Daily horoscope for May 23: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Saturday finds the Gemini Moon increasingly influencing your horoscope. The celestial body will feel fresh and exciting – exactly what is required to renew yourself.

With Venus in Gemini Retrograde, in addition to Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, these are strange times indeed.

Do not wander too far afield or you may not feel like yourself.

Keep a close leash on your heart and explore its contents at the start of another sunny weekend.

But beware – this Saturday could kick-off a fanciful few weeks.


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You are full of fresh ideas after yesterday’s Gemini New Moon and nothing can hold you back.

But you are not alone in wanting to escape from the confines of your home and reconnect with others.

Feeling claustrophobic for so long can take its toll, especially by yourself.

And adding the star sign Gemini to the mix may mean you are unable to contain yourself any longer.

The funky talkative Moon creates a Squares with the Red Planet Mars.

A square is an aspect able to reveal the tension, obstacles and challenges in your life reflecting the planets involved.

Words carry extra weight during this time so be careful what you say.

This Saturday’s Square may make you feel a little restless.


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Asteroid Chiron takes over further down the line, offering an opportunity to regain your footing.

Astrologers agree this is no Saturday to be lazing about, so get going.

Next up, the planet Venus goes Retrograde in Gemini.

This combination could potentially create the perfect Saturday night.

Venus and the Moon fill your heart with innumerable fancies, causing you to flit from here and there, unsure which to satisfy first.

You can, as a result, expect a flirty Saturday night fit for love and passion.

Venus remains Retrograde right now, meaning you are best returning to old haunts and revisiting old pleasures.

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Sainsbury’s opening hours: What time is Sainsbury’s open on Bank Holiday Monday?

Monday, May 25 is a bank holiday, meaning may of us will have a three day weekend to enjoy in the sun. The bank holidays also means shops may have reduced opening hours, with supermarkets often shutting early for the occasion. This bank holiday may feel a bit strange for many, as lockdown conditions are still in place across the UK due to the spread of coronavirus.

Some measures have been relaxed slightly, with Brits allowed to travel to parks and beaches and unlimited trips outside for exercise now permitted.

When outside social distancing guidelines need to be adhered to, meaning a two-metre distance from anyone from another household.

Sunny weather is on the forecast for this bank holiday, so Brits fancying a barbecue or summer drink in their back garden are in luck.

If you need to grab a few extra sausages or grab some ice cream – you’ll need to be aware of the bank holiday opening hours.

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So what time is Sainsbury’s open this weekend? Express.co.uk brings you a simple guide on Sainsbury’s opening times over this second May bank holiday.

What time is Sainsbury’s open today?

Sainsbury’s stores are open as normal this bank holiday weekend but do vary location to location.

Saturday, May 23

On Saturday, Sainsbury’s will be open from 8am to 10pm in line with their extended opening hours over the lockdown period.

NHS and social care workers can shop in Sainsbury’s supermarkets from 7.30am to 8am Monday to Saturday before they open.

Sunday, May 24

On Sunday shops may open later – at around 10 or 11am.

They will close at around 4 or 5pm, but hours can vary depending on the type of store.

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  • Carer’s Allowance: Does benefit get paid early on a bank holiday?

Sainsbury’s locals may be open longer, to check your local branch use the store locater below.

Monday, May 25

On bank holiday Monday, Sainsbury’s will be open from 7am or 8am depending on the branch.

These times can vary from store to store, so check your local opening times here. https://stores.sainsburys.co.uk/

Restrictions are still in place for those looking to shop at Sainsbury’s, with limits on certain items and social distancing enforced nationwide.

Only one member of the household is permitted to shop at a time, and customers must keep a two-metre distance from one another in-store.

For elderly and vulnerable customers, we offer dedicated shopping hours between 8am and 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Sainsbury’s are also asking customers to pay by card where possible. If you would like to pay by cash, please use the self-service tills.

When are the bank holiday dates for 2020?

Upcoming bank holidays for England and Wales. Dates in Scotland and Northern Ireland vary.

  • Monday, May 25 (Spring Bank Holiday)
  • Monday, August 31 (Summer Bank Holiday)
  • Friday, December 25 (Christmas Day)
  • Monday, December 28 (substitute Boxing Day)

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When will Butlins reopen?

Along with other holiday companies, Butlins has closed temporarily due to the coronavirus lockdown. However, in light of the Government’s recent update on easing lockdown measures, the company has issued a statement on when it plans to reopen its Butlins resorts.

In his recent update to the nation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the UK’s new COVID Alert System.

The UK is currently at stage four of the scale but will begin to take steps into stage three in the coming weeks and months.

Some lockdown measures have started to be eased, such as the rules surrounding exercise and employment.


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However, some measures are not likely to be lifted for some time, including the rules surrounding the hospitality industry.

Based on this scale, the UK’s hospitality industry could reopen in July at the earliest, but this will depend on the rate of COVID-19 infection in the UK.

Mr Johnson said: “Step three – at the earliest by July – and subject to all these conditions and further scientific advice, if and only if the numbers support it, we will hope to reopen at least some of the hospitality industry and other public places, provided they are safe and enforce social distancing.”

The hospitality sector includes restaurants, hotels and theme parks, which are all currently closed due to the pandemic.

When will Butlins reopen?

Butlins has not yet announced when it will be opening all of its resorts again.

On a statement issued on the Butlins website on May 13, the brand said they were “hopeful” they will be able to reopen their resorts “in the not too distant future”.

However, Butlins has extended the closure of their locations until July 2, in line with the Government’s updated guidelines.


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  • When will Alton Towers reopen?

What happens if I’ve already booked a Butlins break?

Butlins are getting in touch with anyone who had a Butlins break booked for the next few weeks.

Butlins staff are currently working from home, and there may be some delays in getting in touch, but the company stresses they will respond to everyone.

Butlins has launched its Coronavirus Book with Confidence Guarantee to help guests who have an existing booking.

In a statement, Butlins said: “We know this is a worrying time for our guests who fall outside of our cancellation period, which is why we’ve launched a new Guarantee for all guests who have an existing booking with us.

“The Coronavirus Book with Confidence Guarantee gives you the option to move your break, or cancel and request a full refund.

“We just ask you wait until at least 28 days prior to your arrival date before getting in touch with us as we prioritise those guests who have had their breaks cancelled.”

Butlins are asking guests to fill out a form to indicate how they would like to manage their break, including whether they would like to move the booking to later in the year or next year, or make a decision later on.

If anyone would prefer a refund to rebooking, Butlins are asking people to get in touch via their website to discuss this further.

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Morrisons launches ‘speedy shopping’ system for those that are in a hurry

One of the most tedious aspects of the lockdown is the lengthy queues outside supermarkets on our essential shopping trips. If you only want to pop in to buy some bread you'll spend hours in standing in line behind people who are buying a whole week's worth of food.

However, supermarket Morrisons have come up with a plan. They have just launched a new ‘speedy shopping’ system to help aid customers who only wish to get a couple of times.

Until this measure, there has only been one line for people that want to enter the store and customers have had to queue at a safe two-metre distance before entering.

The new speedy shopping system come into force on Saturday 16 May, and it means that there will be two queues; a lane for those that want to do a big shop and a speedy shopping queue.

To join the speedy shopping line you need to only be doing a shop that will fill basket and three customers will be allowed entry for every one customer that is doing a big shop.

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There will also now be a speedy shopper checkout dedicated to those doing smaller shops and these include staff-operated tills as well as self-service checkout machines.

Morrisons will also be making more self-scan checkout machines card-only in a bid to make them more rapid and cut down queues.

David Potts, Chief Executive of Morrisons, said: “It’s fair that customers doing smaller shopping trips should queue for less time too. Speedy shopping will ensure that Morrisons stores will be more convenient for customers wanting a small basket of items."

This is not the first measure the chain has put in place to help tackle the daily inconveniences of the coronavirus. Back in March they were one of the first shops to implement a food box delivery service for those struggling to access food.

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Their boxes feed two adults for a whole week and cost £30 with a £5 delivery fee on top. There is a vegetarian and meat option.

In the meat version you could get chicken or beef and in a vegetarian box you could receive soup, dairy products, pasta, rice, canned beans and vegetable.

However if you are allergic to certain things you should be careful as the boxes are not tailor made to specific requirements.

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Cycling: What insurance do you need if you are planning to cycle as the lockdown eases?

Cycling has become a hugely popular this week after Prime Minister Boris Johnson recommended people cycle to work to avoid overloading public transport. Halford shares shot up 24 percent after the Prime Minister made the announcement. But what insurance do you need if you are planning to get on your bike as the lockdown eases?

Mr Johnson has said “this should be a new golden age for cycling” as the nation slowly begins to transition back to normal in the coming weeks.

Speaking from the PMQ’s on May 6, Mr Johnson said: “A crucial part of our success now in getting transport to run safely.

“We’ll be running a bigger and more expansive tube service, so that people can observe social distancing we will certainly be working with Mayor [of London, Sadiq Khan] to try to achieve that.

“There must be mitigations to help people who cannot use mass transit and there’ll be a huge amount of planning going into helping people to get to work, other than by mass transit. This should be a new golden age for cycling.”


  • Can I go cycling with a friend?

As the Government announced new measures in the journey to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions, the Prime Minister once again urged people to use measures other than public transport.

Speaking from the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Johnson encourages those who are unable to work from home to return to the workplace provided they could do so safely.

He said: “We want everyone travelling to work to be safe, so people should continue to avoid public transport wherever possible because we must maintain social distancing which will inevitably limit capacity.

“Instead people should drive or better still walk or cycle.”

Two in 100 households with bikes will have one stolen over the course of a year according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In addition, in 2019, a cyclist was given a court bill of around £30,000 after he collided with a woman who was crossing the road while looking at her phone.

A judge ruled they had equal liability, but he would have avoided the bill if he had been able to get legal support under his policy.

In total, around 130 people were seriously injured in accidents involving cyclists last year and four were killed.

With these reported thefts and this court case, insurance may be the best avenue to protect yourself.

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  • Lockdown exercise: The workout that burns the most calories revealed

Google Trends data shows searches for road bikes has increased 525 percent since the lockdown on March 23.

But if you are one of those who has decided to purchase a new bike during lockdown, insurance may be a concern.

Firstly you should check your household contents insurance policy to see if it covers bicycles.

Typically around four in ten household contents insurance policies will cover theft or damage to bikes away from the home according to Go Compare.

You can also seek out a standalone third-party insurance policy which can be purchased cheaply.

Cycling UK charges £4 a month for membership, which includes liability of up to £10m.

However, Cycling UK is offering free membership for health and care workers throughout the coronavirus crisis.

The sport’s governing body British Cycling, offers up to £15m of cover with its Ride membership, which costs £43 a year for an adult.

Specialist policies, such as Yellow Jersey or Pedal Cover, usually include public liability and can be better for more expensive bikes.

Cyclists should be sure to check their cover and the exact wording of their home contents policy as certain exclusions will apply.

Additionally, cyclists are advised to check their liability cover extends to personal liability for incidents away from the home as well.

If you ride an electric bike, the home insurance policy would not be suitable and an alternative cycle cover should be sought.

Home policies also exclude business-related activities such as when a cyclist is paid to deliver goods or food.

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex hints she is ‘much closer’ to the Queen in this way

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, tied the knot with Prince Edward in June 1999. Since then, she has worked as a royal and is often considered a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II. Speaking in an unearthed interview, the royal explained the way she is closer with the Queen.


  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex body language show relationship with Kate

Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward are the parents of Lady Louise Windsor, 16, and James, Viscount Severn, 12.

The family live together in Bagshot Park which is one of the royal residences.

It is not too far from Windsor where the Queen is thought to spend a lot of her time.

Being so close to the monarch may be why the Queen and Sophie have formed a close relationship.

In a rare interview, Sophie and Prince Edward explained they were lucky to live close to the Queen.

Sophie told Sky News: “We’re a lot more fortunate because we live so much closer to the Queen.

“So, when she spends a lot of time at Windsor at weekends, our children are more fortunate because they can go over and have tea with her on a regular basis.”

The Countess explained her family would spend a lot of time with the monarch.

“So we do see quite a lot of her,” Sophie continued.

“We’re over there most weekends riding, so she sees quite a lot of us – lucky her!”

The two royals have a shared interest in horse riding which may have helped them bond more.

When appearing at royal events together, Sophie’s body language with her mother-in-law has been revealing about their relationship.


  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex: How she influenced Kate Middleton

The Queen has looked to the Countess as someone to rely on, body language expert Judi James explained.

She told Express.co.uk: “The Queen’s body language with Sophie always suggests her daughter-in-law is a bit of a confidante.

“Sophie’s relaxed, constantly calm and upbeat demeanour seems to allow the Queen to relax more in her company, too.”

Their body language suggests both the Queen and Sophie are comfortable in each other’s company.

Their relaxed relationship may also have been a result of Sophie’s attitude to royal life when she first joined the family.

Judi explained: “Sophie always looks like the ‘no fuss’ royal.

“Her long-term marriage to the royal prince who once seemed the least likely to settle down after some fickle career choices suggests she’s a great stabilising influence.”

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Kate Middleton’s thick groomed brows: How to get the Duchess’ fuller brow look

The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, looked her usual perfectly groomed self as she made an appearance on Thursday’s This Morning show, despite the UK lockdown. With soft waves in her hair and her signature soft smokey eye, she was camera-ready as she dialled in to talk to presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. But Kate had a much stronger brow look than we’re used to seeing on the young royal. 


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As a style icon, Kate is always one to follow for fashion trends, causing dresses to sell out whenever it’s revealed where her latest high street find is from. 

But viewers of This Morning today might be wanting to copy her look for a different reason – and that’s her thick and fuller-looking brows. 

Looking back on photos of Kate when she was younger, her brows were much more tapered at the ends, suggesting she may have been growing them out after over-plucking them as a teen. 

However, in recent months she’s been sporting much fuller, thicker brows, which look like they have been filled in more with makeup. 

The Duchess is known for doing her own makeup, even taking her look into her own hands on her wedding day following lessons with makeup artist Arabella Preston. 

As lockdown continues, it’s likely that Kate is continuing to do her own makeup ahead of on-screen appearances such as Thursday’s This Morning show. 

The mother of three is very on trend with her look too, with brow shapes having changed dramatically in recent years to be thicker, fuller and much more defined. 

In fact, the latest “power brow” trend is for laminated brows, a treatment which gives a semi-permanent brushed-up effect to make eyebrows look bushier. 

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But while salons remain shut in the lockdown, many Brits are having to take their beauty maintenance into their own hands, with brows being one of them. 

Makeup artist and Max Factor ambassador Caroline Barnes said this might even be the reason behind Kate’s new look. 

“It may be a happy accident that Kate has thicker brows, as I doubt anyone would have been grooming them except herself over the last few weeks, and maybe she is enjoying the fuller look,” said the London-based expert, who has worked with stars including Louise Redknapp and Kylie. 

Though professional treatments such as threading and waxing keep brows in perfect shape, it can be harder to groom them yourself – especially if you don’t want to go for that skinny nineties brow. 


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So how can royal fans copy Kate’s look at home and create fuller-looking brows?

Caroline said it can all be done with makeup – you don’t even need to wait until your brows have grown out. 

“To achieve the thickness of Kate’s fuller eyebrows, use a brow gel,” Caroline commented.

“This comes in a tiny spoolie and contains small fibres which add volume to your brows. Try Max Factor Brow Revival, £9.99 or Benefit Gimme Brow, £22.50. They work a treat on fine brows too.”

The brow gels will not only add a tint to help darken your natural brows and fill in any gaps, but will also help to brush and set them into place. 

However, if you’re hoping to leave lockdown with so-called “power brows” and want to grow your own, Leigh Blackwell from The London Brow Company recommends a few simple steps. 

Firstly, keep tweezing and plucking to a minimum – it will give you more to work with once lockdown ends. Stick to just removing any obvious strays or any between the brows to avoid the dreaded monobrow. 

If your brows are particularly thin or sparse, applying a treatment serum or oil can help. Castor oil is well-known for its ability to help with hair growth – simply brush on each night to help boost your brows. The London Brow Company also has a serum that could help, the Keratin Boost Brow Serum, £14.99. 

Lastly, if you really are missing those salon visits and can’t wait to get in the chair, there is a way to copy the lamination look at home. 

Leigh recommended using a clean mascara wand as a brow brush before using hairspray or soap to get the look. “Wet your brow brush, rub it in a clear soap bar and brush this into your brows. The perfect way to get the laminated ‘soap brow’ look while in lock down!”

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Afternoon Tea delivery: How to get afternoon tea in your home ready for VE Day

VE Day will be celebrated under lockdown this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Although the Government is expected to announce any revisions to lockdown rules on May 7, it is unlikely social regulations will be lifted, meaning Brits will be spending the momentous day at home.

How do I get afternoon tea in my home ready for VE Day?

Morrisons have launched a The £15 Afternoon Tea For Two VE Day 75th anniversary box.

Throughout the pandemic supermarkets have been putting together essentials boxes to keep hungry Brits well-fed through these trying times.

However, Morrisons has gone a step ahead and created a classically British VE Day themed box, containing all the classic ingredients needed to self-assemble your own afternoon tea.


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The box includes:

  • Morrisons The Best All Butter Sultana Scones 4 pack
  • Rodda’s Classic Cornish Clotted Cream
  • Mini Tiptree Strawberry Jam x 4
  • Morrisons Lemon Bakewell Tarts 6 pack
  • Morrisons The Best Belgian Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Morrisons Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filler 250g
  • Morrisons Cheese & Onion Sandwich Filler 250g
  • Morrisons 40 Everyday Tea Bags
  • Cravendale Semi Skimmed Milk 1 Litre
  • Morrisons Medium White Bread 800g
  • Morrisons The Best Marc De Champagne Truffles 140g

The box is £15 and is available for home delivery now.

Chief Executive of Morrisons, David Potts, said: “We’re playing our part in feeding the nation and that includes being there for customers in times of commemoration and celebration.”

“These boxes will allow those who would normally be getting together with friends and family to treat themselves to an afternoon tea at home.”

The selection of Morrisons food boxes has continued to grow over recent weeks, and now includes a Ramadan food box, gluten-free food box and even an assorted fish box.

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VE day takes place this Friday, May 8 and commemorates the unconditional surrender of Nazi forces in Europe in 1945.

Even though lockdown regulations mean Brits can’t go out and celebrate, there will be a series of events taking place throughout the day to join in with.

There will be a two-minute silence at 11am to mark the sacrifice made during World War 2.

The BBC will host a series of dedicated programmes throughout the day.

At 2.45pm BBC One will broadcast Sir Winston Churchill’s famous victory speech in which he addressed the nation to announce the end of the war in Europe, which he made from Downing Street on May 8, 1945.

Katherine Jenkins will also perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London, albeit to an empty auditorium.

She will sing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ by Dame Vera Lynn.

The Queen will also address the nation for the second time in recent weeks in a pre-recorded message, due to be aired at 9pm.

The message will be sent out at the same time her father, King George VI, sent out his own message 75 years ago.

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex body language shows growing role in the Royal Family

Sophie, Countess of Wessex already has many important duties as the wife of Prince Edward, 56, and a working royal. Her body language with the Queen could suggest her royal role is growing in importance.


  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex: How she influenced Kate Middleton

Sophie married Prince Edward in a ceremony which took place in June 1999.

Like most of the Queen’s children-in-law, Sophie started working as a senior royal.

In this position, Sophie has represented the Queen and Royal Family at many official events.

Although she has been a working royal for over 20 years, some have thought she could take on new responsibilities very soon.

Following the royal “step back” of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, other members of the family will now need to take on their duties.

Sophie’s body language with the Queen could reveal why she may be chosen for the extra responsibilities.

Body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk: “The Queen’s body language with Sophie always suggests her daughter-in-law is a bit of a confidante.

“Sophie’s relaxed, constantly calm and upbeat demeanour seeming to allow the Queen to relax more in her company, too.”

With the Queen considering Sophie a “confidante”, the monarch may turn to the Countess to pitch in.

Sophie’s low maintenance approach to royal life could also make her a good choice to step up, the expert suggested.

“Sophie always looks like the ‘no fuss’ royal,” Judi told Express.co.uk.

“Her long-term marriage to the royal prince who once seemed the least likely to settle down after some fickle career choices suggests she’s a great stabilising influence.”


  • Sophie Countess of Wessex influenced royals in this way

As well as possibly taking over from Meghan and Prince Harry, Sophie could be set for a new title in the near future.

Shortly after her wedding to Prince Edward, it was announced he would one day become the Duke of Edinburgh.

This title is currently held by his father, Prince Philip, who has held it since 1947.

Although Prince Edward is not next in line for this title, it is thought it will be newly created for him if Prince Charles takes the throne.

When Edward becomes the Duke, Sophie will get the new title of the Duchess of Edinburgh.

This role is particularly important as the styling was once held by the Queen herself.

The monarch became the Duchess when she got married and held the title until she was crowned as Queen.

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Princess Anne’s body language is ‘challenging’ in the Royal Family

Princess Anne threw herself into work as a royal as soon as she could. She will often represent the Queen at official events with other members of the Royal Family. What is her relationship like with the royals including Prince Philip?


  • Princess Anne’s swipe at younger royals- ‘they dont understand’

Princess Anne is a full-time working royal and has committed herself to many duties over the years.

When she does appear with other members of the family, the royal seems to have a particularly close relationship with her father.

Judi told Express.co.uk: “Princess Anne has always been both the closest and the most similar in terms of personality to her father Prince Philip.

“Her low-key, unfussy, immensely solid role in the Queen’s public life makes their relationship look similar in many ways to that between the Queen and her husband.”

Princess Anne has taken on a role similar to that of Prince Philip with the Queen.

Judi explained: “Like her father, Anne appears to make the Queen laugh and most poses between the two women suggest a shared sense of humour, bringing out a side of the Queen that we rarely get to glimpse.

“One of their most recent interactions was at the reception at Buckingham Palace where Trump was a guest of honour.

“The Queen was erroneously thought to be telling her daughter off at the end of the line-up, illustrated Anne’s rather deadpan delivery with her mother as she let her know there were no more guests to greet, saying ‘it’s just me, ma’am’.

“She had a similar twinkle in her eye to her father and clearly supplied the kind of hands-off and unfussy support that the Queen always prefers.”

Despite this, the royal is not seen with the Queen as often as other members of the family.

The expert explained this could be down to Princess Anne’s “practical” and “challenging” approach to her role.

She said: “We probably see less of the Queen and Princess Anne than we do of the Queen and her three sons.”


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“Anne is stoic, hard-working, practical, out-spoken and challenging in her role.”

Despite this, the Queen and Princess Anne have a lot of common interests.

Their apparent love of a country lifestyle and interest in horse riding may have helped them create a strong bond.

“Both women share a passion for horses,” the expert told Express.co.uk.

“When off-duty, they will often dress in identical, country women-style, tweeds, wellies and headscarves.

“If the Queen hadn’t inherited the crown it’s likely it would be Anne’s lifestyle that she would have most love to embrace.

“Although, the Queen does seem to have a soft spot for some of the glamour of royal life that is apparently an anathema to her daughter.”

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