kind of moment by moment, trying to figure out what he’s really up to, while he pretends to the world that he’s the greatest guy, and we have to then applaud him, and it’s a great, wonderful, delicious dynamic that we get.”

The reset didn’t just affect the Luthors. Brainy is a new man and he’s on Team Lex after uniting with a few Brainy doppelgangers who found their way in through a Crisis-related wormhole, and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) is making his return, though it seems like it might be the very wrong version of him.

Plus, everyone in National City now lives in a world that also knows about Star City, and Central City, and Gotham, and all the heroes that live in those cities.

“What was different this year is that it’s the first time the crossover really informed the fabric of the storytelling for the second half of the year,” Queller said. “It’s not so much that we refer to the other heroes, the other cities that often, but it’s the first time that the crossover really substantively changed the lives of our main characters in our show.”

“We do reference them more than we have in the past, and we have a very fun nod to them in our second episode back,” Rovner added.

Supergirl is taking these first few episodes back to “settle in with Earth-Prime, but then after its 100th episode airs in a few weeks, things will be sort of back to normal, or “back on the train” as Queller says, for a back half of the season featuring returns, guests, twists, and Tom Lennon as shapeshifting trixster Mxyzptlk. Queller calls him “one of the most delightful things we’ve ever done on this show.”

In the end, it’s still Supergirl, just with a few tweaks.

The CW

“That’s been the greatest part of the rebirth of our earth is that we’ve been able to switch things up, maybe correct some mistakes that we made in the past, hopefully, and take advantage of the anomalies in our world, illuminate some of the backstory and drive our story moving forward,” Rovner said.

“The heart of the show is very much intact, and it doesn’t feel like a whole new show. It just feels slightly altered in a surreal way, but it still feels very much like home, and very familiar, and not jarring, really,” said Queller. “I think the fans will be happy.”

And then we have The Flash, which has been leading up to the Crisis that was supposed to make Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) go missing for its entire run. Unlike with Supergirl, Wallace would actually describe The Flash as “two shows: pre-Crisis, and post-Crisis.”

“The first six and a half seasons are one long story, essentially,” he told us. “Because the journey began way back in the pilot when we saw that newspaper [about Barry’s disappearance]. We saw what was coming. We saw at the end of season five when the newspaper changed to 2019, and then we finished that by leading up to season six, and then the Crisis event, and then we’re in a completely different world now, the world of Earth-Prime, and what that means is it’s a whole new show.”

Wallace says he looks at season six as a “transition” because of the new things they tried, but “the real changes begin with episode 6×10, with graphic novel number two, and they just start right out of the gate.”

Those changes include guests from the rest of the Arrowverse, and commentary within the show about how to deal with this new world everybody’s living in.


“The fact that everything they knew isn’t necessarily correct anymore is going to affect Team Flash very personally—very, very personally—immediately in graphic novel number two.”

The Flash has always been the most connected to the multi-verse of all the shows, with a different Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) appearing to join the team nearly every season. Cisco’s powers, when he had them, were also extremely connected to the multi-verse, all of which is something the show has to reckon with in a way that made Wallace laugh hard, almost maniacally.

“Will we not get multiple Wells anymore? One would think that we shouldn’t, right? But boy, boy oh boy, are you gonna like this…I’m not gonna spoil it, but you should watch what’s about to happen, because we just unleashed the crazy.”

Wallace has been thinking for a year and a half about how the changes would look after Crisis.

“That’s why literally, from episode 610 onward, that’s front and center, that’s the plot of 610. Whoa, what world are we in? I don’t recognize it anymore. And Barry Allen is like, well I’m the Flash. I used to have kind of a handle on things. Maybe I don’t have a handle on things anymore. And how’s that gonna affect him? Because he thought he had this hero thing pretty much down, so Crisis came in and shook everything up.”

Wallace says it’s “almost a brand new world” for Barry.

“No spoilers, but I will say the fallout from Crisis is something that not only the audience isn’t going to see coming, but Barry Allen is never going to see coming. And that’s the story of the second half of The Flash. That is Barry Allen’s journey in the second half of the fallout of Crisis and it’s big, and it’s epic, and everything will change. And I mean, everything changes by the end of graphic novel number two. It’s a different show, in the best way.”

We’ll have to wait a couple weeks to find out exactly what that means, but so far, this brave new world has felt like fresh air, and we can only imagine what else it has in store.

Stay tuned for more ahead of the midseason premiere of The Flash, which airs Tuesday, February 4 on The CW.

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Hallmark Channel Chief Bill Abbott Stepping Down In Wake Of Ad Controversy

Crown Media Family Networks CEO Bill Abbot is stepping down, barely a month after the Hallmark Channel’s handling of a same-sex ad created controversy.

Abbott’s last day at the company will be Friday. In a press release confirming the news, parent Hallmark Cards Inc. did not allude to the backlash over the treatment of the ad, which was pulled and then restored days later. But insiders tell Deadline it prompted the top exec’s exit.

“After 11 years, Bill Abbott, president and CEO of Crown Media is leaving the company,” said Mike Perry, president and CEO of Hallmark Cards, Inc. in the release. “I want to thank Bill for his many years of success and contributions to Crown Media and wish him continued success.”

The ad, which began airing in early December, is for Zola.com, a wedding planning and registry company. It shows two women exchanging vows and later kissing to celebrate their nuptials. Conservative groups One Million Moms attacked the ad for not being “family-friendly.” After it was pulled, Hallmark faced an outcry. According to people familiar with the internal discussions, many people at the network expressed their preference for restoring the ad quickly, while Abbott went against their wishes and kept it off the air.

Before the storm over the ad, Abbott presided over a period of growth and visibility for Hallmark and its smaller sibling outlets. Christmas programming and regular opportunities for seasoned A-list stars continued to attract viewer and press attention for Hallmark on Abbott’s watch.

Perry expressed confidence in the team staying on to run the company’s media networks, saying he would personally lead a search for a new CEO.

“In a time when there is immense competition among television networks and streaming services, it is more important than ever that we find relevant new ways to grow our business and continue to produce high quality programming that resonates with our growing audience,” Perry said.

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Mum’s anger at being left to shiver with son for 24 hours after boiler breaks

A furious mum-of-two says her and her son were left shivering for 24 hours after being left with no heating or hot water.

Nicola Dickens, from Aplsey in Nottingham, is unimpressed with the amount of time it took an engineer to show up after her boiler broke down on a freezing cold night.

The 50-year-old, who has multiple health problems that affect her mobility and her day-to-day life, contacted Nottingham City Homes (NCH) on Monday morning after she woke to find the boiler had broken down overnight.

But she said by the following morning no one had turned up and she was unable to get in contact with anyone who could help, Nottingham Live reports.

She said: "The boiler kept tripping meaning there was no heating or hot water.

  • Energy bill mistake that's costing you an extra £87 a year – for no good reason

  • All of the areas that now qualify for a Cold Weather Payment discount

"I tried to ring NCH but I couldn't get through, so I called their complaints team who also tried to speak to someone.

"I know they have 24 hours to respond, unless its an emergency, but me and my family were left all night without heating.

"Why give it 24 hours when they don't even do it?"

Mrs Dickens is taking medication for bipolar and anxiety, suffers an irregular heartbeat and has two slipped discs which causes her painful sciatica.

Her 12-year-old son Bradley Dickens also has type 1 diabetes.

  • "Catastrophic" state of crumbling hospitals as NHS faces £6bn repair backlog

Mrs Dickens said as she didn't know if anyone was coming to repair the boiler she had to wait at home and rely on a portable heater and boil hot water in the kitchen to use in the bathroom.

She said: "My son is diabetic and he had to stay home from school because he was so cold from the night, his blood sugars were very low.

"He is just trying to stay warm in bed.

"I just feel as though I'm hitting my head against a brick wall. I feel that upset, I just don't know what to do.

"I just think it's unbelievable how they can ignore people."

NCH have apologised for the delay after there was an issue with the report being passed on and Mrs Dickens boiler was fixed on Tuesday afternoon.

Delroy Beverley, director of construction, repairs and maintenance services at NCH, said: “We’re really sorry that there was a delay responding to Ms Dickens and we understand it must have been very difficult without heating or hot water.

"It appears there was an issue with the report being assigned to engineers through our systems, and we’re urgently looking into why that was the case to ensure no other resident is in a similar predicament.

“In the meantime, we’ve contacted Ms Dickens to apologise for this. We’ve been out today to fix the problem and she is delighted that the heating and hot water are now fully working.”

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Kim Kardashian’s Morning Family Madness Is the Perfect Picture

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Family comes first. 

It doesn’t get any better than a morning spent eating breakfast with your family, and that’s what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are showing the world with their cute new pic. The busy parents of four are always traveling the world working on their latest projects, but they always make time for their young ones. 

Kim posted a picture eating breakfast with her hubby and their four kids North West, Saint West, Psalm West and Chicago West. She captioned the sweet photo “Morning Madness.” From the looks of it, there is nothing wrong with a little extra madness in your morning. 

Kim and Kanye have been very open about prioritizing their relationship with their kids and each other. Kim recently revealed a sweet gift from Kanye that says it all. “He took an amazing vintage…Cartier gold plaque necklace and had it sketched out. He’s always the most thoughtful when it comes to gifts,” Kim tweeted alongside a picture of the necklace that Kanye had engraved with a sweet text he once sent her. 

“This is your life. Married with four kids. Get people out of jail. Cover of Vogue. Go to church every week with your family. Dreams come true,” the message read. Well, she can add big, adorable family breakfasts to that list as well. Clearly, these two are living their best lives. 

View this post on Instagram

Morning Madness

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

View this post on Instagram

Morning Madness

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim also recently revealed another fun detail about her family. When it came to naming her daughter North, it was Jay Leno who inspired her decision. “I actually got it from Jay Leno, who made that as a joke,” she revealed to her sister Kylie Jenner in a video. “And I was like, ‘No way, I would never name my daughter that.’ Like, I said that on his show. Everyone was coming up to me like, ‘It’s such a cool name. You should really think about it.’ And then Pharrell had, like, all these meanings.” The rest is history! 

A picture perfect morning in the West household! 

Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns spring 2020, only on E!

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The Chase: ‘Get her on The Apprentice’ Fans amazed by player’s win after taking £50 offer

The Chase welcomed four new contestants to the podium tonight in a bid to take home the jackpot against The Beast. Neil, Carol, Andy and Ellie were up and three of them managed to make it through to the Final Chase. However fans couldn’t help but comment on the fact contestant Ellie managed to take home a huge sum of over £4,000 after gaining just £50 in her head-to head.

Last night’s edition of The Chase saw the players fail to win big as they were caught by Anne Hegerty with just five seconds remaining. 

The latest instalment saw the team hope to fare better, and three of the team successfully made it through to the Final Chase.

Carol, Andy and Ellie were delighted after they managed to get 19 steps ahead of Mark as he proceeded to make a series of slip ups on his return, handing them the victory.

The trio went home with a share of the total £12,050 prize and fans were left impressed by one contestant in particular who managed to up their share of the prize pot after winning just £50 in the head-to-head.


  • Bradley Walsh net worth: Doctor Who star’s impressive fortune revealed

Ellie was second to take on the cash builder but only answered one question correctly. 

The Beast offered her £50 and £50,000 as her low and high offers, whilst being able to stick with £1,000 if she chose to do so. 

She decided to take the low offer, telling host Bradley Walsh: “I want to get back, I’m going for the 50, 50 pounds.” 

Mark agreed with her decision, saying: “If you get less than four in the cash-builder you should wipe the middle offer from your mind.

“Go high or go low in my opinion,” he added. 

The contestant managed to get through to the Final Chase alongside two of the other players this evening as they took on Mark for a final time.

They managed a respectable 19 steps ahead between the three of them, however it looked unlikely they would win after The Beast hadn’t answered a single question wrong. 

However, he gave the team seven attempts to pushback after a few mistakes on his return, eventually handing them the victory. 

Fans couldn’t help but comment on contestant Ellie’s win this evening as she proved herself in the Final Chase after her poor cash-builder round. 

One viewer tweeted: “Bad day at the office for the beast, Ellie earned her share at the end #TheChase.”

The Chase: Fans slam contestant for taking minus £4,000 offer [VIEWER REACTION]
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“Huge respect to Ellie, only got one right in the cash builder but saved the team in the end #TheChase.” 

A third wrote: “Ellie put £50 in the pot but made over £4k!! Get her on the f****** Apprentice!!  #TheChase.”

“She played smart. No harm in that & at least it wasn’t a minus! #thechase,” agreed another viewer. 

Fans were left delighted by the win after a tense Final Chase with one saying: “Nothing gets the blood pumping more than a chase like that #scenes #TheChase.”


  • The Chase: Fans rage as Anne Hegerty allowed win after question blu…

“Beating the beast no mean feat #TheChase,” praised another. 

Bradley said after their win: “Seven attempts to push back, six executed, The Chaser needed five.”

“I did it to myself… Ellie aren’t you glad you went low now? If Neil had taken the low offer, he’d be sharing now,” concluded Mark. 

As The Chase returns with four new players tomorrow, will they manage to take home the jackpot for the second day in a row?

The Chase returns tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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Nan’s epic rant refusing to be ‘automatic babysitter’ for daughter’s children

A grandmother has gone on an epic rant at her daughter saying she's not an automatic babysitter.

Quayla Ann filmed her mother, who appears to have been at home with her baby grandchildren all day, as her daughter arrives home.

She explodes into an epic rant, telling Quayla Ann, what she thinks before leaving the children's mother to take over.

She says: "Because I became a grandparent doesn't automatically make me the babysitter, or a daycare.

"True grandparents are supposed to raise their children right so where y'all start having kids y'all can financially provide for your own children, and secure their daycare, so you can go to work, so you can go out, you can do anything else.

WARNING: Video below contains strong language

Woman, 21, dismembered and placed in plastic bag in brutal 'sex hotel' murder

  • Man charged with stabbing boy, 10, and attempted murder of three others

"True grandparents are supposed to be able to call their grandkids, y'all supposed to come over and visit."

The gran from Texas, USA adds: "Everybody's time is valuable. We have our own life. We worked very hard to get everybody out of the house. Why would we want to raise your kids and keep your kids?

"We are supposed to be gardening, going to the senior citizens place, bingo, and all that other f*****g s**t.

"What do you think we raised y'all for, to take care of y'all kids.

"You see what it is, y'all think we should do that as you got a sense of entitlement. You all think just because I'm the grandma that you're supposed to push your kids off on me. But that's not how it goes."

Her four-minute monologue was later uploaded to YouTube and appears to have resonated with many fellow grandparents, who feel her pain.

The clip has already been watched more than 803,000 times, since it was uploaded at the end of December.

One commenter said: "This woman just stated all the facts."

While another added: "She is right. She raised her kids already."

And a third added: "This needs to be a public service announcement. This lady is preaching and keeping it 100!!"

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The Masked Singer boss spills all on shock costume secret: ‘We’re strict about it’

Teddy Sheringham was the latest celebrity to be unmasked after dressing as the Tree and singing Evergreen by Will Young at the weekend. Now bosses have revealed a strict backstage rule regarding the contestant’s costumes. With some of the celebrities reportedly suffering from “crippling claustrophobia” the bosses were forced to implement a strict rule when it came to each outfit.

Viewers know by now The Masked Singer sees numerous celebrities take to the stage to sing something for the judges. 

However, the judges don’t know who the celebrities are as they are dressed in extravagant outfits and the judges have to guess based on clues. 

But in order to keep everyone’s identity hidden, bosses have gone to extreme lengths with the costumes.

Teddy has revealed no one truly knows who the celebrities are before or during the competition, not even ITV staff.

READ MORE: The Masked Singer UK spoilers: Who have the judges guessed so far?


  • The Masked Singer star admits they’re ‘delighted’ to be kicked off

He told Express.co.uk: “I got picked up from my house in a car and then we had to put on a balaclava and crash helmet and big hoodie top that said ‘Don’t speak to me.’

“As we turned up at the place where we did the filming we weren’t allowed to speak to anyone.”

Bosses from the new ITV show have now gone one step further and revealed why they had to create such a strict costume rule. 

Executive producer Derek McLean told The Sun: “The stars were only allowed in their costumes for 20 minutes.

“We took inspiration from Disney. That’s how long Minnie and Mickey Mouse can be in their costumes before going doolally.”

He continued: “We ended up being quite strict about it. You don’t want celebrities in costumes going crazy all over the place.”

The news comes just days after producers revealed when Queen Bee stepped into their costume for the first time, they suffered from “crippling claustrophobia”. 

Furthermore, the celebrities are given a code-name when it comes to their character.

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Alan Johnson was Stamp and ex-EastEnders star Patsy Palmer was Square.

Derek continued: “It was written into their contracts that they couldn’t tell anyone, even their families, what was going on.

“In the end, they were as worried about their secret getting out as we were.”

He added: “And as much as the costumes took a bit of getting used to, they all loved them in the end and wanted to keep them.


  • The Masked Singer: ‘I would have been exposed’ Star speaks out

“Justin really struggled with his mask at first because he’s used to moving the microphone while he’s singing and he wasn’t able to do that.”

Elsewhere on The Masked Singer, the chameleon, who was revealed to be The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins, said he was forced to keep the secret for six months. 

Talking to Express.co.uk he explained his costume was the most difficult part of the show for him: “The weight of the battery pack on the back actually wasn’t that different to holding a guitar so I got used to that.

“The really difficult part was the helmet because my neck was exposed so that had to be covered and I’m really not used to singing with anything restricting my neck.

“And we had to cover my chin, so really, up to my mouth, I was completely covered in spandex.

“The only patch that wasn’t covered and allowed me to live through the experience was my face and that was covered in paper mache.”

The Masked Singer continues on ITV on Saturday at 7pm.

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Kate Middleton Wears a Zara Leopard Skirt at the Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre

The Duchess of Cambridge is not letting the maelstrom surrounding Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan stop her from performing her royal duties.

This morning, she was all smiles as she visited the Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre as part of a 24-hour tour promoting a national survey on early childhood development. Her first stop was at MiniBrum at Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum yesterday, where, along with market research firm Ipsos MORI and the Royal Foundation, she posited “5 big questions on the under 5s” to get a better understanding of child rearing in Britain.

As a mom of three, one of whom will be the future King of England, the cause is clearly near and dear to the duchess’s heart. And by visiting institutions like the Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre, she can gain greater insight on how babies and toddlers can best be serviced.

“I see amazing work you’re doing here in so many areas,” she said at the center. “It’s just bringing it to light. The critical work you’re doing has a massive social—and economic—impact later down the years.”

Of course, her outfit was perfectly suited for the occasion. She wore a black turtleneck and camel Chesterfield coat by Massimo Dutti (a brand that has infiltrated the wardrobes of a number of royals), with a pleated leopard-print skirt by Zara. It was a look that made a statement but didn’t distract from the issues.

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30 gifts to buy for yourself for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day isn’t about showcasing your love for someone else – it’s about celebrating love in all its glory, and most importantly showing yourself some love. 

Whether you indulge in your favourite film, your favourite bottle of wine or with one of these celebratory buys, make sure Valentine’s Day is all about you

Yes, Valentine’s Day is about love for your significant other, but there’s nothing to say that you can’t treat yourself, whether you’re coupled up or not.

And what better way celebrate the fabulous being that you are, than treating yourself to something indulgent and beautiful this 14 February? From a pampering day to a fancy nightgown, this is Stylist.co.uk’s selection of the best things you can gift yourself this Valentine’s day. 

  • Chaos’ Alphabet Balloon charm

    A balloon-like letter to celebrate yourself.

    Alphabet Balloon Charm, Chaos, £50.

    Buy Chaos’ Alphabet Balloon charm here

  • Nobody’s Child’s midi dress

    The party dress, otherwise known as the perfect excuse to go out more.

    Green Animal Jacquard Siri Midi Dress, Nobody’s Child, £38.

    Buy Nobody’s Child’s midi dress here

  • STOW x Emma J Shipley’s tech case

    The travel case loved by Meghan Markle and, soon, by you.

    The Kruger Mini First Class Leather Tech Case, STOW x Emma J Shipley, £395.

    Buy STOW x Emma J Shipley’s tech case here

  • Smeg’s milk frother

    A designer milk frother to make your morning latte in style.

    Milk frother, Smeg, £151.

    Buy Smeg’s milk frother here

  • Buly’s embellishing lip care

    The personalised lip balm that fits in your pocket.

    Embellishing lip care, Buly, £30.

    Buy Buly’s embellishing lip care here

  • OKA’s candle holders

    Fancy candle holders to feel all grown up.

    Pair of Lakadema Leopard Candle Holders, OKA, £45.

    Buy OKA’s candle holders here

  • aeydē’s earrings

    A beautiful pair of earring because, why not?

    Ashley earrings, aeydē, £106 (depending on exchange rate from euros).

    Buy aeydē’s earrings here

  • HOKA ONE ONE trainers

    White trainers because they are the ultimate useful gift.

    Trainers, HOKA ONE ONE x Opening Ceremony x Bondi, £160.

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  • KITRI’s mini dress

    A gorgeous faux-leather dress so you can start power dressing in 2020.

    Button-through faux-leather mini dress, KITRI, £175.

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  • OKA’s velvet gift set

    A velvet travel set to make you feel like a princess, even in a hostel.

    Quilted Velvet gift set, OKA, £75.

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  • Chaos’ charm hand hug

    In 2020, who doesn’t need a personalised phone case?

    Charm Hand Hug, Chaos, from £185.

    Buy Chaos’ charm hand hug here

  • Gilda and Pearl’s slip dress

    Whoever said you don’t need a fancy silk slip if you are single has never seen this gorgeous Gilda and Pearl creation.

    Mia slip, Gilda and Pearl, £600.

    Buy Gilda and Pearl’s slip dress here

  • Silhouette’s sunglasses

    The sun will be shining soon enough, so it’s the perfect time to get your hands on a brand new pair of sunglasses.

    Titan Breeze sunglasses, Silhouette, £245.

    Buy Silhouette’s sunglasses here

  • Charlotte Chesnais x Byredo’s limited edition bracelet

    The whole Charlotte Chesnais x Byredo jewellery collection is dreamy but this bracelet has a certain je ne sais quoi.

    Limited edition bracelet, Charlotte Chesnais x Byredo, price upon request.

    Buy Charlotte Chesnais x Byredo’s limited edition bracelet here

  • Lipault’s belt bag

    The everyday bag that is small but fits everything you need.

    Belt bag Jet, Lipault, £69.

    Buy Lipault’s belt bag here

  • American Tourister’s spinner

    The suitcase that is just a great investment.

    Alumo Spinner in rose gold, American Tourister, £395.

    Buy American Tourister’s spinner here

  • Three Graces London’s wrap dress

    The dress to get ready for summer (no, it’s never too early).

    Clarissa V-neck cotton wrap dress, Three Graces London, £475.

    Buy Three Graces London’s wrap dress here

  • A whole day to yourself

    The pampering day you deserve.

    What’s best than book yourself for a full day of self-care? Find a place that offers different wellness experiences and book them all on the same day for a beauty full immersion. In London, Marylebone village boasts a series of fantastic offers: from a pedicure at Margaret Dabbs, a yoga class and a massage at Third Space to a facial at John Bell and Croyden. 

    Buy a pampering day at Marylebone village here

  • Luluguinness’ clutch

    The cute party clutch that you will want to wear everyday.

    Heart clutch, Luluguinness, £195.

    Buy Luluguinness’ clutch here

  • Missoma’s medallion

    The statement necklace that is worth every pound. 

    Lucy Williams gold Apollo medallion necklace, Missoma, £189.

    Buy Missoma’s medallion here

  • Eberjey’s pyjamas

    The comfiest pyjamas that make you want to never leave your bed.

    Gisele jersey pyjama set, Eberjey, £120.

    Buy Eberjey’s pyjamas here

  • Diptyque’s candle

    The hidden message to yourself, tucked in a luxurious candle.

    Diptyque’s Marylebone store allows to write a message to yourself, which will be hidden inside a capsule plunged into the wax of a candle of your choice. You’ll find the message once you’ll burn the candle for an hour or so. A chicer version of writing a letter to your future self.

    Candles at Diptyque start from £27.

    Buy Diptyque’s candle here

  • L’OBJET’s bath salts

    The ultimate self-care treat: a bottle of relaxing bath salts.

    Rose Noire Bath Salt, L’OBJET, £60.

    Buy L’OBJET’s bath salts now

  • Wolford’s ensemble

    The fancy lingerie to feel glam even in your knickers.

    Elsa bra and high-waisted panty, Wolford, £215.

    Buy Wolford’s ensemble here

  • Laurent-Perrier’s limited edition Cuvée Rosé

    The limited edition champagne to sip while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath.

    Laurent-Perrier’s limited edition Cuvée Rosé robe is available at Selfridges for £79.99 (75cl).

    Buy Laurent-Perrier’s limited edition Cuvée Rosé here

  • Seletti x Toilet Paper’s mirror

    The designer piece of furniture that will transform our bathroom.

    Mirror, Seletti x Toilet Paper available at YOOX.com, £26.

    Buy Seletti x Toilet Paper’s mirror here

  • Victoria + Albert Baths’ Tombolo bath rack

    A bath rack with not one but two champagne flute holders – yes, please.

    Tombolo Bath Rack, Victoria + Albert Baths, £300.

    Buy Victoria + Albert Baths’ Tombolo bath rack here

  • Google’s Pixelbook Go

    A brand new handbag-friendly laptop in a bright, happy colour. 

    Google Pixelbook Go, Google, £629.

    Buy Google Pixelbook Go here

  • RIMOWA x Apartamento Book Set

    The book set that will inspire you to transform your flat. 

    RIMOWA x Apartamento Book Set, £88.

    Buy RIMOWA x Apartamento book set here

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian L’eau à la rose

    The perfume that will make you feel special.

    L’eau à la rose, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, £150.00 exclusive to Selfridges.

    Buy Maison Francis Kurkdjian L’eau A la rose here

Pictures: provided by brands

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Netflix in February: Here's Everything Coming and Going

From the “To All the Boys” sequel film to “Locke and Key”

It’s another Sundance Film Festival of slopes, snow, stars and sales. That’s right, the market at the Sundance Film Festival is gearing up yet again with some buzzy titles among those just premiering at the festival and those in competition. And after last year produced some mega deals for movies like “Late Night,” “The Farewell” and “Brittany Runs a Marathon” to name just a few, these are the features and documentaries TheWrap will be keeping an eye on while in Park City.

All Photos Courtesy of Sundance Institute

  • “The 40-Year-Old Version”

    No, it’s not the Steve Carell movie. Radha Blank wrote, directed and stars in this highly personal film about what it really looks like to be a struggling actress at age 40 when she leaves the world of community theater and records a rap demo track. The film marks Blank’s directorial debut and is shot in New York entirely in black and white. “Queen & Slim” scribe Lena Waithe is a producer on the film, and “The 40-Year-Old Version” is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Eric Branco

  • “Bad Hair”

    Justin Simien’s follow-up to his thought-provoking conversation piece “Dear White People” is set in LA in 1989 about a group of enterprising women trying to climb the ladder and be the next star of a music video TV show, all while battling in a war of words and dreadlocks. Elle Lorraine, Vanessa Williams, Jay Pharoah, Lena Waithe, Blair Underwood and Laverne Cox all star in this satirical, psychological thriller that’s debuting in the midnight section of the festival.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute

  • “Black Bear”

    “Black Bear” stars Aubrey Plaza, Christopher Abbott and Sarah Gadon in a drama about a couple who welcomes an aspiring filmmaker into their remote lake house, only to be wrapped up in a game of desire, manipulation and jealousy in the filmmaker’s pursuit of art. The film is directed and written by Lawrence Michael Levine and will premiere in the NEXT section of the festival.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Rob Leitzell

  • “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen”

    In “Disclosure,” trans director Sam Feder sits down with Hollywood’s other leaders and thinkers in the trans community like Laverne Cox, Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford, Mj Rodriguez, Jamie Clayton and Chaz Bono. The documentary grapples with the history of trans characters in TV and movies, going way back to “Dog Days Afternoon” and “Boys Don’t Cry” up through FX’s “Pose.”

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute

  • “Four Good Days”

    Glenn Close reunites with her director on “Albert Nobbs,” Rodrigo Garcia, for this drama in which Close plays a mother who gets a surprise visit from her estranged, drug addict daughter (Mila Kunis). Close’s character is resistant to give her daughter another chance after years of failed rehab and lying, but something about this time feels different.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Igor Jadue Lillo

  • “The Glorias”

    Julianne Moore stars in Julie Taymor’s biopic “The Glorias” about the journalist and feminist icon Gloria Steinem. But she’s just one of five women playing Steinem at different stages of her journey in Taymor’s unconventional approach to adapting Steinem’s memoir “Life on the Road.” Alicia Vikander, Janelle Monáe, Timothy Hutton, Lulu Wilson, Lorraine Toussaint and Bette Midler all star in the film.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute

  • “The Go-Go’s”

    This documentary’s got the beat as it goes behind the scenes of one of the defining pop punk girl groups of the 1980s, The Go-Gos. The film from director Alison Ellwood reunites founding band members Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin during their early days in the Los Angeles punk rock scene up through their hit-making, MTV success and turn to fame, drugs and alcohol.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Paul Natkin

  • “Ironbark”

    Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this drama set during the Cold War-era and Cuban Missile Crisis about a mild-mannered businessman called upon by the British government to help uncover a Soviet mole. Jessie Buckley, Rachel Brosnahan and Angus Wright co-star. This is just the second feature film from Dominic Cooke after his 2017 film “On Chesil Beach.”

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute

  • “The Nest”

    In what is incredibly only Sean Durkin’s second feature film since he won the directing prize from Sundance for “Martha Marcy May Marlene” in 2011, “The Nest” stars Jude Law and Carrie Coon as two ex-pats who leave suburban America for London in the 1980s. The two-handed character drama shows how their relationship slowly simmers and boils over as they try to manage their new, lavish lifestyle in England.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute

  • “The Night House”

    Playing in the midnight section of the festival, this horror film from director David Bruckner stars Rebecca Hall as a woman living alone in a lakeside home following the recent death of her husband. The film is an updated take on a traditional ghost story as Hall experiences dreams that drive her to find answers about her husband’s past. Sarah Goldberg and Stacy Martin co-star.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Elisha Christian

  • “On the Record”

    The latest documentary from the directors of “The Hunting Ground” and “The Invisible War” is back on the market after Oprah Winfrey removed herself as an executive producer from the project and pulled the film from debuting on Apple TV+. Winfrey specifically felt the need to step aside from the movie because directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering wanted to show the film at Sundance before Winfrey felt it was complete. “On the Record” follows music executive Drew Dixon in the early days of #MeToo as she grapples with the decision to come forward about her her accusations of rape against Def-Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Martyna Starosta

  • “Save Yourselves!”

    “Save Yourselves” is a zany sci-fi comedy about a Brooklyn couple that retreats to a remote cabin in the woods in order to unplug, only to miss the news of an alien invasion that’s destroyed much of civilization. The film from directors Eleanor Wilson and Alex Huston Fischer satirizes millennial culture and modern love. John Reynolds and Sunita Mani star in the comedy that’s premiering in the U.S. Dramatic Competition.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Matt Clegg

  • “Shirley”

    “Shirley” stars Elisabeth Moss as the famous gothic horror author of stories such as “The Lottery” and “The Haunting of Hill House,” Shirley Jackson. It’s an unconventional biopic about how Jackson discovers the inspiration for her next novel through the eccentric behavior of a young couple she and her husband take into their home. Michael Stuhlbarg, Logan Lerman and Odessa Young co-star in the film from “Madeline’s Madeline” director Josephine Decker. The film is playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Thatcher Keats

  • “Sylvie’s Love”

    Romantic, elegant and with a jazzy soundtrack, “Sylvie’s Love” is a lush love story set in 1957 New York and spread out over years. Tessa Thompson is said to give a powerful performance in the film from writer and director Eugene Ashe, who melds music into his romance for a rich period piece. “Sylvie’s Love” is playing in competition in the U.S. Dramatic section.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute

  • “Wander Darkly”

    Part mystery, part family drama and featuring what’s described by Sundance as “demanding tonal shifts,” “Wander Darkly” stars Sienna Miller trying to reckon with the future of her relationship with her husband (Diego Luna) and her infant child. At the same time, she’s forced to solve the mystery of a recent traumatic accident. Tara Miele directs the film that’s playing in competition in the U.S. Dramatic section.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Carolina Costa

  • “Worth”

    “Worth” gives a new perspective of New York post-9/11 by following Michael Keaton as an attorney appointed to lead the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. But Keaton’s character has a change of heart when he comes face to face with a community leader played by Stanley Tucci who lost his wife in the World Trade Center. “Worth” is director Sara Colangelo’s third film, all of which have premiered at Sundance, including her previous film “The Kindergarten Teacher,” which won top directing honors at the festival in 2018.

    Courtesy of Sundance Institute

  • Documentaries like “On the Record,” “Disclosure” and “The Go-Go’s” are also making noise

    It’s another Sundance Film Festival of slopes, snow, stars and sales. That’s right, the market at the Sundance Film Festival is gearing up yet again with some buzzy titles among those just premiering at the festival and those in competition. And after last year produced some mega deals for movies like “Late Night,” “The Farewell” and “Brittany Runs a Marathon” to name just a few, these are the features and documentaries TheWrap will be keeping an eye on while in Park City.

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