Mackenzie McKee: My Cheating Husband Has Sucked the Life Out of Me!

Mackenzie McKee says she's been cheated on.

Yes, again.

In an emotional Facebook post (which has since been deleted), the Teen Mom OG star didn't simply say husband Josh has slept with yet another woman behind her back.

She said this other woman was HER COUSIN.

Yikes, right?!?

Now, in a revealing interview with Champions Daily, McKee has opened up in more detail about this allegation…  the way she shared the news… and plenty more about her crumbling marriage.

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1.Wait, Didn't Josh Already Cheat on Mackenzie?

2.Did She File for Divorce?

3.Great! A Happy Ending!

4.And Now We Know Why

5.The Cheater Strikes Again!

6.I Thought He Had Changed…

7.This Poor Young Woman…

8.From Bad to Worse…

9.A New Nightmare, Same as the Old

10.Caught! Again!

11.Somehow, It Was Even Worse This Time

12.A Family Torn Apart

13.So. Many. Tears.

14.Praise Jesus, Not Josh


16.Does McKee Now Have Any Regrets

17.Is That All She Said?

18.Other Side? Do Tell, Mac…

19.And Josh's Side?

20.Two Spouses, Two Visions

21.She Really Did Plan to Divorce Him

22.A Challenging Time for Mackenzie…

23.In Mourning, In Distress

24.Let's Talk About the Cousin, Shall We?

25.RIP, Angie

26.There Were Ups, but Mostly Downs

27.Just Sadness… All Around

28.How Did She Discover His Cheating?

29.How Have Her Loved Ones Reacted?

30.What Really Went on with Her Cousin?

31.Josh Failed Me!

32.Better Days Ahead?

33.Prayers Up!

34.In Conclusion?

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My illness has left me in lockdown for five years

There are many days and sometimes weeks when I can’t leave my house.

When I do, it’s usually just for a few hours and has to be planned like a military operation. I’ve lived like this – on longterm lockdown – for more than five years due to colitis, a severe inflammatory bowel disease.

Last year, I created a piece of art, called A Gut Feeling, to represent my illness.

It depicts intestines in a nest. The nest represents my bed, my place of comfort from the pain and chronic fatigue, the empty pill packets and drips which line it allow me to thrive. The discarded rings alluding to the break-up of my marriage. A torn business card, my career on hold. My intestines inflamed and knotted.

Although I loved art at school, I never really did anything which I would have termed as artistic since, but I am so proud of this piece and the struggle it portrays.

My problems began in late 2014 when I was unable to keep food down, passing blood, chronic diarrhoea and my weight plummeted to 5 stone. I was 47 and in constant pain, back and forth to doctors and in and out of hospital.

Visit our live blog for the latest updates: Coronavirus news live

After two years I was diagnosed with severe pancolitis. Every 30 minutes in the UK, someone is diagnosed with Crohns or colitis, and there is currently no cure.

Prior to this I had been happy, healthy and enjoying my work as an actress and photographer with an active social life. Now I was in agony, taking 23 tablets a day and unable to leave the house without a wheelchair.

On my second admission to hospital in 2015 after I was found unconscious, they couldn’t find a pulse. I only had 60 per cent of my blood remaining and had to have an urgent transfusion.

By then I looked skeletal and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I couldn’t bear to see myself in the mirror and people kept asking if I was on drugs or had an eating disorder. I also developed osteoporosis.

My 10-year marriage ended and my life changed forever. For months, I didn’t want to carry on, I felt I had nothing to live for. I didn’t want to take yet more pills, so the Samaritans and counselling became my lifeline.

Gradually, I regained some weight and strength and didn’t need the wheelchair I’d relied on for up to three months because of the osteoporosis and my legs not supporting me. I moved into a new flat, which was a good thing and a fresh start. I am a fiercely independent. I still find it hard to ask for help when needed.

A normal day out to me requires a lot of energy, which because of the constant fatigue, I don’t always have.

Creating art takes my mind off my pain and helps other people to understand what it’s like to live with this illness. I got back in to art as I found I had plenty of time on my hands. It was always something I had enjoyed at school. Never in a million years did I think it would get the attention it received. I still have to pinch myself at times.

My art has been well received and I have been told it’s powerful. In October it was exhibited at The Guts and Glory Gala at Sony Studios in Los Angeles and it will feature as part of Body Worlds online social media campaign when they reopen – hopefully later this year.

I still have to take up to 23 pills per day (yes, I rattle!). I don’t eat or drink, apart from sips of water, from 6pm to 6am to give my digestion system a rest, something that was recommended by medical staff. That means I rarely go out in the evenings or attend parties or dinners. I joined a network to connect with people who understood what I was going through, so I didn’t feel so isolated and alone.

Three years ago, I was made Ambassador for the My Crohns and Colitis Team network and now raise awareness and advise others. I hope I can make them feel like they have some support and they are not the only one dealing with this.

It feels good to be able to give something back. In January 2019 I was nominated as one of the Mayor of London’s Unsung Heroic Women. It was a huge honour.

When I first realised the extent of Covid-19 it triggered flashbacks. It’s hard not to become scared for the future, especially those of us who are already housebound because of an illness or disability.

I think I was prepared for lockdown more than most. I didn’t really notice a change for the first few weeks. The main thing was missing seeing family and friends. I tried to stay strong, but of course it’s hard to be strong all the time. I have had days when I felt really down and upset, but calls and messages help.

The pandemic has made things more difficult in that I have had problems obtaining my regular medication. I was initially given a substitute for one of the pills I take and they affected me badly. I have difficulty standing for long periods which makes things like essential shopping a problem if there is a long queue at the supermarket. I fainted in the bank a few weeks ago.

I had to go to A&E last month and was terrified as it was the last place I wanted to be. I wore a mask, gloves and had a large bottle of hand sanitiser with me. The staff were fantastic at reassuring me. Obviously, like everyone else, I miss seeing family and friends and it’s easy to feel down.

For me, the world stopped five years ago, but I’m determined to do what I can to help others. I am still able to help people online and when I am well enough, I also deliver shopping and medication to elderly people in my area. We will get through this, call it a gut feeling.

My Life Through A Lens

My Life Through a Lens is an exciting series on that looks at one incredible photo, and shares the story that lies behind it. If you have an experience you would like to share, please email with MLTAL as the subject.

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I cheated on my girlfriend while drunk and gave her an STI and now we are over – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I WAS stupid and cheated on my girlfriend. I had drunken sex with a girl I’d been at school with.

My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship for 18 months. I’m 21 and she’s 20. We were talking about marriage and kids until I went out with a gang of mates for one’s 21st birthday.

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We were all totally battered when we caught the train home and I saw this girl I’d been at school with who had been out on a hen night. She’s my age. We got laughing and chatting. There weren’t any taxis at our station, so I said I’d walk her home.

She invited me in. She lives with her parents but they were in bed and we ended up having sex on the sofa. I was too far gone to think about using a condom.

She texted me the next morning and said it was great but we’d best not say anything to anyone. I thought we’d just move on.

Then my girlfriend developed symptoms of an STI a few weeks later. She didn’t say anything but went to a clinic. She came home raging because she’d caught an infection she reckoned must have come from me.

I denied it but she grabbed my phone. She found the texts between me and the girl. She threw my phone across the room, shouting and screaming.

My parents came in wanting to know what all the noise was about. She stormed off saying: “Your son is a waste of space who has given me another girl’s germs.”

My parents cross-examined me and they were furious too.

They insisted I must tell the girl from school about the infection because she would need treatment.

I texted her but she denied it could have been her and said my girlfriend must have cheated on me. Then she blocked me.

I then phoned her mum to say her daughter must get tested but she gave me a load of abuse and handed the phone to her husband, who threatened me.

I’ve lost my girlfriend and got a bucketload of trouble for this one slip. I’m now stuck at home with angry parents, no girlfriend and no social life. It feels unfair.


A SHOCKING 85,000 women are raped in England and Wales each year.

The rapist is likely to be someone the victim knows.

For my e-leaflet Have You Been Raped?

Email or private-message me on Facebook.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is a tough lesson learned, sure enough, but all those messages you no doubt heard but ignored about being sensible around alcohol and using protection were aimed precisely at protecting you from consequences such as this.

Be responsible now. You must get treatment at the sexual health clinic and give them your schoolfriend’s details.

They will explain to her why it is important she get treated. You can find out what relevant services operate near you by calling the Sexual Health Line on 0300 123 7123.

Maybe your girlfriend will forgive you once she has calmed down. But make no excuses – you messed up.

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I found out I’m not my daughter’s biological father and now her mum won’t let me see her – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD a DNA test done on my six-year-old daughter recently and found out I am not her biological father.

I split from her mother four years ago. She has a new man and recently blocked me from seeing our girl.

When I asked for parental contact, she said I’m not the father.

That’s why I asked for the DNA tests.

I’m 28 and can’t afford to get a solicitor to fight this – but I am heartbroken.

I will always love her, even though I’m not her biological father.

I can’t believe I had no explanation or apology.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This is so heartbreaking for you, but also for your girl – and more damaging for her long-term.

Try to get this message over to your ex.

Ask to have regular contact, for her daughter’s sake.

Get advice on how best to word it, and about court-based options without a lawyer, through Families Need Fathers (, 0300 0300 363).

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Paramore’s Hayley Williams Drops New Single ‘My Friend’

Paramore‘s Hayley Williams has dropped a new single, “My Friend,” from her solo debut album Petals For Armor.

“My Friend” was released with a lyric video showing Williams recording the album.

Williams had released the first part of Petals for Armor in February, featuring five songs, including “Simmer,” “Cinnamon” and “Leave It Alone.”

Recently, she shared the single “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris,” featuring Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus of Boygenius.

Williams was supposed to release the second portion of Petals for Armor last month but postponed the release due to the spread of the coronavirus. The second part will now drop on May 8 via Atlantic.

(Photo: Lindsey Byrnes)

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I think my boyfriend is just using me to get through this crisis – should I dump him for an old flame? – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend and I had an instant connection and the sex is amazing but another guy I met – and slept with – around the same time is back on the scene.

Now I can’t make up my mind who I want.

I’m 27 and my boyfriend is 37.

It took a while for him to commit because he couldn’t make his mind up about what he wanted.

He stood me up a few times but claimed he’d forgotten our dates.

Meanwhile I met this other guy and we had sex a couple of times.

He’s 26 and we got on great but he was about to go travelling, so I knew nothing would develop between us then.

I carried on seeing my boyfriend and moved in with him after a few months.

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We got engaged and he talked me into giving up a lovely flat I’d been renting in order to be with him.

But then he dumped me after a year, kicked me out and left me homeless.

I moved in with my parents and felt broken.

My boyfriend agreed to try again and we’ve seen each other on and off this past year, but he’s never committed or even seemed bothered at times.

He used to have an exciting job involving lots of travel before coronavirus put a stop to that.

Now he is suddenly saying he loves me and wants me to live with him again.

I do love him but I wonder if he’s using me as a comfort blanket to get through this tough time and it will be off as soon as restrictions are lifted.

To complicate it all, the other guy has come back home and looked me up.

We’ve kissed and he is coming round for dinner tomorrow, but the next day I’m visiting my boyfriend.

I’m so confused.

I love my boyfriend but I don’t want to let the other guy go again.

I feel his intentions towards me are much more real.

Topic for today

FAR more men struggle to climax than used to. It is one thing to satisfy a partner but another if it takes so long she is bored or sore.

My e-leaflet Man Who Finds It Hard To Climax? tells of treatment and self-help.

Email or private message me via Facebook.

DEIDRE SAYS: You should listen to that instinct.

The sex might be great but your boyfriend has messed you around before.

He may want you by his side during these scary times but does he make you feel really loved and valued?

Have a serious talk with your boyfriend.

Unless he convinces you he is sincere in the long term, tell him no thanks.

Don’t let your emotional confusion blind you to the health risks of seeing either of these guys.

Both could bring the virus into your home.

Tell them both any sex at the moment has to be virtual but use the demand for social distancing to give yourself space while you work out what is right for you.

Usually it is best to have a spell on your own between relationships.

My leaflet Finding The Right Partner For You will help you think this through.

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My partner never helps with housework and is always down the pub with mates – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner has a flat but more or less lives at my house.

He always eats here, yet he won’t lift a finger to help keep the place clean and won’t pay towards bills.

We’ve been together for three years.

He’s 61 and just works part-time.

I’m 58 and I’m still working full-time – though from home at present.

I could do with some help in the house.

He used to be off down the pub with his mates as much as he could be, and now he just sits watching TV if he’s not at work.

He’s divorced but is still friends with his ex.

I think he’d go back like a shot if she gave him the nod.

I can’t see there’s a future for us.

I’m thinking I might be better off being alone.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Trust your instincts.

He’s enjoying the spoils of a relationship but not putting the work in or thinking of you.

Tell him he either shows commitment and shoulders his share of the responsibilities or you will have to call it a day.

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I’m upset because my friends are marrying and having kids before me – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: ONE of my friends is engaged and another is pregnant.

I am happy for them but always imagined I would be the first to get there.

Now I fear I’ll be last. I am 23. I was with an older guy for two years and we started to get serious, looking at buying a house and marrying.

Then things all changed and he ended it. My current boyfriend is two years younger than me. We are happy and have a healthier relationship than I did with my ex, who was quite controlling.

But I still worry about my friends pulling ahead of me. I talked to my boyfriend but it makes him feel he is holding me back, though I told him I can wait.

I don’t get why I feel the way I do.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are very young and life is not a race. Happiness is not awarded to those who get there first but to those who make good choices.

Be wary of making your boyfriend feel pressured into commitment he isn’t – understandably – ready for, even if you have a great relationship.

If he is the one, have fun now before giving up your freedom to the responsibilities that go with parenting.

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Regaining my hearing after a decade of deafness gave me imposter syndrome

I started losing my hearing from the age of 18. I did not expect to go deaf, even though it runs in the family.

Bits of my hearing identity kept falling off as I lost another frequency. I was in denial for years until I began using interpreters and stenographers (a person who transcribes speech). I made a success of my life, developed a tough skin and numbed myself.

By my thirties I was almost totally deaf, with hearing aids no longer allowing me to follow speech. I avoided focussing on what I’d ‘lost’, but I often felt exhausted and excluded.

I worried about my future.

There was an option to regain my hearing through a cochlear implant, but like many in my situation I put it off. It involves having surgery to implant a high tech hearing device. The internal electrodes stimulate the auditory nerve directly, using digital signals generated by the implant. The brain registers the signals as sound.

I was scared of skull surgery and I didn’t see the point, thinking it wouldn’t work any better than hearing aids, lip-reading and sign language. 

A cochlear implant user who’d gone deaf like me persuaded me to go for it when he said ‘All of my problems are gone’. I’d never heard anyone talk like this about implants and I thought he must be exaggerating. I was wrong.

Soon after my Advanced Bionics implant was ‘switched on’ in 2013, at the age of 39, I was able to have easy conversations with people for the first time since my 20s. It was like the surgeon and audiologist had rewound time. 

I felt 21 again. I never thought this would happen to me. I went from hearing almost nothing, to being able to follow speech, with some added ‘cyborg’ perks that make my hearing friends green with envy.

My younger sister implanted soon after me, and we can chat on the phone or walk and talk without looking at each other

With the implant, I can bluetooth music direct to my processor. I can also switch to ultrazoom, which helps me hear the person in front of me in noisy places. And I can switch off sound whenever I want.

In the first few weeks after I was activated, I felt constantly euphoric. It was a bit like falling in love, crossed with time travelling. The sound was also heightened and hallucinatory at first. The sonic weirdness was intensely beautiful, profound and often intensely funny – all at the same time.

As well as nostalgia about being reunited with a recognisable sound world, ‘going hearing’ opened the floodgates on memories of the early days of going deaf, before I’d adapted.

Now that life was suddenly much easier, with strangers instantly treating me more warmly and respectfully, I felt even more proud of the way I’d handled becoming deaf. The liberating effect of the implant on my everyday life highlighted the barriers I had faced in the past.

My being able to hear made me more engaged and less withdrawn. Ironically, this transformation educated my hearing family and friends about how deaf I actually was. They realised, in hindsight, the impact that deafness and the dominant hearing culture had on every aspect of communication. I’ve bonded more deeply with loved ones and got to know my (hearing) husband better, even though he had always signed to me.

When I first started being able to follow speech again, I was overcome with imposter syndrome. I felt the urge to run away from conversations with friends and relatives. I didn’t know how to have a conversation like a hearing person. I soon found out no one else does either. I’ve learnt ‘active listening’ is key.

The life changing effects are huge and I still feel like I’m playing catch up. Meeting up with long neglected friends after I was switched on, felt a little like I’d got out of prison and everyone’s lives had moved on – and I felt ashamed. Have all my problems gone? It does feel like it. It seems easier to resolve problems because I can follow speech independently.

Crucially, at work, I’m no longer exhausted at the end of the day. My career mobility has increased, for many reasons, but partly because I can do small talk now. I also have an intensified sense of agency.

My younger sister implanted soon after me, and we can chat on the phone or walk and talk without looking at each other. We compare notes on the liberation and we process the past together.

When we’re with our deafened mum (who has not implanted) we sign and speak to each other, using Sign Supported English, same as we always did. Implanting is a personal choice. No one deaf person is the same, and we prefer different ways of life. And not all deaf people get the same results from implants.

The implant has made me feel free and happy in a way I’d forgotten was possible. It’s been life-changing in every way. I love being a cyborg because I have the best of both worlds.

Sophie felt like there were no shows that encapsulated her experience as a ‘deaf cyborg’ and so wrote Augmented, which is on tour from March to April.

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I feel betrayed that my best friend had sex with my ex right after he dumped me – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY best friend had sex with my ex boyfriend soon after he’d dumped me.

I was devastated when he broke up with me and my best friend was my rock. We are both 20.

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I gradually got over my ex but I was shocked when another pal told me my best mate had sex with my ex a fortnight after he’d dumped me.

I confronted her over it but she lied and said the rumour was rubbish. I’ve since heard my ex has admitted it himself.

She and I were always there for one another but now I see her differently and we are both angry.

I miss her as a friend. Is there any way our friendship can recover one day?

DEIDRE SAYS: If you really want it to, yes. You weren’t still a couple with your ex when your friend had sex with him. I bet she regrets it now but you had no rights over him at the time.

It’s hardly surprising she tried to cover her tracks when you confronted her as you caught her off-guard.

If you miss her as a friend, ask her for a coffee and tell her that. If she apologises, you may feel able to be mates again.

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