GMB fans in tears as actress Sophia Myles says she held dad's hand as he died of coronavirus – but had to wear gloves

GOOD Morning Britain fans were left in tears today hearing actress Sophia Myles' account of her dad's death from the coronavirus.

The Transformers star spoke to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on the ITV breakfast show about her 76-year-old dad's demise after he contracted deadly COVID-19.

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Sophia, at the height of her grief,  said she was allowed to see her dad for five minutes and held his hand as he died from coronavirus – but had to wear gloves.

She told viewers: "My dad was 76. He did have underlying health conditions, he contracted the virus and within I think only a few days of that he passed away.

"I was one of the lucky ones, I got to see him the day before he died under strict medical supervision. I was allowed in to his ward wearing a visor an full protective gear. I was only given 5 minutes to be in the room with him and I had to stand at a two meter distance.

"They did allow me one moment to hold his hand, I was wearing protective gloves. It is so hard because you can't have that flesh to flesh moment. Can't kiss their brow and hold their hands."

She then recalled the moment her dad started to slip away.

She went on: "It was obvious his breathing was starting to slow down massively, it affects the respiratory system.

"People are dying because they are not able to breathe, it is such an unnatural death. They go at the time not that their bodies would not like to die."

Piers asked Sophie what impression she got from how the NHS is handling coronavirus patients.

She replied: "What i noticed was this eerie silence in the ward. Nurses were incredibly quiet. It just felt so frightening. You could tell everyone was on edge."

Viewers were in bits over her very raw account, and took to Titter to share their condolences.

One viewer wrote: "Poor #SophiaMyles..hearfelt condolences to you and your family"

Another person said: "An emotional #GMB this morning ! In tears here"

Other viewers were confused that a teenager had died alone from coronavirus on Monday, without his family by his side.

Susanna, 49, had even expressed her anger and her voice cracked with emotion while talking about Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, from Brixton, South West London.

She turned to ITV's resident medic Dr Hilary Jones and said: "Dr Hilary. I think the death of anyone from this is a tragedy.

"A death of a 13-year-old boy whose family couldn't be with him by his bedside, I think has just caused heartbreak among the whole nation and concern that this isn't just effecting those with underlying conditions it is now hitting children who are healthy."

And Dr Hilary replied: "It can affect anyone of any age and that's what we need to wake up to and that's why all of us need to adhere to the strict guidelines for people.

"We've not hit the peak yet, this is going to get worse before it gets better."

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Meghan Markle becomes Disney star with new ‘Elephants’ trailer

More than three years after quitting her acting career for love, former “Suits” star Meghan Markle is back in the showbiz saddle again.

A new trailer dropped Thursday by Disneynature confirms that the 38-year-old, who married Britain’s Prince Harry in May 2018, will narrate the upcoming documentary “Elephants,” due to livestream on Disney+ beginning April 3.

Mother-of-one Markle, who is joining her husband in turning their backs on royal life effective March 31, accepted and recorded the gig with Disney before the couple’s decision to break ranks from the Windsor family in favor of Megxit.

Despite taking leave of her official royal duties, the film studio still hypes Markle as the “Duchess of Sussex” in the new promo clip.

The plot of “Elephants” revolves around African pachyderm Shani and her rambunctious son, Jomo, as their herd makes a pilgrimage hundreds of miles across the Kalahari Desert.

They are led by their indomitable matriarch, Gaia, and face hardships along the way as they follow in the footsteps of their ancestors on a mission to reach a lush, green paradise. The challenges they face include brutal heat, dwindling resources and threats from predators.

Proceeds from the film will benefit Elephants Without Borders, a charity believed to be close to Meghan and Harry’s hearts.

It’s not the first time that Disneynature has partnered with A-list celebrities. Meryl Streep and Morgan Freeman have voiced different projects, with profits similarly aiding organizations supporting wildlife and conservation.

Meanwhile “Black Swan” actress Natalie Portman’s Disneynature documentary “Dolphin Reef” will premiere alongside “Elephants” on April 3.

Meghan’s role in the film will hardly surprise fans who watched video of her and Harry attending the premiere of Disney’s remake of “The Lion King” in London in July 2019.

A clip from the event showed Harry, 35, sharing a brief chat with former Disney CEO Bob Iger when the prince hinted at the possibility of lining up some future work for his spouse.

“You know she does voiceovers,” Harry can be heard saying in the video.

The soon-to-be former senior royal, president of African Parks and patron of the Rhino Conservation Botswana, has concentrated much of his conservation work in Africa. He refers to the continent at his “second home” and most recently visited it in October, where he and Markle performed an official royal tour and filmed the documentary: “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.”

The TV film gave viewers a glimpse into the unhappiness of the new parents, whose baby son, Archie, was born in May 2019. Asked how she was holding up to royal life and public scrutiny, Meghan famously told her interviewer: “It’s a lot.”

Perhaps, now that she has returned to the job she obviously loves – albeit not full-time –  she will find contentment.

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Asda to hire 5,000 temporary staff to help with coronavirus demand

ALDI and Asda are taking on 14,000 staff between them to help with demand following the coronavirus outbreak.

Aldi has created 5,000 new temporary jobs and has 4,000 permanent vacancies currently available across all parts of it business.

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Permanent roles include in stores, head office and logistics, while the temporary jobs will be in stores and distribution centres with an immediate start date

Aldi adds that temporary roles could become permanent.

Meanwhile, Asda is taking on 5,000 temporary employees.

Both say staff will help replenish stock more quickly and provide additional assistance to customers.

Asda adds that it is working with more than 20 national companies in food services and travel industries to take on staff in need of work.

At Asda, workers will be offered shifts or temporary roles, the supermarket said, to help other companies that have been hard hit by the virus.

Current workers at the supermarket – which is owned by US supermarket giant Walmart – are being encouraged to recruit people on social media, as well as friends and family.

Asda is also asking restaurant and cafe workers who have been made redundant elsewhere to come and work at stores, with an aim to reopen its own deli and pizza counters.

Meanwhile at Aldi, all new recruits will earn a minimum of £9.30 an hour nationally or £10.90 an hour if they are working at a store or distribution centre in London.


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Aldi's recruitment director, Kelly Stokes said: "We have a huge number of roles to fill across the business so we’re encouraging everyone who has been affected by COVID-19’s impact on the economy to explore our available roles and see if we can get you back into work.”

Asda adds that it's also going to pay its small suppliers upfront and will provide a "rent free" quarter to around 250 small business tenants in its stores who are struggling to operate.

The supermarket will also give full pay to staff who are self-isolating after contracting the illness.

Those who are part of a vulnerable group and need to self-isolate, they will receive full pay for the full 12 weeks to protect their health.

Chief executive and president of Asda, Roger Burnley, said: “During these difficult times everyone has to work together to help people most affected by Covid-19 and Asda is pleased to play its part.

"That is why today we have committed to hiring more than 5,000 employees who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and have been left with deep concerns about their household budgets."

He added: “Where we can provide opportunities for employment, even short term, to help people through this period, we want to play our part. And where we are able to reduce the strain on our smaller suppliers and tenants – we will do so.”

If you want to apply for a job at Asda, visit

We've asked Aldi how to apply for its roles and we'll update this story as soon as we hear back.

It comes after Co-op announced yesterday it was taking on 5,000 workers to help replenish stock.

While Lidl is also hiring 2,500 temporary workers.

And Morrisons also created 3,500 jobs to help expand home deliveries to get groceries to vulnerable people.

The rush to the stores led to shoppers spending £60million extra in the first week of March.


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Why Paul McCartney and Ringo Said the New Beatles Doc Will Be So Different From 'Let It Be'

From the January 2019 announcement that Peter Jackson was working on a new Beatles documentary, we started hearing the narrative that it would be an answer to Let It Be (1970), the contentious doc produced by Michael Lindsay-Hogg from early ’69 Fab Four sessions.

Digging into 55 hours of unused footage — and more than twice that amount of audio material — Jackson said he’d found a different side to what we’ve considered the most bitter of Beatles days. According to the director, the footage would change everyone’s conception of those sessions.

“I was relieved to discover the reality was different to the myth,” Jackson said. “Sure, there’s moments of drama — but none of the discord the project has long been associated with.” For those who recalled the George Harrison-Paul McCartney flap in Let It Be, this claim sounded interesting.

Jackson wasn’t the only one who’s made these claims. Along with Paul, Ringo Starr has gone on the record saying the Fab Four was doing quite well when it appeared otherwise.

Ringo said the new doc features ‘more peace and loving’

Before there was the Let It Be album and film, The Beatles aimed to return their roots as a four-piece band in what they called the Get Back sessions in January ’69. Lindsay-Hogg planned to film their rehearsals and eventual return to the stage for a live performance.

But the Fab Four got in their own way before that happened. (They did, nonetheless, perform for the last time on the roof of the Apple building.) Lindsay-Hogg caught some ugly moments between Paul and George on film for all to see. And George quit the band briefly during this period.

So once Lindsay-Hogg had his final cut, you could have called Let It Be something like “Death of The Beatles.” (The band agreed to part ways later in ’69.) Yet the surviving members of the group seem to remember things differently these days.

In a release announcing the premier date of Jackson’s doc (titled The Beatles: Get Back). Ringo spoke of how happy he was to see the other side. “I’m really looking forward to this film,” he said.

“There was hours and hours of us just laughing and playing music, not at all like the version that came out. There was a lot of joy and I think Peter will show that. I think this version will be a lot more peace and loving, like we really were.”

Paul McCartney said the doc showed ‘the truth’ about Beatles sessions

In Let It Be, Paul plays a starring role. Early on, you watch as he plays the piano and sings alone. Later, you find him uncomfortably working through an arrangement with George. Finally, on the roof, you find him ecstatic playing with his mates on stage once again.

“I am really happy that Peter has delved into our archives to make a film that shows the truth about The Beatles recording together,” Paul said. “The friendship and love between us comes over. It reminds me of what a crazily beautiful time we had.”

While there’s plenty of evidence of dark times at Beatles recording sessions, Get Back appears to offer the other side. For those who love watching the Fab Four on their best days, it should deliver the goods.

Also see: Why Pink Floyd Didn’t Use Paul McCartney’s Contribution to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

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Rob Lowe's 'Mental Samurai' Ditches Spanish Set Because of Coronavirus

Rob Lowe‘s game show that’s supposed to be an obstacle course for the mind is about to become a maze of budget misery for producers … who got screwed by the coronavirus.

Sources connected to Rob tell TMZ … season 2 of “Mental Samurai” is moving forward as scheduled — it’s set to air next month — but there’s been a wrench thrown in that’s kinda left the team holding the bag financially.

‘MS’ was scheduled to shoot new episodes in Madrid, Spain for the upcoming season. An entire second set was built in Madrid for international versions of the show, and producers of the American version were going to use the set, presumably in part to save money.

Unable to render YouTube Video.

Season 1 was shot on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, but producers wanted to go a different route. Now that they can’t, we’re told they will use the same Burbank sound stage and set they used in the first season.

Of course, much of Europe is under partial or full quarantines right now … and Spain is no exception.

We’re told the show will be delivered on time, for the April 22 season 2 premiere on Fox.

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Why 'Vikings' Fans Still 'Praise' Travis Fimmel's Portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok

Fans of the hit series Vikings have nothing but praise for Travis Fimmel’s portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok. As the main character of an iconic series, he played the part well and viewers are still talking about it even after he’s been off the show for a number of years. Read on to learn why fans still have great things to say about the character as well as the actor who plays him.

Fans enjoy rewatching older episodes when Ragnar Lothbrok rules

If you’re a fan of Vikings, then chances are you’verewatched the series once or twice. It’s understandable considering howmesmerizing Ragnar is as the King of Kattegat. Reddit is full of immenseappreciation for Ragnar Lothbrok and it’s clear to see why.

“In praise of Travis Fimmel’s portrayal of Ragnar,” thepost is titled. “I’ve been rewatching the entire series, renewing myappreciation for Travis Fimmel’s portrayal of Ragnar, especially hisphysicality,” a Reddit user noted. “There’s Ragnar’s ever-present grin, as ifhe knows something no one else does and has always got an ace in his backpocket. Then there’s the way he carries himself: Like an apex predator.”

Ragnar isn’t the “typical hero” either. He’s flawed and cursed with a curiosity about all things. He never just accepts the way things are, but strives for more. Somehow, this comes out in everything he does. He takes over the scene and changes up the dynamic of the show.

“It would have been very easy to play the character straight as a typical hero, but Fimmel‘s Ragnar is an eccentric, a man with unusual curiosity for a Viking, one who doesn’t blindly accept the idea that his people, their gods, and their culture are superior to others,” the Reddit user continued.

Travis Fimmel does an excellent job of showing Ragnar aging over the years

What makes the part of Ragnar even harder to portray is thathis story spans over decades. He has to age over time and it’s clear to fansthroughout the seasons that they’re watching an aging man come to terms withhis life and the decisions he’s made.

“One of my favorite bits of Fimmel’s acting was how hereally made you believe (at least me) that Ragnar was aging,” another Reddituser expressed. “His effortless vitality and speed is definitely on display inseasons 1 and 2. By the end of season 3 and into 4 however, he’s slowing,grunting, and just moving with more purpose.”

People can’t stop saying nice things about Fimmel’s portrayalof Ragnar Lothbrok. “Travis Fimmel’s performance is just spectacular. The showis great with and without Ragnar but there’s no doubt that he’s a missedcharacter. I just can’t imagine anyone else playing him,” a Reddit user said.

Even the actors who play Ragnar’s sons act like him

Another user brought up an excellent point about Ragnar’ssons. Once they are grown, each one seems to have their own mannerisms that aresimilar to their father’s in a lot of ways.

“If you really watch, when the sons of Ragnar are grown, theactors do their best to mimic some of Fimmel’s Ragnar in their characters,” auser wrote. “Ubbe uses his eyes and face a lot like Ragnar. Bjorn moves hishead and shoulders like Ragnar does. Even Ivar shares some moments when he isin battle or under stress where he looks and speaks like Ragnar.”

Fans of Vikings have an obvious appreciation forTravis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok. He’s dearly missed on a show that he made sogreat.

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What Is Fitness Guru Richard Simmons' Net Worth And Is He Making A Comeback?

The 1980s were known for big hair, MTV, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and flamboyant and fun fitness instructor Richard Simmons ruling over the world of VHS aerobics workouts.

Simmons was perhaps the first aerobics teacher to include people of all sizes in his videotape (and “Slimmons” in-studio) classes.

Here’s what we know about what the reclusive fitness personality is up to now, plus what his current net worth is.

The anonymous note that scared Simmons straight

As a young man, Simmons was already, by the age of 19, weighing in at 268 pounds and was working as a model in Italy, performing in over 100 commercials.

Then in 1968, he discovered a note written anonymously on the windshield of his car. It said, “Dear Richard: Fat people die young. Please don’t die.” It frightened Simmons that someone who knew him and knew his name felt such pity and concern to leave him such a note.

Horrified, he went on an extreme diet, losing over 100 pounds in less than three months. He exercised to exhaustion, tried hypnosis, and consumed diet pills.

“I ended up looking like a thin Glad bag,” he told People in 1981. “My hair fell out, my skin drooped, my breath was foul and my mood matched.” 

His discipline, thankfully, was not short-lived. Within ten years, he was lording over a fitness empire with exercise videos, his own TV show, books, and celebrity appearances. Simmons had become an icon.

Simmons suddenly went missing and a podcast went looking for him

The 71-year-old slowly ebbed away from the pinnacle of fame. He still, from time to time, held classes and made public appearances but suddenly, around 2014, he was nowhere to be seen. Abruptly, he held no more classes, ended correspondences, and simply stopped taking calls. His friends and fans became worried.

One fan in particular, Dan Taberski, got proactive with his concern and started a podcast, Missing Richard Simmons, that became an instant hit.

“In 2012 I was living in Los Angeles and I heard that Richard was still teaching,” Taberski told Vogue in 2017. “You could still take his class in Beverly Hills for 12 bucks. I couldn’t believe it.”

Taberski took advantage of those classes. He and Simmons became friends and even talked by phone from time to time. “And then, all of a sudden, Richard stopped returning my calls,” Taberski said. “I realized he had stopped returning everyone’s calls.”

“Richard Simmons spent the past four decades reaching out to people who were isolated and alone,” Taberski continued, “showing them kindness. And I like to think that it’s our turn to return the favor. And that’s this project.”

“I talked to dozens of people who love him and have worked with him for years. They want him to know he’s loved and respected and cared for. And this is a great way of doing that.”

The Los Angeles police even got involved at that time, amid concerns that Simmons was being held in his home against his will or ill. Officers checked on Simmons and confirmed he was alright.

His net worth and the fitness colleague who says he’ll be back

The Sweatin’ To The Oldies instructor finally resurfaced to reassure those in a tizzy about his absence that he was absolutely fine and planned on getting back in action.

“No one is holding me in my house as a hostage,” Simmons told Savannah Guthrie on Today in 2016. “All the people that are worrying about me, I want to tell them that I love them with my whole heart and soul, and not to worry, Richard’s fine. You haven’t seen the last of me. I’ll come back and I’ll come back strong.”

Simmons’ fellow video fitness legend, Billy Blanks of Tae Bo fame, echoed his friend’s comments this week. In a conversation with The Blast, the kickboxing phenom predicted his friend will be back soon and strong.

“I think he needed that private time … to get (himself) together. I think that’s what he’s doing and I think soon he’ll be back.”

“Richard Simmons (has) been around so long helping people,” Blanks said. “I think he needed to take time off for himself because when you get to the point where you don’t see yourself anymore, then you lose yourself.”

While Simmons can certainly live off his net worth of $15 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth, we’ll have to wait and see if Blanks is right and that Simmons will make a comeback in 2020.

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Filmmaker Stella Meghie on Crafting ‘The Photograph’ and Being a ‘Romance Film Nerd’

Stella Meghie loves love. And she’s currently feeling a lot of it.

As “Sonic the Hedgehog” soared to number one over Presidents’ Day weekend, “The Photograph” made a solid $13 million. Catching up with Meghie early Saturday morning after the film’s debut, the writer/director/executive producer admitted she’d been looking at the numbers.

“I’m grateful people seem to like it, but you know, who knows?” Meghie told Variety during a phone conversation. “It’s hard to judge these things on their outcome, especially going back and forth between studio and indie [film], there’s just such different scales of what success means. It’s hard when you’re in the marketplace going up against like $100 million blockbuster films and you’re just like, ‘Where do I land? What constitutes success?’”

Meghie and the film, which carries a reported $15 million budget, also received a great deal of support from other black creators on social media, including Lena Waithe and Regina King. Meghie is proud to count many of these creatives, like Ava DuVernay and Gina Prince-Bythewood, as her fervent supporters over the years. “My sisters, like Radha Blank (‘The 40-Year Old Version’) and Liesl Tommy (upcoming ‘Respect’ with Jennifer Hudson), who both gave notes on film, Chinonye Chukwu (‘Clemency’) — those three women have been very supportive,” she added. “Steven Caple Jr. (‘Creed II’) I call all the time when I’m like, ‘I’m quitting the industry,’ and he just laughs at me and asks me what my next big gig is going to be.”

But for now, Meghie is focused on “The Photograph,” which tells the story of museum curator Mae (Issa Rae) and journalist Michael (Lakeith Stanfield), who fall for each other after a story Michael is pursuing brings them together. It’s an unconventional movie, more for its manner of cross-generational storytelling (the film jumps back and forth between the 1980s and present day) than the aspect it’s getting the most attention for — being a “black romance.” Though influenced by classic black films — including “Love Jones,” “Love & Basketball” and “Mo’ Better Blues” — the filmmaker has a complicated relationship with the narrative that “The Photograph” is part of some sort of new wave.

“I tend to get that question a lot about bringing it back and I’m just like, ‘I don’t know. It’s one film, I hope there’ll be more,’” Meghie said, admitting she has mixed emotions about the idea.

Meghie is a self-professed “romance film nerd,” considering “Love Jones,” Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Great Beauty” [“That’s probably one of the best-looking films of the past decade,” Meghie noted] and the Keira Knightley-starring 2005 version of “Pride and Prejudice” [“Me and my friends quote this a lot”] as favorites. And she also credits filmmakers Theodore Witcher (“Love Jones”), Prince-Bythewood (“Love & Basketball”) and Spike Lee as “canon” and her “foundation.” But speaking directly to the comparisons between “The Photograph” and “Love Jones,” she said, “I did grow up obsessed with [that film], but this movie is set half in the 80s, has an entire family drama attached to it, is about a mother who’s just died. … The story is so far and away apart from what that film is, it is kind of exhausting to kind of act like they’re the same film.”

Nevertheless, there’s both power and purpose in the inherent blackness of Meghie’s film. In fact, Meghie strove to highlight it in both the production design and the costumes, creating a moody and intimate feel to the movie. “I feel like when you think of studio romance, you think of something very bright and I wanted the opposite.”

“I wanted this film to feel sexy and warm and dark, saturated. So it was a pretty tight color palette of these rich, earthy, you know, colors, jewel tones — there’s a lot of burgundy in the film, a lot of dark green, a lot of like chocolate brown,” she explained, crediting her cinematographer Mark Schwartzbard for finding the right look. “I wanted Issa to feel like she was almost glowing. And I wanted Lakeith to feel a little more mysterious, in a way, so we found the perfect balance of kind of shadow on his face. … So he really, you know, rose to that [occasion] to keep it dark, but still capture all the dark melanin of the actors.”

The film also boasts an impressive ensemble, including Chanté Adams, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Lil Rel Howery, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Teyonah Parris, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Y’lan Noel and Rob Morgan.

“The cast just feels phenomenal,” Meghie gushed of her stars. “Courtney B. Vance was like, ‘Look, there’s not a lot for me in this movie, but I want to be part of the ensemble.’ And that was the nicest kind of thing any actor [has] ever said to me. … Having that kind of supporting cast, it’s very hard to go wrong and have moments feel wrong.”

Meghie also imbued her love for fashion into the film [before she was a filmmaker, she worked in fashion PR, after interning at Variety sister publication WWD] and working with costume designer Keri Langerman to hone the characters’ looks.

“[Issa’s] so gorgeous in the film,” Meghie said. “I just saw Mae as my most glamorous and polished character that I’ve written. … We kind of found like the right look for her — [designers like] Altuzarra, Prada. I think the yellow dress is like a Mara Hoffman. She wore like Tom Ford. It was definitely designed down, but layered in a way where it didn’t look like the clothes, I hope, were wearing her. And the classic Burberry trench for the storm.”

“It’s funny for me, cause if you see me out, I’m in sweats at all times. I’ve gone to big studio meetings in sweat pants and a denim jacket and been just happy,” Meghie laughed. “But when it comes to my characters, I want them to be very polished.”

Speaking of studios, Meghie produced “The Photograph” with Will Packer Productions for Universal Pictures, crediting chairman Donna Langley for her support on the project.

“Donna Langley really stepped up and greenlit a lot of movies that aren’t normally pushed into production. And they took the challenge and I think she’s just taken it seriously and not just necessarily said like, ‘Oh, we’re gonna do this.’ And then nothing really goes into development. They bought my film and we were in production a year later … same for Melina [Matsoukas with ‘Queen & Slim’],” Meghie said. “She’s putting things in production and that’s the only way things are gonna shift and she’s a part of that.”

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Who is Octopus on The Masked Singer? Latest clues and fan theories – The Sun

THE Masked Singer has got fans on tenterhooks to see which celebrities are underneath the amazing costumes.

And viewers and judges alike are still trying to guess who's behind the bright pink, purple and yellow ensemble of Octopus.

Who is the Octopus on The Masked Singer?

Octopus made their presence known with a rendition of the Little Mermaid song Part Of Your World for their first performance.

They went on to perform Bobby Darin's Splish Splash before singing the Bond theme tune Diamonds Are Forever, which is a clue to the singer.

And in week six they belted out Lady Gaga's I'll Never Love Again.

In the semi final Octopus gave the "best performance" of the series with Barbra Streisand's Somewhere, followed by Madonna's Vogue.

Here's the clues so far:

  • Bubbly, happy and always on the go
  • Leggy with a connection to the catwalk
  • Love for lifting weights in the gym
  • Role model for "little octopi"
  • Ready to "sashimi" into the competition
  • Feel like Naomi Campbell
  • Always learning but no apprentice
  • Record-breaking deal
  • Picture of Jason Donovan in her bag
  • Treasure on the beach
  • London travel guide
  • Wearing wellies, perfect for the beach, the Dales or in the sea
  • Known to visit dangerous locations
  • Takes some serious fish guts to do what I've done
  • British sense of humour
  • Job takes me to many places even back in time
  • Speaks Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, Welsh, Latin and Mandarin
  • Vegan
  • Performed to pensioners as well as royalty
  • Connection to a choir
  • Voice has been known to bring the house down – literally

The two lies and one truth given by Octopus did not help make things any clearer. Here they are for you to unravel:

  • I was discovered on a cruise ship
  • I've used an accent coach to prepare for this show
  • I made my first million in the cosmetics industry

In the semi-final the question asked by the judges was: "Are you a model?"

Octopus replied: "I dipped a tentacle in but it wasn't for me."

So who could it be?

What are the latest fan theories?

The latest fan theories on Octopus include Katherine Jenkins and Charlotte Church due to her operatic skills.

One fan is sure it's Katherine tweeting: "Octopus is definitely Katherine Jenkins: multiple languages, she has modelled, vegan, emmerdale, dr who, opera, welsh accent, welsh link to Shirley bassey and her first celeb crush was Jason Donovan (apparently)"

A viewer tweeted: "Watching 'The Masked Singer' and I have no doubts that the Octopus is Katherine Jenkins."

Another was equally convinced of someone else: "I do hope that octopus on the masked singer is the wonderful @clairesweeney. Miss hearing her beautiful voice xx"

Other suggestions include Susan Boyle and even Michelle Visage.

One fan even tweeted: "Sue Pollard Octopus the masked singer uk"

Fans thought the Octopus was Kylie Minogue, as there was subtle glimpse of a photo of Jason Donovan sticking out of a wallet during the character's second performance.

Viewers were quick to point out that Octopus’ singing voice is very similar to Kylie’s.

Sticking with the Minogues, Kylie's sister Dannii was also a contender, with fans pointing out that she was on Celebrity Apprentice, another of the clues given by Octopus.

Others have picked up on the Dales reference and plumped for former Emmerdale actress Sheree Murphy, who moved to Australia and also starred in Neighbours.

One fan tweeted, in the style of judge Ken Jeong: "Wait!!!! I know exactly who this is, ex footballers wife, links to emmerdale!! SHEREE MURPHY!! welcome to the masked singerrrr!!! Wooooohh!!!"

But the latest clues led to her veganism and multiple languages, with viewers veering towards Sarah Brightman and Katherine Jenkins.

The latest judges' guesses are Charlotte Church, Katherine Jenkins, Sheree Murphy and Kym Marsh.

Who's been unveiled so far?

Nine contestants have been eliminated from The Masked Singer so far.

Butterfly was the first to be unmasked, revealing former EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer.

Next, politician Alan Johnson was unmasked as Pharaoh made his exit.

Singer Justin Hawkins was the man behind the Chameleon mask in week three and ex-footballer Teddy Sheringham was unveiled as Tree in week four.

Daisy removed her mask in week five – only to reveal music legend Kelis.

Duck and Unicorn were both unmasked in week six as Skin, from Skunk Anansie, and Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears respectively.

Week seven saw the outing of Denise Van Outen as Fox and CeeLo Green as Monster.

When is The Masked Singer final?

There's only the final left in this crazy singing show.

And you can catch The Masked Singer finale on Saturday, February 15, on ITV.

Viewers can watch the madness unfold from 7pm on Saturday, with the show running for 90 minutes.

The final three celebs will be unmasked – and we'll find out the WINNER.

All shows will be available to watch shortly after they air on the ITV Hub.

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Madison Beer Releases ‘Selfish,’ Her ‘Most Personal’ Song Yet – Listen Now!

Madison Beer is brought to tears in the music video for her new song “Selfish.”

The 20-year-old songstress just dropped the second song off of her debut album Life Support, which is set to debut later this year.

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“I wanted to give my fans more of a taste of what’s to come from my upcoming album Life Support, and with ‘Selfish’ being my most personal and intimate song yet it felt like Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to share it,” Madison said in a statement.

“Selfish” is now available on all digital retailers or the music video can be streamed below…

Click inside to read the lyrics…

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